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    Helpful to 60 out of 65 people

    Day 1. We applied for a VA refinance with Quicken Loans and was told upfront which documents I would need to provide to begin the loan process.

    Day 2. I sent by fax, all of the requested documents, plus a few that I felt to be necessary. And sent the required $400.00 security deposit for the appraisal.

    Day 3. My online account was available and the documents sections showed complete. I was able to see the loan amount and interest rate(locked in). I was contacted by the person who would be handling the loan from this point on. He informed me of the loan agreement, which was spot on with what Christine had told me.

    Day 5. An appraisal was scheduled.

    Day 9. Appraisal was conducted. Though the appraisal came in at an average sale in the area amount(used for the loan purposes), it was still about 5,000.00 over the loan amount and the actual value was estimated at approximately 37,000.00 over loan amount.

    Day 13. An in home closing was scheduled. And I was able to review the complete contract for the loan. The GFE(Good Faith Estimate) was exactly as described by Christine, my initial contact person. The estimate showed my pay off amount plus my escrow amount needed, which was added to the loan.

    Day 17. I received by FEDEX, our complete loan packet which was very nicely put together along with a sealed packet. The sealed packet was stamped, "TO BE OPENED BY NOTARY ONLY", which was found at the closing, a mirror of my packet.

    Day 19. The closing was completed in my own home by a very informative woman. She explained every document prior to signing, unlike our current (well known) mortgage bank whom charged us approximately $10,000.00 for conducting the loan. The woman conducting the closing stated that Quicken Loans is by far the best lender she has worked with.

    Day 26. My current loan was paid off in full by Quicken Loans.

    Day 28. I received $396.98 back from Quicken loans from my security deposit. And we are still waiting for our refund from our ex-mortgage lender.

    Our complete experience with Quicken Loans was very fast and friendly. The only thing that was added to my loan amount was my escrow for taxes/insurance, which every lender needs. Quicken paid all closing cost and fees, other than the $3.02 which was applied to escrow from the initial $400.00 security deposit. Our payment is now $300.00 per month lower and we only owe the escrow amount more than we did with our other lender.

    Also, my original loan along with my prior refi (both VA) required me to pay closing cost and points, Quicken Loans informed me that VA loans require the lender to pay these amounts at the current rate, 3.75%.

    Thanks Quicken Loans!

    Idaho resident.

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    Most Helpful Critical Review

    To many hands in the pot
    Helpful to 24 out of 26 people

    To many people involved with the process. You are told something different every time to talk to someone different.  Even when you prove them wrong (calls are recorded) they still can't figure it out..

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    Reviews (4178)

    The loan as a product was good.

    The process of getting the loan the way I wanted it was very poor.  It was impossible to talk to someone that had true knowledge of the loan and it felt very impressonal. Mostly I was totally appauled to find out that 3 of the cash out checks that were requested were incorrect, and they paid one loan that was not mine (I am a cosigner). The thing that bothers me the most is that all of that could have been avoided if they had sat down with me before the closing. I also let it be known that I was not interested in a loan that would raise my interest rate yet this did. Very dissappointed in many respects.

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    So easy!!!
    Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

    This experience was so easy the thing I was most impressed with was how they kept their word at every stage!

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    They closed my loan quicky

    Quicken Loans is a first rate lender.We closed on time and at a great interest rate.Between Tim & Myisha they kept me informed almost daily on the progress of the loan.You do have to upload quite a few douments however you would have to bring them to a local lender as well so no big deal.Theres a reason why they are the biggest lender in the US, It's all about Customer Service and they have that down to a science.

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    It was an easy process that went smooth

    Closed in in 28 days from the initial contact.  Was easy and quick, customer service was excellent.  I followed-up timely on all my deliverables and so did quicken loans.

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    the team at quicken loans was very fast.
    Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

     i would recomend them to anybody looking to purchase a home or refinance. Mark and Alondon where very helpful.

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    Lives up to the name

    Overall for my first experience with Quicken, and the first one for my realot and the loan closer, I would say Quicken was driven to ensure our satisfaction. There were minor issues with some communication between their members and some of the insurance and realtor groups on my side but for the most part, they really worked hard to ensure this loan closed and on time.

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    Very hard process made easy.

    Quicken Loans was very easy to work with and fit my life style directly from the start. I was able to talk, chat, email, and use a very good online website to track and upload my documents for the loan. Thank you Quicken Loans for helping me get into my first new home!

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    Refinance loan for investment property.

    Somewhat difficult with many people in the mix.  Communication was difficult at points and closing did not follow the agreement discussed prior to putting in the application.

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    Hi there. My team would like to look into your experience with us. Could you please send us an email at with your loan information? Thank you!

    QuickenLoans's reply was:    

    Greatest Mortgage lender ever!!!!

    I had several applications with different banks. I can say no one is as great as quicken loans!!! great lender and great people working for it!!!

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    1 word Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    1word Fantastic!!!!!!!!

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    Company Overview

    Quicken Loans is America’s largest online mortgage lender. With more than 28 years of experience, they provide world-class client service, and it shows – 94% of clients say they would recommend them.

    Quicken Loans offers products such as fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, FHA Loans and VA loans, and custom rate mortgages known as the YOURgage, where you can pick the term of the loan. Powerful online tools, like MyQL andMyQL Mobile, allow Quicken Loans to close the majority of their loans in 30days or less. Not only is Quicken Loans a client favorite, but they’ve been named in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For."

    Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Quicken Loans is an Equal Housing Lender.