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Mar 03, 2017
You can't cancel Aflac but you can try..
ovaltine Policyholder

You may love it till you try to cancel it. I guess the guy who signed up my business signed us up for Aflac Always. Of course, we had never heard those words till I tried to cancel policy years later. You can't. Every time you call you get a different answer on how to cancel, from sending in Letterhead with cancellation to "just disregard the letters and it will lapse". I have noticed more and more businesses going this "what cha gonna do?" route. Because basically, we have no recourse if help is not given.

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Apr 18, 2017

Actually you do!! They can't take your money out of your account if you close it and re-open with a whole different acct#

Feb 07, 2017
Pay Attention to the Fine Print
Anonymous Policyholder

With anything always read the policy brochure and not just take thte agent at their word. I found with our Aflac agent she was great explaining all the pluses as to why to by each policy but no so much information on waiting periods and the fine print of the policy. I do like Aflac to a certain degree. With any company there can be a love hate relationship. 

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Nov 22, 2016
Great to Have
EFLORES7188 Policyholder

I have had my policy for 8 years and it's been a great experience. It has helped me out when my wife had to miss work to care for our daughter who had to have an outpatient surgery, when my daughter broke her arm and wellness exams. It may not seem like it helps but I can truly as that it does.

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Nov 02, 2016
"Accident group policy"
Anonymous Policyholder


I was signed up for aflac last year and decided to cancel because they didnt want to cover my husband after he was in an accident. I waited until open anrollment november 2015 to cancel . I was told the policy was taken care of and now in November of 2016 they are still charging me and refuse to refund me any money. The kicker was the supervisor telling me that its my fault for waiting a year to call back.

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Aug 20, 2016
amiller2001 Policyholder

I have had Aflace since 2009 unfortunately I had to stat using it do to health problems my husband has, it has paid for pretty much everything it says it covers, then I had to be hospitalized and it paid for pretty much everything I had done. I highly recommend it to everyone, it does work but of course you do have to provide them with the documents they require.

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Aug 09, 2016
Hospital Indemnity Insurance
pg2381 Policyholder

BUYER BEWARE!!  Aflac insurance is a complete rip off.  I signed up in December 2015 for the Accident and Hospital Indemnity policies, Accident for obvious reasons, but hospital because my boyfriend and I were planning on marrying, and he has health issues.  Just a little background on me so you can understand my complaint better.  In June 2014 I started have the worst pain in my life.  It was like a migraine but 10x's worse.  I went to Vanderbilt Hospital and after CT scans, MRI's and an angiogram, I was diagnosed with RCVS.  Ever since my diagnosis for this disease, and prescribed proper medication, I've been fine.  Fast forward to March 2016.  I started having tenderness on the right side of my forehead and what felt like stabbing in my brain.  I go to my primary dr and tell her.  She refers me to a neurologist.  The neurologist sends me for a CT scan, the results come back abnormal.  He sends me for an MRI.  MRI results come back I have a skull based tumor.  The neurologist refers me to a neurosurgeon.  The neurosurgeon recommends removing the tumor asap because of how rapidly it's growing, and he knows this because he is based at Vanderbilt.  He looked up my imaging from 2014 and saw there were no signs of a tumor then.  May 2016 I have a craniectomy done.  The tumor is sent to the Pathologist for a biopsy.  July 2016, I'm diagnosed with Langheran's Cell Hystiocytosis.  I file a claim on my hospital indemnity policy for being hospitalized for 4 days.  First I'm told Aflac has to have a copy of the UB04 form.  This form is the form the hospital sends to your actual medical insurance company for billing.  Nevermind that everything on the UB04 form is the same exact information that the hospital statement you get has.  That's their first stall tactic.  So I finally get those and send them in.  Then Aflac tells me I have to send them a copy of my medical records from Dec. 2014 till Dec. 2015.  The second stall tactic.  I get that paperwork and send that in.  I actually sent them till April of 2016, so they could see where I first complained to my dr in March about the stabbing pain and tenderness, and her referring me to a neurologist.  So after chasing all this paperwork around, they come back and say my claim is denied because it's a pre existing condition.  Seriously??!!  So I call to speak to a rep, that tells me the same thing and I ask her who makes these decisions and she responds the "claim auditors".  My response is, what kind of education do the "auditors" have?  Do they have PHD's?  How many years did they study neurology and oncology?   They are trying to tell me I have walked around for 2 years with a tumor between my brain and skull.  Really?!  Nevermind the information I sent of my imaging from 2014, where no tumors were found.  Because I was diagnosed with RCVS in 2014, which caused me headaches, and complained of tenderness and head pain in March 2016, that we found out to be a tumor and a whole completely different disease, and neither of these diseases are remotely related, they are trying to say my surgery was due to a pre existing condition.  I'm not done fighting with them, but ultimately I feel like it's going to be a big fight, like probably getting a lawyer involved.  This insurance is a joke and the company is nothing but a rip off.  I will never recommend Aflac to anyone and will seek out anyone I can to warn them before wasting hard earned money on garbage.

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Jul 11, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

Agent Crawford was full of empty promises and rude.Don't waste your money. Worst experience for our family.

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