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Feb 13, 2017
Stay away
Anonymous Borrower

Twice I paid with Chase bill pay and they claimed they could not find the payment. I told them the first time they found it in the wrong department. They claimed they looked and could not find it. Many conference calls to Chase, with BOK talking like fools and Chase laughing. Almost 3 weeks of stupidity and they call and say they found it in another department. FOOLS

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Oct 19, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Great mortgage company 

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Apr 25, 2016
Complete Incompetence
Shanc1970 Borrower

This is one of the most incompetent consolidations of humans I have ever encountered.  The bank opened an escrow account on our mortgage claiming that we had to remit payment for flood insurance.  Our insurance agency provided proof that we are no longer in a flood plain.  We have the FEMA maps and coordinates that show we are no longer in a flood plain.  I have talked to the company that provides updated FEMA maps to the insurace agencies (Factual Flood Data).  This home is NOT in the flood plain.  So, now what they have done is apply part of our payment to the escrow and part to the principal/interest; thus, we are contiually short on our mortgage payment.  This battle has been going on since September.  We have a complete and detailed chronology of events, individuals, etc.  The count, thus far, on the number of times someone in 'mangement' would follow-up within 24/48 hours is north of a dozen.  Our credit has been destroyed (both of us just north of 800, now in the mid 600s).  Stay away from this organization!

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Apr 22, 2016
Employees are incompetant fools
Anonymous Borrower

Terrible customer service.  Employees unable to perform basic services or answer simple questions.  Employees are extremely emotional and will get upset and hang up if you speak to them in a stern tone!  Hilariously bad conduct.  Illegal phone recording.  Illegal collection practices.  Just terrible and pathetic overall.  extremely incompetent and unhelpful.

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