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Apr 26, 2014
They worked well with me
dgfowler1960 Borrower

When I had to file bankruptcy almost five years ago due to husbands outrageous medical bills Wells Fargo stepped up to the plate, lowered my car payment in half and cut half of the time off.  Feb 2014 I made my last payment.  Without their help I would have been in a fix and it would have been difficult to continue to work.  Thank you!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 12, 2013
Stay away from this bank!!!! Bad new!!!!
Anonymous Borrower

IT's a merry go round to get ahold of anybody who know anything and who will help.

This bank is too big to know what the right and left hand is doing.  Please stay

away at all cost.  They are one of the highest cost mortgage and home equity bank.

Go to a credit union, they say Hi.

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Jul 28, 2016
Hard to make payments! Really
jose2088 Borrower

Unlike others, the process to get this set up was fine. No issues.  

However, i was paying using online bill pay from my bank.  Two straight payments were applied wrong, for way less than what I sent.  It got fixed quickly, but required phones calls and faxing info to WF to prove that $xxx was withdrawn from my bank.  Before these two payments, everthing was perfect for years.

I don't need to spend an hour for every payment on the phone with WF and creating and faxing proof to them.  Needless to say, after experiencing two straight payment issues (which I attribute to WF, as all other payments from by bank were/are fine), I gave up paying that way and moved to allowing WF to withdraw from my checking.  

So, Now, payments get applied quickly and for the correct amount BUT...

I am limited to 5 payments scheduled in 30 days. I scheduled 3 future payments and also 2 unplanned principle payments over a 30 day period.  Now, I am unable to schedule more future payment and I am not allow to schedule extra unplanned payments to principal, either.  The site won't even let me modify a scheduled payment to add more $$ to it.

In short I cannot use the WF website to PAY my HELOC!  

-I can't pay via check from my bank because WF can't apply payments correctly.

-I can't pay by the website because they won't let me make any more payments!

If i could, I'd ditch this HELOC and go with someone who doesn't restrict when I can pay, and can apply payments correctly.  This is way harder than it should be. 

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Jul 23, 2016
Only apply if you don't need it

I have 50% equity in my house which is worth a considerable amount. I wanted to deal with some CC debt that occurred from recent medical costs and put it into a more manageable loan. I was denied because the CC debt was too high and according to the underwriter, I could use the CC again. I told them I was closing the CC account once I moved the equity loan to it. They said they couldn't take that into consideration.

In other words, if you're trying to manage your debt - they don't want you to.

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May 12, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I love Wells Fargo and their service is great 😀👍

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Apr 29, 2016
The worst
Fionacatbat Borrower

They are the worst company ever my boyfriend had 3 major surgeries in less than 6 months and that included a quad bypass as the last one and through all this we still manged to only miss one mortagage payment and they denied him 4 time for a modification and the reason was because after the surgeries he came to stay with me to recover because the doctores did not want him home alone so of course the mailing address was different for about 6 months so they said he did not live in the address so they could not help him. what kind of **** is this. I will never ever recommend them not even in a case of emergencie I would live on the streets first so beware if you choose to use them cause this could be you some day. There customer service also sucks they are the rudest ever atleast on the phone side and in the mortagage department.The people in the Banks that I have delt with were nice they even got the run around from there own company. So beware please.

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Jul 16, 2016

I agree

Dec 21, 2015
Home Mortgage
Anonymous Borrower

I love Wells Fargo. They have alot to offer.

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Nov 27, 2015
Home Equity

Lengthy process.  No one called or talked to me while I was waiting.  No one ever called from the inception.

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Jul 16, 2016

Anonymous probably works there!

Jul 09, 2015
WTF wells fargo
wingnut123 Borrower

Went to refinace Wells Fargo loan with another company, and after 45 days waiting they couldnt do it because wells fargo had not finished the title work related to the original loan..........5 years prior......WTF wells fargo!!!!!!

my advice to you is that if you have no choice but to go to wells fargo for a home loan consider living under an overpass as this will be less stressfull than working with wellsfargo and will leave you feeling better for the experiance

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Mar 22, 2015
WF tried to pull a Bait and Switch
HersheyMinnie Borrower

I have a HELOC with WF.  I received an unsolicited offer to lower my interest rate.  The offered rate was 3.84%, my existing rate in 4.24%.  I am always looking for ways to lower interest payments so I started the application process.  The process was all done over the phone not at the local branch office.   I faxed loads of the requested information/documents to the WF loan officer.  He would call back saying I had not sent the required documents.  I would point out that the information had already been faxed.  After more than two months of back and forth calls and wasted time the application documents were finally sent to the local WF branch to be signed.  I went to sign but upon close inspection I noticed the interest rate on the final documents was 4.84% not the 3.84% offered at the beginning of the process.  Needless to say I did not sign.  As I said a classical Bait and Switch opperation.  

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Feb 24, 2015
Anonymous Borrower

I have used this company for over 40 years, and now they are calling me about something that is going to happen in 2017.  I might be dead or get hit by a bus by then.  Who cares about 2 years from now.  Stop calling me.

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Nov 18, 2014
Forget even trying

I worked with Wells Fargo for over a year to try and reduce my interest rate.  I was denied.  I have been a customer for about 20 years.  I was able to refinance with Quicken Loans and reduce my payment about $200 a month.  Now I've been denied for a home equity loan even though I have a LOT of equity in my condo.

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Dec 29, 2014

wells fargo is hard to deal with they turn alot of people down trying to refi a current loan with them .i heard they do this to keep the high intrest rate in check. i think you can do better buying from a home owner trying to sale a home than the banks. thats just my two cents

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