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Apr 16, 2018
Anonymous Borrower

Was looking to consolidate some old credit cards I had. Kinda was stuck and I really want to improve my credit score. I had looked in to a few different companies as I read the reviews which were absolutely horrible ( one main ) mostly.. I felt some loss of hope until I found LendingClub, they were perfect! Not secured so no lean on cars! Awesome ! They were quick to approve me and money was directly deposited in my account in about 5 days. I was able to pay off all my cards, which shot my credit it almost 100 points!! Nooo joke!!! BEST Decision I could have made in fixing my credit. Now what would have taken me 7 + years to pay off I can now pay off in 3 :) 600 score to 700 :D  thank you LendingClub !

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 22, 2018
JZautoloan Borrower

Customers service can help you ONLY with payment over the phone. If you have a car loan with them, they will report it to only one credit bureau or non. Which will mess up your credit. You will not be able to get of hold of a manager or someone, who knows something else besides accepting payment over the phone. Your letters will be unanswered.

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Mar 09, 2019
Straigthforward, affordable, and easy.

You can pay off in three years a credit card that would take many more with much more of your payment going to interest instead of principal.  

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Mar 09, 2019
I couldn't be more pleased AND relieved!

Qualified for a  very low-interest rate to pay off a high-interest credit card (leftover expenses from my daughter's wedding).  Dropped interest by 12 points!

Thanks Lending Tree.

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Mar 08, 2019
Ok so far.
badinrams Borrower

The application process was easy. Took a bit of time because I had to track down some documents like pay stubs and my w2. But once I was able to send copies everything went smoothly and I had the money in about 3 business days. Only real problem I had was the amount I recieved. They shave a bit (almost 6% in my case) off the amount to pay their fees. So ask for a little more than you actually need or you won't have enough for whatever you need it for. In my case I was paying off credit cards so I ended up with two cards I couldn't pay all the way down. It wasn't really made clear how much they would take until after I was approved or I might have asked for more. It said something like "2-6% based on your credit worthiness" and since I had a good credit score (730) I thought it would be on the lower end and I would have enough since I didn't want to borrow more than I needed.

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Mar 08, 2019
Super Quick
Charlant Borrower

I applied for a loan of 15,000 and received it on my bank account in a matter of 4 days after all info was cleared. Didn’t have enough money to close on home and Lending Club helped us out! We were very pleased with process! 

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Mar 08, 2019
I applied was matched, and received loan
whatnow3 Borrower

If you qualify you'll receive your loan

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Mar 08, 2019
CindyW2200 Borrower

They made it secure and quick. Money was deposited in my bank within 48 hrs. Awesome !

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Mar 08, 2019
Easy, quick, good phone assistance

Great experience. Only wish they didn't charge a fee for the loan. Great interest rates.

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Mar 05, 2019
Delivered as promised!
11BN11 Borrower

I've been looking for a loan but dreading the process. My experience has been outstanding with Lending Club. Not just a little better than the rest but in a totally different league. How can they be so much better than the rest?? Thank you!!

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Mar 05, 2019
Worse decision I could have made

I was approved for a small loan but received only 15% of what Lending Club said I was approved for, and they kept 25% of what I actually received.  Lending Club stated the 25% was an initial fee.  Even though they are keeping that 25%, I am still paying interest on it, the entire loan amount that includes the 25% I did not receive.  Lending Club checked my credit score so many times in one week that it dropped 15 points.

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Mar 03, 2019
This is the way lending should be!

I was fortunate to find this lender because of Credit Karma's recommendations on my account home page. I was interested in a balance transfer from a good, but high-interest no-frills credit card. I can't say I was looking for a specifically personal loan, but I'm glad I read through all the recommendations as The Lending Club's terms were excellent; the loan is closed-end with a 36 month term and will save us thousands of dollars over the cost of incrementally paying down the credit card. The application was smooth, trouble-free, and approval was received in under 2 business days. What's interesting to note is that our "credit score" varies a bit from bureau to bureau, and those scores range from 717 to 748. Another lender rejected us with a 717 score and Lending Club approved us with our 748 score; don't know if that's significant. However, the creditor that denied us poiinted to high usage of credit and too many installemnt loans...really? How can people re-organize their debt profile if "too many installemnt loans" is the go-to excuse? I'm thrilled that Lending Club (likely) took a closer look at our debt profile and has approval algorithms that are more realistic. Account setup has been a breeze with no technical difficulties whatsoever and we're set up for auto-payments; please know that paper check payments result in a $7 per check fee; not really a deal-brealer since most of our monthly bill payments are auto-drafts. I'd recommend Lending Club withourt hesitation to those with decent credit and sufficient income; thanks, Credit Karma and Lending Club!

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