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Colonial National Mortgage

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jun 14, 2016
Refinancing service very poor.
Anonymous Borrower

We have been trying to refinance since February and due to an incompetent processor (Ashley Bennett), things are still not finalized.  Since the original time expired (through no fault of our own), they are now trying to charge us extra fees and additional appraisal fees, which we had already paid.  In other words, the new figures reflect $1000.00 increase from the original transaction details.  Sadly, we have had a mortgage with this company for many, many years, but this experience has really left us feeling betrayed.  Repeated phone calls and e-mails and secure messages in the website go unanswered.

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Feb 15, 2016
Stuck with a company I hate!
rontharp Borrower

They purchased my loan. It has been a complete debacle from the start.  Our relationship started with a letter that they purchased my loan and to call with questions. The only problem is that you cannot get passed the automated system unless you have an account number. Of course there was no account number on the letter. The second letter I received was a reminder that my first payment (that had already been made) was due. Problem was that the letter dated 5 days after the first due date.  I have never been late. In fact, I am a month a head. So, I send an email through their automated system to ensure that the payments and escrow were transfered. I recieved no response.  A week later I called customer service with the ledger provided from my account on their website for clarification that things were posted accordingly. Unfortunately, customer service could my see what was on their own website on my account. 

If you want a bank draft, it is a paper from that must be snail mailed to you and then back to them and they charge a dollar or two every month. They do not accept automatic bill pay from your online banking.  When you make a payment on their website, you recieve a reciept immediately, but it may take it several days  to actually apply the payment to your account. If you are over 30 days ahead on payment there is NO where that reflect that amount you are ahead and you will randomly have a payment post to your account. So you were 30 days a head. Now you payment is for the current month.

Welcome to the ninth circle of the most illogical hell involving what is likely your largest investment.  I would not trust them with a Christmas Club account, but of course I am stuck with them.

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