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May 26, 2017
Reverse Mort
Anonymous Borrower

I have paid off the loan. Champion has not released the lien. Their reason is they have 90 days. HUD had a lien and it was released in 10 days. THe loan was purchased bt Champion from another company.

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Jul 28, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

My mother recently passed away and held a reverse mortgage through Champion.  I am now left with the mess of a lifetime, as if grieving her loss alone isn't bad enough.  I liken speaking to the "account representatives" as speaking to a group of mentally challenged deaf 5 year olds hailing from the backwoods of Georgia.  Every time I call I am given a different phone number to call, a different extension, a different person.  No one seems to know anything and I provided with a plethora of conflicting information depending on who I am speaking to.  I'm told to fax specific documentation over, which I do.  Then I'm told they've never received it.  My mother put through a request for funds shortly before she passed which was intended to cover her end of life care (ie. significant medical expenses), funeral expenses and additional money to prepare her house for sale.  This request was sent over BEFORE she passed, along with a copy of our Power of Attorney.  When I called to check on the status, I was told the POA was received, but not the request for funds.  Interesting.  The request for funds was the very first page, apparently only the 30 page POA made it through though.  I just had to hang up the phone now as I started experiencing chest pains and felt as though I may throw my phone through a window.  I decided it best to revisit the phone calls tomorrow.  So what happens if I sell the house and don't give them their money?  Do they want to talk to me then??

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Sep 29, 2016

Unfortunately you wont have the option of not paying them. Your Mothers house already has a lien on it and the lien must be paid before any sale can go through. I just went through this with them on my mothers home. They will take forever to get you a payoff amount and delay the sale as long as possible in the hopes that they can yank the property away from you and sell it themselves.

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