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Dec 22, 2015
Overall not terrible experience
akydaky Borrower

I just closed a refinance with Capital One, and overall the process went smoothly.  Understand, I did my homework first and knew what I was looking to achieve.  You don't have to have a degree in finance (which I do), but you can't walk in blind.  My credit score came out in the mid 660's.  I was refinancing to rid myself of another 8 years of FHA MPI.  While most calculators show it would take 7 years to break even on the refi, none take into account the cost of mortgage insurance.   I will break even in less than a year.

I responded to a promotional offer of a $1,00.00 discount in fees.  Spoke to an originator who handed me off to team 5 for the grunt work.  Everything was submitted online, and anything they asked for was submitted promptly.  I (and they) stayed in contact via telephone and email frequently.  Initial date of application was 10/2/15 and we closed on 12/7/15.   I wished it had closed a little quicker, but overall I was pretty satisfied.  I received a free 7 day rate extension due to their delay in getting the loan closed sooner.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!  Don't bitch and moan later, if you don't like it tell them no.  The market is fairly competitive.

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Feb 22, 2013
ING will not let modify my loan
kalani1987 Borrower

ING does not participate in the Obama Harp program, so they they will not modify my loan. I am about 80k underwater and they have not helped me at all. The rep told me that since ING did not take bail-out money, they do not do modifications.

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Apr 10, 2017
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Borrower

The original refinance that was supposed to take 6 weeks took 4 months. I then wanted to file an assumption and the customer service rep knew less about the process then I did. Again, it took 5 months to process the assumption. Absolutely horrible.

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Nov 08, 2016
Anonymous Borrower


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Nov 04, 2016
pops1158 Borrower

This company preys on people with poor credit.   The interest is extremely high.  

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Nov 03, 2016
Credit Card

I like this card i actually have 2 threw them and will be getting my car loan through them.

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Nov 11, 2016

@Daniegirl143 I also have 2 cards with Capital One. I applied for 1 card, was trying for a different second card but they sent me the same card with the same credit limit as the 1st card. I then got my auto loan through them. It was a breeze to go to the car dealership financial already approved. Good luck to you Cap One 360 is awesome.

Oct 26, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Not too bad.

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Aug 24, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Got the job done on time. They do procastinate till the very last minute, so was a bit nervewracking. 

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Aug 11, 2016
Terrible underwriting and condo team
Anonymous Borrower

The underwriting team definitely does not have their act together. We are going through the 4th extension because they can't review the documents fast enough (apparently the condo review team takes their time). They also has asked us to provide proof of income on certain funds at least 5 times (meaning that they got it 5 times too). When you ask them for status, the answer is usually: "I don't know, that is department x who is handling that". It is a total waste. 

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Aug 18, 2016

Have you ever thought about trying imortgage?

May 24, 2016
Not bad...all banks are the same.
Happyin2015 Borrower

Facts: Conventional refinance @3.0% for 15 years -FICO 690 – Past BK 7 (over 4 years since discharge) – past 4 years of solid credit – single title holder – one mortgage lien – private lender (not on credit report) – 100K annual salary – 41% loan to value ratio – 57% income to debt ratio (with current mortgage) – no missed payments – didn’t take any equity with refinance.


Closed in 40 Days/Mortgage HUB (uploading & digitally signing documents)/Once my current payment history, salary, and appraisal were verified, everything went fast.


Was waiting for them to ask and verify blood type. Get ready to verify things you wouldn’t think matter. In their defense, all banks are doing it/tough to get a hold of your load specialist. I don’t think they returned one phone call – a little frustrating when you had a question. However, once my appraisal came in and my employment & salary were verified, the emails started flying/The HUB upload website does not explain why a document was rejected, which correlates with not being able to verbally communicate with your loan specialist. If CapitalOne correct that, it wouldn’t be so bad.

Overall, I’m satisfied with getting a 3.0% mortgage with a past BK. Not the simplest process, but it got done,  and the final disclosure did not vary much from their initial offer/closing cost (it was actually a little cheaper than stated). Plus I received 100,000 points on my CapitalOne credit card.

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