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Aug 04, 2016
deed of trust letter of satisfaction
Anonymous Borrower

deed of trust letter of satisfaction never completed by HSBC: As a layperson, and not a real estate wheeler and dealer, I count on institutions such as your to handle procedures properly. Indeed, back then, as now, I wouldn't even know (same 99% of other customers) if you've done your job unless something goes wrong.............. and i get stung for it. A loan from 1990 that your company refinanced in 2001 surely has been satisfied. Even kids in 6th grade could understand this. Your substantial delays, now approaching one month, are unwarranted.

What about your legal obligation: you took the money, and then you issued a new mortgage. Your were paid off for that last mortgage and you have all the documentation in the world regarding that. There is no simply excuse for this level of shoddy execution of your duties and for your continued stonewalling.

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Jan 06, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I agree with the other reviewer.  I would stay away from HSBC.  I am still trying to get my Home Loan straight after being told that my loan was sold to an even worse Home Loan Company and to find out that we had extra charges placed on our home loan not to mention we were being over charged for insurance tha in up being a law suite.

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