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Quicken Loans

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    Helpful to 43 out of 46 people

    Day 1. We applied for a VA refinance with Quicken Loans and was told upfront which documents I would need to provide to begin the loan process.

    Day 2. I sent by fax, all of the requested documents, plus a few that I felt to be necessary. And sent the required $400.00 security deposit for the appraisal.

    Day 3. My online account was available and the documents sections showed complete. I was able to see the loan amount and interest rate(locked in). I was contacted by the person who would be handling the loan from this point on. He informed me of the loan agreement, which was spot on with what Christine had told me.

    Day 5. An appraisal was scheduled.

    Day 9. Appraisal was conducted. Though the appraisal came in at an average sale in the area amount(used for the loan purposes), it was still about 5,000.00 over the loan amount and the actual value was estimated at approximately 37,000.00 over loan amount.

    Day 13. An in home closing was scheduled. And I was able to review the complete contract for the loan. The GFE(Good Faith Estimate) was exactly as described by Christine, my initial contact person. The estimate showed my pay off amount plus my escrow amount needed, which was added to the loan.

    Day 17. I received by FEDEX, our complete loan packet which was very nicely put together along with a sealed packet. The sealed packet was stamped, "TO BE OPENED BY NOTARY ONLY", which was found at the closing, a mirror of my packet.

    Day 19. The closing was completed in my own home by a very informative woman. She explained every document prior to signing, unlike our current (well known) mortgage bank whom charged us approximately $10,000.00 for conducting the loan. The woman conducting the closing stated that Quicken Loans is by far the best lender she has worked with.

    Day 26. My current loan was paid off in full by Quicken Loans.

    Day 28. I received $396.98 back from Quicken loans from my security deposit. And we are still waiting for our refund from our ex-mortgage lender.

    Our complete experience with Quicken Loans was very fast and friendly. The only thing that was added to my loan amount was my escrow for taxes/insurance, which every lender needs. Quicken paid all closing cost and fees, other than the $3.02 which was applied to escrow from the initial $400.00 security deposit. Our payment is now $300.00 per month lower and we only owe the escrow amount more than we did with our other lender.

    Also, my original loan along with my prior refi (both VA) required me to pay closing cost and points, Quicken Loans informed me that VA loans require the lender to pay these amounts at the current rate, 3.75%.

    Thanks Quicken Loans!

    Idaho resident.

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    Most Helpful Critical Review

    To many hands in the pot
    Helpful to 10 out of 11 people

    To many people involved with the process. You are told something different every time to talk to someone different.  Even when you prove them wrong (calls are recorded) they still can't figure it out..

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    Helpful to 0 out of 1 people

    We just completed the purchase of our first home in Alexandria, Virginia.  The VA loan process was made easier by the superior professionalism and superb customer service by two of your Quicken Loan representatives: Karl Leitz and Canndice Edwards.  Our purchase involved working with a difficult seller, a house that appraised low, and a myriad of other complicated issues, that as first time buyers, we had no idea how to properly address.  We realize that your representatives are the face of your business.  I can confidently state that both Karl and Canndice put their best feet forward as they were there every step of the way to walk us through our options that ultimately allowed us to reach a successful close.  When we had questions, often at off peak hours such as evenings or weekends, our e-Mails or phone calls were returned promptly, always in a friendly and professional manner.  We cannot thank these two individuals enough for their diligence and attention to detail, not normally found in customer service today, to make this such a positive experience for us. 

    We are thrilled with our experience with Quicken Loans and will definitely look to Quicken Loans when it is time to refinance or when recommending your services to others ... mostly due to the AWESOME support we got from both Karl and Canndice. 


    Bill & Cathy Carnegie

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    Everyone at Quicken Loans was so helpful.

    Especially Temeka and Tarah..

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    Fast and efficient mortgage refi process
    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    It was a pleasure working with everyone that was involved in my mortgage refinance.  Their process is very efficient with just uploading the necessary documentation and receiving timely updates, via email and then logging into my account to get the specific updates.  I felt that I was always kept abreast of on my mortgage refi without having to receive telephone calls during my work day, which could interrupt my day/meeting.  I got a great rate without having to pay closing cost.  I give Quicken stars and would recommend them to anyone looking to refinance or purchase a home. 

