New Penn Financial- Mortgage Reviews

New Penn Financial- Mortgage Reviews
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Dec 03, 2019
NewRez is delaying to remove PMI
NewRezSux Borrower

NewRez is delaying to remove PMI from my mortgage after I fulfilled all requirements. They will make you jump through all kinds of hoops and delay, delay, delay. Started the process in October.

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Oct 16, 2019
BobbyElvis Borrower

My mortgage was sold to this company last year.  They failed to pay my property taxes even though I have an escrow and it took me over two months to get them to pay.  I notice this year that the amount they say they are going to pay and the amount that my Tax Commissioner says is due is a different number.  I have been trying for a week to get someone to provide some assistance to no avail.  I have also been trying to refi my mortgage with them since July!  They keep putting things off, made me get an septic inspection that I didn't need and as I paid out of pocket for it, are not willing to reimburse.  They came up with some claim against my property that we have never heard of and have been "looking into it" for three months with very little to no follow up with us or response to any emails or phone messages.  I cannot express to you to "run away further" from this company.  I am seriously looking to refi with another company just to get away from these people.

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Jul 25, 2019
Hoosier858 Borrower

Do not finance a home with this company!! My mortgage loan was transferred to NewRez with the first payment due 8/1. I noticed 7/10 that my mortgage payment had not yet been drafted my Old mortgage company so I logged into my account. Turns out my first payment to NewRez was actually due 7/1!! I immediately updated my morrtgage auto draft with my bank and paid 7/11. NewRez then erroneously charged me a $25 “overdue payment” fee. Customer service said it was a returned check for insufficient funds on 7/1 and 7/7? My bank has no record of any payment from NewRez being returned for insufficient funds. Now I’m out $25 because NewRez made a mistake. They suck!!

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Apr 30, 2019
vvsmith Borrower

NewRez boung my loan. Can't sign in to the account, customer service give me a run around. Manager is rude, sent me back to customer service without helping. 

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Apr 17, 2019

My mortgage was transferred to New Rez.  Tried calling customer service and the phone rings with no answer until I finally gave up.  They have forced me to raise my flood insurance, costing me almost $1000 a year more.  Then they raised my monthly payment anyway, even though I paid that out of pocket.  Now I cannot reach anyone and my new bill is $140 more than it was last month.  Avoid this mortgage company, they are shady and poorly run.

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Apr 13, 2019
Fraudulent company

NewRez failed to pay my taxes ontime tgen did not pay my flood insurance renewal csusing the policy to be cancelled. Received a letter from NewRez that I did not have flood insurance. I called my insurance and they said they contacted NewRez several times and sent them several invoices but never received payment from escrow. I had to apply for a new policy and rates went up from $400 a year to $1600 a year. Called NewRez and the rep lied saying they requested an invoice for my insurance several times and never received it. LIES LIES LIES FROM NEWREZ... AND NOW MY FLOOD INSURANCE WENT FROM 400 A YEAR TO $1600 A YEAR FOR NON PAYMENT BY NEWREZ. THEY ARE A FRAUDULENT COMPANY AND I WISH THEY NEVER BOUGHT MY LOAN. Too many negative reviews stating the same thing about newrez. Now it is time to contact a lawyer and get a class action lawsuit started against fraudulent NewRez!!!!!!!

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Apr 10, 2019
Scammy service
WifeOfDave Borrower

My mortgage was purchased by Shellpoint that then changed to NewRez, LLC.  Just tried to set up an online account so I can pay my mortgage like we do our other properties.  Appears this is first and foremost a COLLECTION AGENCY.  They interact with "customers" from that perspective.  Was told multiple times during conversations with CSRs that - We are a dept collection service.  Anything you say can be used against you...  CSRs were not friendly.  I don't generally care about my mortgage company (like it would matter anyway) but THIS one is just annoying.  I only wish them ill will.

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Apr 05, 2019
Horrible Company!
boomersgang Borrower

My mortgage loan was unfortunately sold to this horrid company. My mortgage has already gone up nearly $35 a month - when I asked, they stated it was because my taxes went up "a little" and that my homeowner's insurance rates increased (yeah, but only $70 a year) - nothing that added up to an additional $35 a month. We have had our mortgage for over 12 years and it's never been this high. Oh, and they charge you a $1 fee to pay them!!! What kind of garbage is that? I hate this company. I don't think other companies should be allowed to sell your mortgage. And then they have the nerve to keep bugging me about refinancing! If I refinance, it sure won't be with this awful company!

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May 30, 2019

Same thing here. Our insurance went up $130/year and they wanted us to "put in escrow" nearly $200 extra every month. Customer Service talks to you like a collection agency and to dispute this "escrow review" you have to start arguing with them via email or print letters. I will be processing a complaint with the PA Dept of Consumer Protection. I urge you to do the same,

Mar 07, 2019
Won't let you cancel AutoPay
Amadeo901 Borrower

My mortgage was unfortunately sold to this company (New Rez/New Penn).  There is no way to edit your auto pay information on their website, so I contacted them via email and telephone to get my bank account information updated.  Two months later they still haven't cancelled the old autopay.  I got charged twice this month despite them telling me they had cancelled it.  Avoid them like the plague.

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