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OneMain Financial Personal Loans Reviews
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Oct 02, 2019
Predatory Loan so Pay off Fast
NobodysFool99 Borrower

This loan is Predatory. If you don't plan on paying it off in 6 or less months, don't get it. If you are falling into some lump sum within that time, then go for it. I did.

It was so funny. As soon as I went online and paid the entire balance off, a representative called me immediately, like if it was any of her business, and asked me how did I pay it off. Lol. I told her I ran an escort service. You should have heard the silence! Point is, pay of early or pay a couple hundred more than the amount owed each month to get that balance down. Don't pay the minimum. That's what they are banking on. Be me!!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 01, 2019
The Interest is a Killer
Ghostofalegend Borrower

If they explained the interest rate propely and the repayment Math upfront they would lose alot of business. Their interest rate is a daily interest rate so if you took a loan of 10,000. at a interest of 25% and lets say your monthly payment is to be $250. When you make your monthly payment $212 goes towards your interest and $38 goes towards your balance. The only way to get out of your loans fast with this company is to never miss a payment and always pay more than your standard monthly payments. The loan math is [Loan Amount] (APR%/365)X{days between payments} = interest.

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Mar 19, 2020
False advertising
DWO75 Borrower

They do not hold up to their advertising adds.

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Mar 27, 2020

What was your credit score at the time

Mar 17, 2020
Helpful when needed, will NEVER DO AGAIN
BrokeAffff Borrower

As everyone says YES, this is a predatory loan.. I was in a rough spot and really needed the funds so I did it. I only got this loan in late November because I knew I was getting my tax return and knew i'd have the money to pay it back ASAP. If you DO NOT have a high source of income to pay off what you're borrowing coming in within 6 months or less to pay it off, dont get it. I would've paid 8k on a 4k loan if I took the entire payoff time due to the interest being so high. The customer service overall was very good, they were all nice and answered all my questions, the end got annoying when I requested my payoff amount online and they called me 8 times in 2 hours and then when went to pay it off they start questioning where im getting the funds from to pay for it as if its their business. LOL. But just also beware, I got approved for the loan amount on Credit Karma without collateral for 5k, then I go there in person and they tell me im only eligible to do a collateral loan AND it was only 4k that i was approved for. So, be expecting that before you decidde to do a hard pull on your credit 

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Mar 19, 2020

How do I apply it says I’m pre approve

Mar 20, 2020

Click find out more than click shop personal loan

Mar 25, 2020

What credit bureaus do they go through?

Mar 16, 2020
Predatory Lending.

The company avoids illegal interest rates by dressing it up as fees. I was told that I would never be penalized for paying off the loan early, except for the fact that a 5% fee is owed from the moment you sign. In addition, I have no idea what credit agency they use, but mine was listed on the loan as nearly 100 points below that on all three major agencies. I am supposed to pay $200 a month, of which only a tiny amount goes to principal. I'm paying $1,000. I'm going to pay my loan off because I said I would and my credit matters to me, but I'm going to make sure to talk about this lender at every opportunity. I'm going to pay it off quickly and then I'm going to consult with my family attorney regarding possible illegalities.

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Mar 12, 2020
High interest, sub-prime lender loan.
Chase1121 Borrower

The Good:

Great approval rates.

People were very great to deal with. 

Process was quick, money in bank day within 48 hours of applying.

The Bad:

Rates are not good.  Most times higher then your credit cards if you're doing a debt consolidation.

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