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Nov 10, 2017
gr8antb Borrower

I live in central Florida and had financial issues after hurricane Irma. Capital 360 was not willing to help. The only thing they offered was a forebarence for 3 months, but all 3 months of payments would be due immediately.  How in the world is this helpful? If I don't have the money to pay my mortgage for one month, why would I have 3 months worth right away? Four of my neighbors, who all have different mortgage companies were offered deferments, where their banks were willing to give them 3 months with no payment and add on to the end of the loan with no penalty. Now, that's supporting your customers during a clear natural disaster. 

Clearly do not care about their customers!

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Nov 02, 2017
Bait and switch scam
mruglyhands Borrower

Gave me an approval 2 months before closing. Took all my documents and basically sat on them and 2 weeks before closing changed the terms and the downpayment amount and removed the "discount" that got me to choose them in the first place. I had to pay for another appraisal but I switched to Fairway Mortgage and got it closed with only one extra week from the original scheduled closing.

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Aug 06, 2017
vintozver Borrower

Good offer and smooth preapproval. Application ok. Standard questions. Then, providing the documents. Binu and Jacob - a pair of clowns. They probably pretend or intentionally doing that. Calls never returned on time, questions never answered on time, asked for the same papers many times, stupid questions (with the answers which were already provided to them). Last minute requests ...
We closed behind the schedule, one day, just because I pushed very hard. I called every day, I complained, I yelled at the supervisor. I started doing that 2 weeks before closing when realized that the current pace won't help to close on time. I was right ...
Looks like there's a hidden criteria, and if you "qualify" - your loan will become a battle. A fight for your already made hard pull on your credit.
I have pretty good credit (748), low credit debt, paid off auto loan, but short history (came from another country). While credit rating is not a concern, neither income to debt ratio (good employer), short credit might be a concern, but I told them about that. They agreed to proceed ...
Anyway, these clowns ... "I submitted for the final reviews", "I don't know why loan hub doesn't work", I'm collecting papers only, it's another team to make a review and decision ... Why do we need the "loan sspecialists" and "loan officers"? To furnish the office? To add a proxy and increase the response time.

And even that, these "teams" messed closing ppwk, and we had to fix it with the agent and escrow. To keep the bank away of it... A mistake costed $200 to me...

So, if you want to apply - be ready to fight. Push hard. Insist. Spend time on sending everything over and over again. Don't give up, this wall can be broken.

Or find another lender. Your choice.

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Nov 02, 2017

Find another lender. Messing around with capital one home loans is not smart.

Jun 15, 2017
Called about 100k bonus, Unprofessional.
dshawg77 Borrower

I called them for a quote because they offered 100k bonus points for Venture Card holders. I am a very low key guy...this guy berated me because I said I had reservations because I couldn't deal with a local branch. He made fun of me and asked if I had internet...or something to that effect. I explained real estate is local and that is important for me(i used to be a realtor). I have never experience such rudeness and unprofessionalism. No thanks.

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May 20, 2017

Got my home loan through capitalone. Paid off my balance quickly to get the PMI removed. I meet all the criteria to do so. Capitalone still won't remove the PMI even though they are in breach of contract. Very shady. Find a different bank. 

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Apr 10, 2017
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Borrower

The original refinance that was supposed to take 6 weeks took 4 months. I then wanted to file an assumption and the customer service rep knew less about the process then I did. Again, it took 5 months to process the assumption. Absolutely horrible.

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