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Aug 09, 2014
Aurora Bank Fsb is dead!
Anonymous Borrower

If you have a derogatory account with this creditor dispute it now, because once you file a dispute with any of the 3 credit bureaus they will delete the account entirely when the creditor fails to respond after 30 days. Experian has already done this for me and the other are not far behind! 

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May 08, 2014
Anonymous Borrower

I do the employment verifications for my company, and just had the *pleasure* of fielding two days' worth of phone calls from this company. The form that they had asked me to fill out initially asked for "gross income." When she called back, she asked why the "gross income" didn't match the number from the W2, which was the "taxable income." I had to explain that taxable income is what's left after you subtract your pre-tax deductions (retirement, health-, dental- and vision-insurance, FSA's, etc). She called back an hour later to say that when she subtracted the FICA, Medicare and Medicaid from the gross income, she came up with a different number... I explained this *complex* concept again.

She called back the next day asking for an "explanatory letter" to list out the numbers, which is beyond a standard employment verification and I am not able to do without expressed, written consent from the employee. She said, "I just don't understand why you can't just tell me the difference."

I bit my tongue.

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Aug 13, 2013
Anonymous Borrower

These people are the lowest thieves I have ever dealt with. I am ashamed to have ever been affiliated with them, it was not by choice. Do not get involved with this company , you will regret it. I am going to seek further legal action.

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Feb 10, 2013
Crappiest bank ever
Anonymous Borrower

While doing a short sale, they drug their feet so we almost lost our buyers. Very rude, unhelpful. Not willing to negotiate. Did all requirements and still didn't take much of a loss on their side. We have to repay a bunch of money and WE took an $80,000 loss on our house.

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Dec 06, 2012
terrible bank to deal with
Anonymous Borrower

Gave away $350,000.00 in insurance claims to a contractor with no inspections, insisted they were right in doing so involved in a legal hassle sold mortgage to another mortgage company even though there was no house on property. They defauded them. They never took picture of house off computer. There way of dealing with things is to shut down and open under another name. Also sell mortgages with no homes involved.    

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Jul 20, 2012

Even a 1 star rating is too high for this bank.  Don't waste your time!  My experience with them was with a re-finance and was good at first and then things lagged and I never ended up getting my re-finance completed before they shut down.

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Jul 18, 2012

one more, My parents loan was sold to Aurora, we tried to apply fot the making home affordable program, 9  months and countless request for information that we had already supplied them, they inform us they are selling the loan. They insured us hat the new bank will pick up the program right where we left off, but no the new bank needs to start new. I think they knew they would sell the loan and was stringing us along tll it came time to sell the loan. Aurora loan lied to us, made promises they never intended to keep, they are the worse bank I have ever delt with. Agter hearing that he loan was sold we applied with Key bank and were aproved 2 days later


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Jun 02, 2012

My loan was sold to Aurora - and I've hated it ever since. I fall into same catagory as all of the other postings below. They strung me out saying I would be eligible for a modification for over two months even though I kept saying I didn't think I'd be eligible. Guess what - I wasn't eligible. I think they kept stringing me on in order to milk a little (actually a lot) more money from me. Yep - they are crooks.

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May 22, 2012

 I got in invitation from Aurora Bank To go to convention Center in La so I did I got all the paper work they were going to need, hey keep on asking me if I was up to date with my mortgage I said yes & they were oh Good as if that was going to help me get a modification so after 2 months I come to find out it was a waste of my time & gas. I was told I was denied because I'm up to date with my mortgage well then why the HELL!!!!!!!! did you keep on asking is I was up to date with my mortgage could of told me then & NOT waste my TIME!!!!!!!! Please do not bank with these people they are a JOKE!!!!!!

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May 21, 2012

I have a mortgage with Aurora bank, I tried to apply for the Making homes affordable program twice  and denied both times.  They told me I wasn't eligable for Making homes affordable program, I called and left a message about 2 months ago about remortgaging because i wasn't eligable for  Making homes afforable program and I got a call back approximatey 2 weeks later,   you never get a live person when you call always a recording, customer service is definately not a strong point.  She told me at this time they are not doing any remortgages.  I told her I wasn't surprised they have done nothing to work with me and helping out people that are having difficulty.  They are cold hearted people that should have everything taken away from them and no sympathy on them and see how they like it. 

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