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Jun 23, 2016
First time home buyer

Mostly great experience: good deal, very helpful (lots of hand-holding), very responsive.

The only thing I didnt like: all documents transmitted through email. For the duration of the process, my mailbox was an identity thief's heaven.

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Jun 23, 2016
Quick and easy refinancing.
Anonymous Borrower

First time refinancing and just  happend to go with ratewinner. They were great to work with and made everything go as quickly and easily as possible. I  Would recommend!

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Nov 10, 2015
First time getting a house loan
Ibabar Borrower

Jeffery lum is great guy, he made the whole process very easy and explained everything. He found me a good interest rate.

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Aug 24, 2015
Simply the best mortgage broker possible
PhillyBuyer Borrower

RateWinner is far & away the best mortgage company I have worked with during all my years of real estate transactions and Jeff Lum is the main reason why.  

To get the basics out of the way first: RateWinner is not a misnomer; it is a very apt name for their business.  They always offered the absolute best rate on mortgages and if the markets dropped and a competitor offered something slightly better, Jeff would beat it.  On top of this, he was able to get me a "credit" from the lender, so the out-of-pocket costs were minimal.  That is, of course, a function of their ability to shop around among various lenders as compared to you just going straight to a bank and having no leverage.  It is absolutely in your favor to go through RateWinner, as even WITH their commission, you still get a better deal.  This is all most people care about and why I started with it: if the lowest rate is all you care about, Jeff Lum will get it done for you.

Now, there are a plethora of additional reasons why I would recommend (no, insist!) that you get in touch with Jeff.  He is simply the best customer service professional I have worked with in the financial industry.    He is always looking out for you, the customer, and not once did he pressure me, give me bad advice, or make me feel like I was bothering him with all my questions.  I am the type of person who researches purchases thoroughly.  A house being the biggest purchase/investment I'll likely make in my life, by the end I knew the ins and outs of these loans well enough that I could be a broker.  Jeff actually appreciated that I was so thorough and financially organized, because it made his life easier -- getting in the correct paperwork, making sure to shepherd the application through the lending process.  He was never more than a phone call, email or text away.  (Yes, he would often get back to me on nights & weekends!  Talk about going out of your way for a client!)  

Jeff and I have worked through several transactions (failed home purchase bid, condo refinance, successful home purchase) so we have gotten to know each other well and I would call him a friend.  He is a wonderful person, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  He will undoubtedly work hard for you so that you will be repeat business and refer friends, as well.  Even when I encountered troubles with the real estate market (unrelated to the mortgage) Jeff was the only mortgage broker I trusted and was willing to go back to for future business.  I remember my realtor (who was also excellent) pushing her mortgage colleagues on me, but when you find someone like Jeff in the banking world that you can TRUST, there is never a reason to stray.  I would even have been willing to pay a premium for that, but instead, you end up getting the BEST price.

Jeff went above & beyond simply getting the transaction done.  He was willing to let me bounce ideas off of him for transaction strategies.  When something unpleasant happened with an appraisal (third-party company, unrelated to RateWinner) to tank a deal, Jeff paid for it out of his own pocket, rather than force me to pay after it fell apart.  Jeff acted on my behalf when the title company was trying to nickel & dime me by reinstating unnecessary "fees" they had already agreed to waive.  He called them while I was on vacation and told them how wrong (ethically, if not legally) that was and convinced them to drop the fees, as promised.  These are not things a mortgage broker HAS to do, nor would one even expect.  It shows how much effort he puts into customer satisfaction and making sure the deal goes through in your best interest.  The great thing about brokers is that your financial interests are aligned -- he makes money when the deal closes, so it behooves him to get you all the way into the end zone, and that means making sure you get the best rate and taking care of all the little annoying paperwork issues that might delay or derail a more complicated process.

If I had to give any negative feedback for RateWinner, I would say they are in need of a secure document upload server (which they may have installed by now or will be, by the time you read this)  Since they did not and I was worried about tax forms and such, Jeff and I worked out a way to share encrypted files with a strong AES-256 key.  I can guarantee you that other brokers at other companies would not be willing to take the extra effort to decrypt files, let alone have the technical know-how to follow those instructions.

I could go on, but if you're not convinced by now, I'm not sure what else there is to say.

Jeff Lum is simply the best mortgage broker possible, and the one you want to do business with

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Jun 17, 2015
Refinance of my mortgage
krishnakk3 Borrower

Jefferey Lum is an excellent customer oriented broker, he has taken care to make sure I got the best mortgage rate and he made the whole process is easy and simple. I actually referred some of my friends to him, got the similar feedback from them as well. So reliable and prompt in keeping the promises he made.

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