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May 24, 2016
Thirty three year old whole life policy.
JohnSTX Policyholder

Every year for the past thirty years Mass Mutual has screwed up the reinvestment of the annual dividend. Their systems are so bad that they are unable to fix the problem on a permanent basis. The only way that they can get around the problem is to send us a check and then we need to call and have the check canceled and they will manually fix the problem for that year. This isn't a permanent fix and we need to do the process again the next year.

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Mar 28, 2016
Loving their dividends!
Anonymous Policyholder

Have a whole life policy with them for over 10 years, those dividends addtions to my cash value is sweet, and growing each year!   Probably one of the best financial decisions of mine ever made.  Highly recommended.

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Aug 20, 2016

I worked for MassMutial in the 90's. Whole life policies are a total waste of money! And we all knew it! Not one
person who knew Anything about insurance would own one! You pay higher premiums as compared to term life! You are better off buying term life and investing the extra money you would have paid in whole life policy payments and investing that money yourself. Ths way, you not only have your life insurance coverage, but YOU have control of how your money IS being invested. The salesmen love to push whole life because they make more money off those policies. If you doubt what I say, do some research.

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