Credit Trends

Our Credit Trends show you how you compare to other Credit Karma members. See where you stand and compare credit scores by state, age and email domain. While these comparisons are fun, they’re also an interesting way to gauge the overall credit health of Credit Karma members.

Our lives are full of numbers: phone numbers, social security numbers, birthdates, lottery numbers, lucky numbers... the list goes on. But no number says more about us than our favorite: the credit score.

Our credit score speaks of our creditworthiness, gives potential lenders a peek into our credit history, and even predicts our financial future. However, recent correlations have been drawn between credit scores and other factors saying more about us than we'd ever imagined. Here are a few examples:

According to the Insurance Information Institute, drivers with lower credit scores file 40% more claims than drivers at the higher end of the credit scale.

Forget red and blue states. Certain states also have higher credit scores than others. The Dakotas and Wisconsin lead the country while Texas and Nevada have the lowest average credit scores.

We found another intriguing credit score correlation: email address domains. Based on a sample of more than 400,000 credit scores, our data shows that there is a difference of average scores based on what email service users prefer. Interestingly, BellSouth users came out the top with a higher average, while AOL and Yahoo users had the lowest average credit scores.

What does it all mean? Not much. Switching email providers certainly won't increase or decrease your credit score. However, it seems true that people with a certain score are more likely to use a particular email provider. Why this happens is probably due to some demographic skew which then carries to the email domain. But that's not the point, we just thought it was interesting.