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Most Helpful Positive Review

Oct 09, 2016
Great Experience!!
Anonymous Borrower

It was easy and I got approved and changed my mind then tried again and got denied... (I'm so indecisive). Tried again the next day and was approved. I have three payments left and I am looking to make another purchase. My credit score is fair so not sure why people with higher scores are getting denied. I say try it again. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 31, 2017
Not the best but simple.
Rawrkrite Borrower

I used Affirm to buy an iPhone 6s when my 5 died. I have since paid it off, bought a Mini 4, and a laptop, so I feel like I'm qualified to give my opinion. 

My loan still does not show on my credit report, which was the whole reason I replaced my laptop with Affirm. They will not consolidate loans period- I asked to have my iPad and laptop loans combined after they started reporting to the bureau. A flat 30% finance charge is easy to remember, and the payment percentages are nice, but really... Compared to other companies, the flat finance charge is almost insulting. 

I don't regret using Affirm for my phone and tablet. I just wish the laptop loan was reported as an open account in good standing. 

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Aug 21, 2017
Coding Does not equal customer service

If you finance a major zero interest purchase through this outfit,  find that you need to exercise the guarantee on your purchase, necessitating a refund from AFFIRM, watch it like a hawk.  Apparently, they can't handle processing refunds older than 90 days.  That's weird by itself.  But then you'd expect them to have it set up to notify the customer that a paper check would be processed.  But no, you'll need to call and let them know they messed up and then they'll fumble around for an explanation, and tell you that you may get a check in 7-10 business days, or they might tell you that the system automatically initiates a paper check when the refunds fail to process....but that doesn't seem right either because it's already been longer than that.  Bottom line, not a bad way to finance major purchases with zero interest, but watch like a hawk if you need a refund!!

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Aug 04, 2017
This is a great program with good terms!
Artemus7575 Borrower

My personal experience has be positive, fast and seamless!  Pay off early you save interest.  Used it three times with mid to low 600s FIC0. It's a great alternative to credit cards if you need to purchase something fast. 

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Jul 27, 2017
good at first
Anonymous Borrower

I've been using affirm for 21/2 yrs now.  Have one payment left.  Applied and they are saying that my FICO is too low for their requirements ??

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Jul 25, 2017
Jack790 Borrower

Affirm is pretty decent. It's not a hard inquiry on your credit report and they give you a credit decision on the spot. The rate I got was 17% which was high, but less than some credit cards out there. If you really have that NEED IT NOW item then go for it. No hidden fees and plenty of reminders for payment. I'd recommend it. 

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Jul 22, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Used for my casper bed. Emergency situation but got bed like 5 days later and now sleep great.

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Jul 21, 2017
Small Loan, Big Headache
Anonymous Borrower

Easy to apply for, the convenience ends there. I am unable to make payments online due to a processing issue, I have to call customer service every time. I told customer service not to set up autopay, which they did anyway. Recently recieved an email saying autopay failed due to a processing issue. I will not be using Affirm in the future.

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Jul 15, 2017
Qualifications Have Changed BIG TIME!

I've had 3 loans through affirm and had absolutely no issue with them last year whatsoever. This year comes along and, after paying off two loans and one payment away from the third loan, I see something I want and apply for a relatively cheap loan. I get denied. I'm thinking it's because the loan was more than my previous three so I experiment and try getting a loan for 200 less... still denied. Then I apply for a 200 loan (50% of my cheapest loan to date which is around $400) and stilll get denied. My credit score hasn't changed since last year and, thus far, I've given them no reason to doubt my ability to pay them back, I have a stable job, etc.

A friend of mine who has no job tried applying for one and was approved instantly for over a $1000 loan. Worse yet, his credit score is around 400! Absolutely insane how this company has done a 180 in a year's time. I'm going to make my last payment next month and will probably never get another loan through them again. If this companies business model is to drive away customers who can actually pay off their loans and approve people who have no means to pay them back, then have at it. Just don't go asking for a government bailout like most companies because you're policies drive the company under.

Also, customer service is non-existent. I can see why now. I wouldn't want to explain the rationale for the idiotic decisions being handed down by the executives here.

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Jul 11, 2017
Great option for those with bad.

I had 560 credit score and was in dire need of auto repairs that would have cost $900+ in a shop. I found automotive parts site that uses affirm and they approved me for the cost of the part and shipping. $250. Convenient payback options and upfront about total cost of the loan with the fees/interest added in.

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Jul 02, 2017
Pretty much useless
etilton3519 Borrower

Affirm is great for the financially challenged who would rather use a lender for small purchases that most people can afford. Other than that, their services are useless. The first issue I had occurred when the vendor failed to update my information and sent my items to an old address. Affirm did nothing to assist. You would expect them to have a vested interest in the items you purchase through them. Instead, I did all the work necessary to track the package down and make sure it got to me. Their response was that the original vendor had to refund the money and they were not in the loop. The second issue arrived when they requested the login ID and password to my bank account to verify my ability to pay a loan back? Who does this? What reputable company does this? Their customer service is pathetic. Don't use them for small purchases that you could pay cash for! In short, my experience was nothing but bad and I will not be using them again. 

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