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Feb 07, 2013
Excellent experience.
Anonymous Loan Holder

We applied for a home purchase with EverBank( Massahcusetts loan office) and were approved in three days and closed in 21 days. I had a duplicate mortgage application in with another lender (just in case), and pulled it since EverBank approved my loan and closed it so quickly. Not sure of the particulars surrounding some of the negative reviews on this site, but I was thrilledwith their rates and service and am a customer for life.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 24, 2014
Anonymous Loan Holder

Just sold our home and paid them off! So glad to be rid of them!

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Jun 01, 2016
Anonymous Loan Holder

I HAVE my loan with EverBank with 7.5 years left on my loan and was contacted for a refi.  I was informed that I pre-qualified for a 10 year fixed at 2.875%, I have a perfect credit score, never missed a loan payment, and have zero debit except for my home loan. After two months Everbank loan officer "Rick" informed me that I did not qualify because my "Income to debt ratio" was 50.01% and that he would try to qualify me for a 15 year fixed at 3%. I asked if I could use a co-signer and he said that they would have to live with me. I asked other loan officers if this was true and they all said no.

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Jan 25, 2016

They will stop ALL communication with you if you do not qualify, although they currenlty hold your mortgage and have NEVER EVER been late on a payment.  It took me 4 email before one of them responded as to what was going on.  Then you will get letters in the mail as if all ok and you are still in the process of obtaining a refi loan oh and on top of now getting another member contacting you asking for more information and when you reply saying you were told that you do not qualify they DON'T RESPOND.  THE WORST COMMUNICATION I've encountered in my life.  JUST BE HONEST and upfront.  Oh and you will pay for your appraisal and they won't offer to pay at least 50% of it since they shouldnt have ordered it until they knew for sure they could process your loan.  $500.00 out of pocket and not even an apoplogy.  The first change I get I will be taking my business else where!

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Sep 16, 2014
Fine company
Anonymous Loan Holder

We aquired our Everhome mortgage in 2010, and they have been very good. 

They offered a great rate, locked it for 60 days, and were very responsive. As my credit score was not so great, they allowed my wife to receive little more than what we qualified for as we were duel income. I've fixed my credit now, and will most likely refinance with them as they have been so good.

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Jan 06, 2016

What was your score if you don't mind me asking. I'm having issues

Sep 06, 2014
service slow, but a good bank otherwise
axelf Loan Holder

Bought my first home with Everbank, who are one of the few banks who accept Canadian credit scores (almost all US banks do not accept anyone without US credit scores).  The closing process was difficult, they are very slow and you cannot speed them up, the biggest slow-down was waiting weeks for the appraisal to happen.  But they did come through in the end.  The people they put on the job were fine, it was just a matter of getting things to happen, it seems there is nothing you can do to speed up the procdess. It took over two months to close.

Since then, I've had not a single problem with them.  I got a good rate and I'm grateful that they took me on when most other banks would not (even though my Canadian credit rating was excellent and my down payment was large).  Good bank overall, it's been smooth sailing since the closing.  There is nothing wrong with this bank, you just have to realize that the customer service is slow (which can make the closing process stressful), which is why I cannot give them 5 stars, but I'll give them 4 stars because they do everything else well.

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Jun 27, 2014
Frustrating beyond words
Anonymous Loan Holder

My husband and I both have great credit records and were approved for a loan very quickly. Within days of closing the underwriters at Everbank began asking for additional details about everything that wasn't previously requested. It required hours upon hours of research on hour end and every piece of paper we provided resulted in multiple new requests.  It was so painful we nearly pulled the plug. We had one loan processor call to apologize but it didn't stop the crazy train. In retrospect we would have some our loan with b of a. 

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May 24, 2014
Anonymous Loan Holder

Just sold our home and paid them off! So glad to be rid of them!

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May 15, 2014
very unprofessional
Anonymous Loan Holder

My mortgage loan was sold to this company.  I got a letter dated May 7th that said I needed to pay to them on April 26th.  The payment ticket looks like a fake because it doesn't have any information pertaining to dates / amounts (other than the amount due).  I don't know it they want the May payment (which I sent to the former April 26th) or the June payment.  I am very affraid of what is going to happen with my loan, so affraid I may refinance even if I have to go to a higher rate.

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Apr 09, 2014
Worst mortgage company ever
Anonymous Loan Holder

The customer service is just like hell. They are not professional at all. They are not there to help but just force you to do what they need to do. We have already purchased homeowner insurance and condo master insurance. I faxed several times. Plus, our insurance agent also reached them for further clarification and explanation. The customer service could not explain how their system works and promised to make a review. But guess what,  they just go ahead and force us to accept an extra insurance they purchased for us with much much higher price.

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Apr 07, 2014
Can't get their act together
Anonymous Loan Holder

Bank of America sold my mortgage to Everhome.  I've always had my mortgage stubs mailed to a different address than the property itself and never had a problem changing it with BOA.  I've since moved, and have tried multiple times (at least 5 now) to change my address online AND over the phone with Everhome.  For some reason, this simple tasking is BLOWING their mind.  My mail is currently being forwarded to me, but that will not last forever.  I refuse to pay online because they have a $12.00 fee if you pay after the FIRST of the month.  Hello.  Most banks give you until the 15th with no online fee.  Seriously?  Run from this company if you can.  I've been forced into it.  Save yourselves!

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Mar 21, 2014
Anonymous Loan Holder

After my garage was destroyed from a tree my insurance company issued a check to both me and Everhome.  Sent the check to Everhome for their endorsement and they Refuse to issue any funds without paid receipts.  Few can afford to pay thousands and be reimbursed, I don't have that kind if cash laying around.  Spoke to several representatives and continue to request funds....same answer, NO.  

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Company Overview

Everhome Mortgage® offers homeowners the choice of traditional fixed rate and jumbo adjustable rate mortgages available in every state. Everhome Mortgage® has a team of mortgage specialists who can be reached over the phone or in person at specific locations to help guide consumers through the mortgage process from start to finish. Consumers can call Everhome Mortgage® specialists or request to be called at consumers’ convenience. Mortgage quotes are also available online.

Established in 1961, and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, EverBank claims it is one of the industry’s fastest-growing, healthiest banks today. EverBank® operates under a corporate belief in a “straightforward approach”, pledging to avoid any hidden costs or changes to the consumer.