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    Helpful to 2 out of 3 people

     Awesome to work with, closed in 30 days. Easy process. Friendly associates

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    best service ever
    Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

    quicken loans refinance was so easy and fast that I had almost forgotten about it. But Mike Ferrero and Rashida Brown were there every day to answer my questions and basically hold my hand it was painless. Great job Quicken

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    A wonderful experience! Very simplified!
    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    Zach Cook was our first contact and was wonderful, and every person in the process were great. Friendly, professional and very informative.  We were kept in the loop for every step.  The Myql web site was very helpful.  We had a couple of little snags but were not any fault of Quicken Loans and they were extremely helpful with all areas to resolve them.  I will definitely recommend this company to others.  The closing was great, convenient and very quick, the attorney came right to our home.

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    Very easy,

    I have a very easy time refinancing,  Anytime I had a question they were always friendly and helpful. I would definalty recommend them.

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    Quicker than ever 17 days

    When I had questions, concerns, or doubts, Chris patiently answered all m,y questions and trnsferred me to his boss, Bill. Everyone was extremely  professional.

    Online info was accurate and updated constantly.

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    "Engineered to Amaze" Not Just a Slogan

    We've been receiving invitations in the mail to refinance under HARP for years. Didn't think we qualified until an agent from our mortgage servicer, Bank of America, contacted us recently with a possible offer. My wife took the bait. We were enticed and led down the primrose path for a week. Then the agent called back to say they won't drop the $200 per month PMI even though there was only eight months left to pay. He suggested we try again next year. I told my wife that's not surprising. Never liked Bank of America before for nickle and diming us in everyday banking and was not happy when they bought our mortgage from Countryside.

    Two weeks later on impulse I researched the web and discovered we did qualify for HARP under Freddie Mac. I decided to revisit the Quicken Loans website and submit an inquiry to verify our HARP status. Within a minute received a call from a very pleasant lady at Quicken Loans who then connected me to ANDREW GRANT, an agent specializing in our state.

    MR. GRANT was very polite, articulate, knowledgeable. He was also patient and understanding when I stammered and informed him that I was unprepared to provide mortgage-related information off the top of my head. When the conversation ended ANDREW said he will work on an offer and get back to me in a few days. By the next morning, on a Saturday no less, there was an offer in an email that "AMAZED" and that we couldn't refuse.

    In a few days, I contacted MR. GRANT to accept and the process began to flow from there like liquid silver. Quicken Loads kept us constantly informed of our progress through emails, phone calls, and our Quicken Loans website account. The ongoing dialogue was polite, positive, and very friendly. As we moved from one phase to another the next agent, MS. BASMA BATTAH, continued to dialogue in an equally upbeat and professional manner. The overall process was a lot more streamlined that previous experiences. There were fewer documents involved and these were either signed online or scanned and uploaded electronically which made the process easier and relatively pain free.

    We've never experienced this in the past five times we've purchased or refinanced a mortgage. A year ago my wife said she didn't want to go through refinancing again because she doesn't have the time or energy to endure the never ending frustration involved.

    So refinancing was left up entirely to me. The way Quicken Loans simplified and efficiently managed the entire refinance process from start to finish allowed me to single-handedly complete the process on my own with little involvement from my wife.

    She was extremely pleased and I often said to her and each Quicken Loans agent along the way that even though I know it's part of the Quicken Loans slogan, that I was and still am extremely "AMAZED" by the whole experience.


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    Quick, Efficient and Professional

    My Quicken team was the best. My experince was nothing short of amazing. I would like to thank Bradley, Jameka, Kevin, Lauren and all that worked so hard for making this experience virtually painless. Thanks again for all the time, hard work and patience you had during this process. You are all Superstars!!!

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    Quicken Loans is America’s largest online mortgage lender. With more than 28 years of experience, they provide world-class client service, and it shows – 94% of clients say they would recommend them.

    Quicken Loans offers products such as fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, FHA Loans and VA loans, and custom rate mortgages known as the YOURgage, where you can pick the term of the loan. Powerful online tools, like MyQL andMyQL Mobile, allow Quicken Loans to close the majority of their loans in 30days or less. Not only is Quicken Loans a client favorite, but they’ve been named in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For."

    Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Quicken Loans is an Equal Housing Lender.