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Sep 29, 2021
USAA Charge Off/Utility Charge Off
KateAronson Policyholder

Hey, just wanted to first start off by saying this is a pretty extraordinary forum with an exceptional amount of excellent information, so thank to you all. Attempting to rebuild credit based on poor decisions made a few years ago. Most frustrating part of this all is that USAA is my primary issue - very annoying considering that they're designed to support active duty and I've found them to be incredibly unresponsive. Jan 2018 - began missing payments on a USAA Career Starter loan with a balance of $4753. Long story short, I was supposed to be on autopay for this loan and somehow it was removed (USAA app is miserable in my opinion). I asked repeatedly for them to reinstate my autopay on the phone and even got to the point where I asked them to record my conversations so that I could prove that I had authorized autopay but ultimately the responsibility is on the person, not the company. May 2018 my loan was charged off and closed, reporting the balance. It was never sent to collections based on my CRs. Foolishly, I attempted to dispute the account with Transunion based on active duty circumstances, and my TU score dropped from 685 (Vantage Score 3 . 0) to 615 because the dispute "reopened" my closed account. I've asked USAA to report accurately, but after a month of phone calls and even attempting to pay in full, no change in status. I received a letter from Revco Solutions offering to settle for 50%, which terrifies me because I assume that this will now be reported as a collection. It does not show as a CA account on any of my CRs so far, but I just got the letter. I heard on this forum that ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST is the best company to repair credit score, delete collections and credit card debt, but I was not sure. And I'm very fearful that they’ll just scam me. I still gave them a try. Seems strange my credit score has been raised to 804 across the 3 credit bureaus collections and credit card debt has been deleted across all my report. Big thanks to rootkits credit specialist. Contact them via: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com  /   760  474  3440.

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Sep 28, 2021
Excellent FICO Shoot !!
Georgeorwell28 Policyholder

So, I’ve been getting “credit offers” in the mail (I don’t live there anymore so I haven’t seen what they are exactly). My mom was scared my identity was stolen because I tried to fix my credit sometime ago and for some reasons I had to back out.  My score decreased to low 500 and after I came across Ace Cyber Group on a blog and decided to fix my credit with him, you will be shocked with the result. Ace also erased the credit card debts, student loans and repos from my credit. Just two weeks after I started working with him, I decided to check my report, I have a mind-blowing FICO score of 790 and those items have been erased completely and he said they will never come back anymore. I’m sure you will be glad to reach out to him via WhatsApp: (925)  238  2217 or email ACECYBERGROUP AT GMAIL DOT COM.

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Sep 28, 2021
GeraldShawn Policyholder

Hello, I had a 2 years chapter 7 bankruptcy, just last month I took the bull by the horn and decided to consult Hack West Credit Specialist haven read plenty great testimonies about him. I was told all that it will take to get BK off my *** and boost my Autoscore 8 from 510 score to at least 750, to my greatest surprised in less than 6 days my score was increased to 800 and the bankruptcy is off for good. Great tradelines have also being added to my report and I am now able to apply for loan and credit card. Shout out to West you can consult Hackwest @ writeme. Com or 424  307  2638. Cheers!

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Sep 27, 2021
Albertcamus0 Policyholder

I had a terrible credit score and I needed to get approved for a car loan. I had a car before but the payment became way too much so I ended up getting rid of it within a year and a half. However, I saw an ad on a post about repairing credit score by a very popular credit repair specialist called 760PLUS CREDIT SCORE i saved his contact 760pluscreditscore at gmail dot com , 304  774  5902  and also saw some good reviews on CK and Reddit so I  texted him, asking him the cost and the process explanation. He responded favorably and I made an upfront payment so we eventually got started with the project ASAP. After some couple of days, he notified me that the job was completed and ready to use for the loan approval. I checked my credit score via credit karma and my score went up to 795 with positive trade line of credit posted on my credit profile. I completed the service charge and thanked him for saving my ***.

