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U.S. Bank® Home Mortgage

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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Nov 21, 2016
Worst Home Mortgage Company ever
Anonymous Borrower

I am a mortgage company with US Bank, unfortunately they bought my mortgage from an actual reputable Bank.   

They have tarnished my credit with reports of late payments.   It was suspected I had a terminal illness my doctors referred me to Mayo clinic and said they could nothing for me, it would be a good idea to start getting things in order.   I called US Bank before I was ever late on my payment - requested a simple one month deferral to get my affairs in order.  As a single mother, my first responsibility was to my children.  Do what I could to survive as long as I could and possibly put my assets and liabilities in order.

When I phoned explaining my situation i was cut off and told, "No we don't do deferred payments, you'll need to pay your bill".  I tried calling back to see if I could reach a human being, not a $7 an hour rude customer service person that loved being cruel to the customers of the huge bank she worked for.  This time, I got the nicest guy, he said, "All you have to do is don't pay your payment, call back and then we can assist you."   

While I was trying to make as many memories with my kids as I could, these were made near the hospital 6 hours from home, my thoughts were not on US Bank.

After several 3 months of surgeries and biopsies and running back and forth to the hospital 6 hours away.  I was told I was not going to die.  I was making my payments but a month behind while I tried to catch up.   It took 5 payments to finally catch up and hundreds of dollars in fees.   

I recommended banking elsewhere, avoid a mortgage with them and I'm not the only one that feels this way.   If we all stop using them they won't have anyone to mistreat.  

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Nov 18, 2016
No Help
Anonymous Borrower

These people do nothing but waste your time.

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Sep 23, 2016
The loan itself is fine.
Anonymous Borrower

The service we received with our mortgage loan officer was horrible. He would never answer or return phone calls. We had to get our realtor to step in just to reach the man for information. After we found the house we wanted to purchase, we sent him all the information he needed and waited to hear back for a ridiculous amount of time. Again, our realtor was the only person who could help us get answers. We closed on our home and 4 or so months later, I found out he was suppose to inform me of a platinum account I should have been eligible to switch to. This account would have also gave us a 1000 dollar credit for closing. Because I found this out after the fact and he decided to not let me know about this program, it was too late and no one at us bank could help me. My local branch manager tried to make the situation right and the higher ups wouldn't let her do anything. I received a letter in the mail explaining the credit was only valid if I had a platinum account at the time of closing. Well no ****... My loan officer didn't switch me over and that's why I am ****ed..... 

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Aug 21, 2016
Rip off
Anonymous Borrower

US Bank is the worst mortgage company. If you ever get into financial trouble, it takes a year to process your appliation. They most likely will not even help you. They add on unexplained charges every month. They cannot explain anything to you. This si a dirty company. They are not on the up and up. It will take you longer than most all other mortgage companies to pay off your loan. As soon as you catch up, they will make up another absurd charge. Your escrow will not be distributed properly. DO NOT USE THIS BANK. HORRIBLE COMPANY. 

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Aug 18, 2016
Liars .. liars.. Liars
Anonymous Borrower

Don't do business with them!
Set three closing dates, had everything they needed until the day before, then decided they didn't have an appraisal although it was being "reviewed" several occasions and had said so. It was also paid for by my credit company. I lost the house I wanted, was moved out of my former house by this date staying in a hotel, and now I'm homeless!

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Jul 13, 2016
Run Away
Anonymous Borrower

Stay Away from US Mortgages! We purchased our first home with the use of US Mortgages in 2013 and had the most wonderful experience. It was our first home and the person we worked with was wonderful in answering any questions we had while holding our hands throughout the entire process. Due to the wonderful experience we had, we didn't think twice about going with US Mortgages again for the purchase of our second home. What a mistake!  From the first call with him, I saw red flags but ignored them thinking he knew what he was doing. He complained during our entire conversation that they were going through a new computer system and loan submittal process but that we should not be concerned. However, this was his continued excuse for the mistakes that kept happening. Never once did I get an apology. He also never once sent me a document and called me to go over it or ask if I had any questions. This became a larger issue farther down the loan process. He also couldn't explain the document that he was sending me very clearly and often times got frustrated with me. I had to consistantly get on him to get the appraisal ordered in time even though he new the deadlines we had to meet and how backed up the appraisers were. I should not have to do this. At this point, we started looking into using another lender but found that we were too far into the process to change.  At the end, every single loan document he sent me was different. I would call him to ask questions about the document and he informed me every time that he did not have the document in front of him because it was completed by a different team. Why would you send a document to me that you cannot verify is correct FIRST and cannot even review? He also couldn't make changes on any of the documents and would have to go to his manager to make the changes. He would often tell me a figure on the phone that would come back totally wrong and blame it on the fact that he didn't have the documents in front of him. Then why would you have quoted it to me in the first place?! Why do you have your customer talk with an officer that cannot review or make any changes on any documents once they have gone to underwriting? This is very frustrating for the customer. We were set to close on 7/6/16. On 7/3/16, he sent me my final closing documents and then left for the weekend. In reviewing them a few hours later to sign, I noticed several items were wrong. I attempted several times over the holiday weekend to contact someone about the mistakes but the office was closed over the holiday weekend. I was finally able to reach him on 7/5/16 and he informed me to just sign the documents to make sure we still are able to close on time. Are you serious? I told him I am not signing a document that is wrong and he will need to get it fixed. He should not have sent me a document on a Friday, let alone before a holday weekend, right before leaving. The revised document was again sent to me wrong. The day of closing came and ten minutes before closing, we get an email from our title company that US Mortgages has AGAIN revised our closing documents so we went into closing looking at a document with different numbers than we had ever seen. We had to fly through closing and run to the bank to get a cashiers check to cover the $600 over what US Mortgages told us we would owe for closing. I thought that there was a new law stating that there is a three day holding period after final closing documents are submitted before closing can occur for this exact reason (people signing on documents they aren't aware of). We also called his manager several times and NEVER got a call back from him. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE US MORTGAGES! Thank goodness you have sold my loan already and I will never have to deal with you again. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!

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Jun 23, 2016
Mortgage Loan Customer Service
Anonymous Borrower

No real customer service whatsoever.  Be prepared to have all of your questions go unanswered and your requests unattended.

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Jun 13, 2016
US Bank crediting reporting
Anonymous Borrower

Us Bank purchased my VA loan 17 years ago and have not repoprted mu loan to the credit bureau. I have tried several time to get them to answer my questions and I sm oput on hold or they hang up on me. still can not get an answer. 

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Jun 08, 2016
It wasn't loan process it was escrow dip
Anonymous Borrower

They do not know what there doing. The branch tells you one thing escrow dept tells you another. We would never finance with home motrgage agin. We have never had problems like this before. They inept and do not communicate with each other. So disappointed. 6 months and they still havent got escrow set up.Now there saying 3 more months.If you get home mortgage  good luck getting escrow set up.

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Jun 03, 2016
Lexiwolf Borrower

My mortgage was sold to US Bank. I was paying a month in advance and biMonthly. They don't allow this. Per my original loan that I SIGNED this is allowed. I called they said US BANK does not accept partial payments I explained that my mortgage was prepaid a month in advance she just repeated that they don't accept partial payments. I hope they sell my mortgage soon... Or ill just keep telling everone who will listen how much they suck. Sincerely your dissatisfied hostage Jillian Skinner.

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