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Jun 19, 2019
Lisa Mitaj is a phenomenal woman!
Dajuan81 Borrower

If you are lucky enough to have Lisa Mitaj working on your loan. Just know that you will have an agent that goes above and beyond to help you on every step of the way.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 21, 2018
predatory lending at it's finest
haley501 Borrower

Please be sure to read the reviews..I only read a few of the "good" ones and decided to go with QL because they were so quick and friendly at first.  I signed my clsoing documents on my first home and was so so excited. After I had celebrated and thought I was a  homeowner QL informed me the contract was wrong. The contract that they offered to write up because "we have a whole team of dedicated experts".  They tried to get me to come up with a much larger down payment because of their mistake and on top of that they raised my interest rate.  It was an absolute nightmare. Luckily I wasn't moved out of my old home and left stranded in a hotel like most would of been.

I will be telling every single person I meet and know not to trust Quiken Loans.

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Aug 20, 2019
Anonymous Borrower

They will string you along and cost you money

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Aug 20, 2019
Anonymous Borrower

Quicken is rocket morgage. Same company. 4 different people to process my loan. We gave them all the paper work. They messed up the closing costs and after several phone calls and no positive results we were stuck 2 days before closing eating the extra cost because of their miscalculation. They wouldnt even try to make it right in any way.

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Aug 20, 2019
They are not up front with you
Anonymous Borrower

It is not as fast as they say

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Jul 17, 2019

I honestly wish i went with a differnt lender this whole procss has been terrible from being told everything is ok and perfect to haveing to go out my way multiple times call off work to handle stuff that shouold be esily handled on there end to then have to deal with 5-6 differnt people who no nothing about my situation tell me sorry but do nothing to help besides tell me i need to submit more stuff but they are all so sorry lol. no quiken im sorry that im in the process of giveing you my bussnuis.

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Jul 10, 2019
They Just look for their own interest!
toto1385 Borrower

I was shopping for a mortgage loan for an investment property and after the agent was letting me know for about 10 minutes how great Quicken Loan is and after pulling my Excellent Credit Score, he asked me to accept a higher rate and a minimum of 25% down if I wanted a 30 years conventional loan! Also, he was trying to convince me to go for a 15 years loan term although I specifically told him that I wanted the 30 years terms. At the end, they declined my loan request, again although my score is above 800! Quicken Loan is one of such companies who want to make a QUICK BUCK and don’t care about the need of their customers. I went and found a local mortgage loan provider that gave me all the things I was looking for!

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Jul 09, 2019
Insurance Update Nightmare
Dustomps7 Borrower

First off this is my second mortgage with Quickens/Rocket. The loan process is easy and we didn't have any hiccups during either of the applications. BUT! Changing homeowners insurance was a nightmare!!! Something so simple that should be automated wasn't updated correctly and took a bunch of extra steps and follow ups on my end to correct. I received four letters in the mail all sent within the same week. The first letter said we had a lapse in insurance, the second said we didn't have a lapse, the third said we had a lapse, and the forth said we had a lapse and that they were going to charge us a fee for that lapse... THERE WAS NO LAPSE! I had to follow up with their insurance team (only available during Monday-Friday business hours) and try to get through their automated system, only to be told no one was available, then I emailed the general help depertment who tried their best, but still had to talk with the insurance team....then finally I got through the insurance teams automated phones to talk with someone just as robotic as the automated system. Now the whole thing has been worked out but the experience was terrible. I will now be looking in to refinance options with other companies because the principal of the matter is that they had a job to do and as the consumer I had to jump through the hoops to make them happy! I can't imagine having to deal with the insurance team if something had happened to our home and how much worse it would be other than just updating coverage correctly. I usually only leave good reviews and keep quiet if I'm unhappy but this was the worst experience I have ever had with a company and felt others should be aware.

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