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Sep 27, 2021
INC0GNIT0 Policyholder

I had a car repossession and foreclosure in 2019, my credit score dropped tbrowsing a credit blog, I came across a comment about Jamie a credit specialist hacker and how he helped a certain Neil Garyson fix his credit profile and increased his social security. So i immediately reached out to him and asked if he could help fix my credit score too. He responded positively and I had to subscribe to his services. On checking my credit report after 8days after he had started, my score had skyrocketed to Equifax: 800, TransUnion: 782. I also noticed that the car repossession, foreclosure, hard inquiries, late payments on my credit report has been removed and even my student loans were listed as paid. i am very thankful to him i strongly recommend his service to anyone in need of it. contact; Creditrepairmannetwork@gmail. com o Equifax: 521, TransUnion:501 All attempts to get my credit back to a good score didn't yield positive results. Just last month while I was 

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Sep 25, 2021
My Fico Score Boosted To 799
TyBru5767 Policyholder

Hi everyone! I contacted METRONET CREDIT SOLUTION, a group of ethical hackers/credit pundits last month because I saw an ad online saying they could help people fix their credit in no time. I told them, if this is true, I’m definitely interested in working with you to boost my credit score and clear my negatives, and they gave me a positive response. I had an initial SCORE of 481 with late payments, lingering debts and a bankruptcy that wouldn’t let me qualify for anything anymore. They cleared all the negative items on my report within 10days, and boosted my FICO score to 799, and also added good trade lines. I have purchased car for my family and I’m free to apply for anything I want and my credit cards limits have being increased tremendously; also I’m so grateful to them for this great help. I strongly recommend their services. You can reach them via; METRONETCREDITSOLUTION @ GMAIL . COM or call 205  518  3032.

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Sep 24, 2021
Credit Repair
MaJav571 Policyholder

I’m so, so glad I met Jerry Link credit Group, I call him the Specialist, my church elder recommending him after I told him about my credit situation. I quickly got to contacted Jerry via Customer Service 916  888  4118 and narrated my credit situation. He gladly offered to help in fixing my report which he did within 9 days. All the inquiries, collections, garnishment, late payments and judgment were deleted from my report and my score was boosted to about 792 from 601. I’m so happy my credit is now back on the right track, they also added some positive trade lines to my report.  Text them via jerrylinkgroup @ gmail dot com. Thank me later

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Sep 23, 2021
ANONYM0US0 Policyholder

I just fixed my credit, wow i can't explain how much grateful i am to thecredittreatment@gmail. com , i saw where someone gave a testimony on how he helped her fix her credit and made her qualify for a home loan, the same too happened again. he fixed my credit on time, my credit score was really increased and my late payments now show up as one time payment, i so much appreciate Jamie for been a very honest and straight forward man, his integrity would make me recommend him to more people as long as i live. 

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Sep 22, 2021
Afify27 Policyholder

I’ll always advice people to go for the best so you won’t regret later; if your score is bad mine was terrible I was struggling with a low 478  I couldn’t get any loan approved, owed enormous debts on my car, house and hospital bills my 3 credit cards maxed out with outstanding debts of $11k each I was literally living from hand to mouth cause I got my bad report on my profile but all thanks to 760PLUS CREDIT SCORE popularly known as Credit Helper I saw a lot of good recommendation about him on a Reddit, CK post and on Quora so I got in touch with him and explained my situation to him and within 8 business days  he deleted all bad report on my profile and increased my score across all 3 major bureaus from 478  to 802 excellent shoot,  all credit card outstanding debts paid off . I’m Grateful to him I’m living peaceful with zero debts. Won’t Say much I’d advise you to write him to enjoy his affordable and excellent credit repair service at 760pluscreditscore at gmail dot com also Text 304  774  5902 don’t forget to mention me.

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Sep 22, 2021
Credit Solution

I have been really satisfied with Excellent credit repair. His very helpful and my credit has drastically improved just like he said. No one would have believed my score could be raised in 10days after I contracted him. Even the chapter 7 on my report was removed including other negatives items. I now have a Vantage score of 789 and FICO score of 820. I would highly recommend Credit Karma Solution. Contact via creditkarmasolution90 @ consultant . com Or txt him 850  724   0632  Cheers!

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