Bank of America Home Equity Reviews

Bank of America Home Equity Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Apr 17, 2021
Edward0001 Borrower

   I just want to write this letter to express my gratitude for ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST for all the work they have done for me in correcting my credit issues. I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I spoke with them a month ago. I did not think they could get my credit re-established so easily. By using their service and by being patient, they have cleaned up my credit to the point where I’m now qualified to purchase a home. Absolutely amazing!!! they took my bad credit with bad FICO score of 450 and pushed it to 804, and to let you know I recently applied for a car loan at BANK OF AMERICA and I was approved. I could never think that this could happen as soon as it did. Thanks a MILLION. I have been telling my friends and family about you. they deserve a ton of recognition for what they did. I hopefully assure others to trust your service and let miracle come to pass. Contact them via : rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com/  760  474  3440

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Apr 14, 2021
Credit Score Upgraded
MillMacD Borrower

Hack West Credit Repair greatly helped me and my wife improve our credit. I got answers to all my questions and even went above and beyond when it came to repairing my wife and I credit profile. I'm thankful for the service that Hack West provided me and my lovely wife, we now have a better understanding of our credit and we now know what debit collectors can and cannot do. Email: hackwest at writeme dot com for your quick credit repair. Thank you by MacDonald Mill.

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Apr 13, 2021
Jordan0005 Borrower

ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST did a fantastic job on my credit, I had a very low credit score, I couldn’t get approved for any credit cards, this was very disappointing for me. I was referred to ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST by my loan officer. I called them and I was asked to send my current credit score, which I did. To my greatest surprise in less than 15days my credit score was raised to 813, thanks to ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST. I would love to recommend their services to anyone who is in need. CONTACT VIA: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /  760  474  3440

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Apr 11, 2021
Jayde0000 Borrower

My banker told me about 760PLUS CREDIT SCORE When I was looking to help my husband repair his credit. His credit had suffered greatly when he lost his job and we couldn’t afford to keep up with our credit card bills. From the very beginning 760PLUS was very helpful and responsive to my questions. They kept us updated and informed throughout the whole process. In 16days my husband’s credit score went from poor to excellent credit score. This service was worth the amount charged us and I highly recommend to anyone needing credit repair via 760pluscreditscore @ gmail . com / 304  774  5902

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Apr 09, 2021
Stuart0009 Borrower

ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST helped me to remove eviction, foreclosure, hard inquiries and charge off from my credit report; they are just the best at the moment. They increased my credit score from 599 to 804 excellent score and all these were achieved in less than 16days. They are the best among all. There’re fast secured with affordable price, text:  rootkitscreditspecialist  @  gmail  .  com or call  760   474   3440 for all kinds of credit repair.

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Apr 08, 2021
Credit Repair
veedublvr Borrower

have been a victim of scammers severely trying to fix my credit, couldn’t believe there is a genuine hacker existing, until I got link to RAYLINK CYBER SERVICES true a good friend of my I decide to give him a try, after subscribing to his service he got my credit fixed and raised to 795 also cleared all the negative marks and added trade line on my credit report, now I have been approved for house loan and car loan. Reach him now on RAYLINKCYBERSERVICES @ GMAIL DOT COM/ (770)  769  5986 if you want your credit fixed permanently.

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Apr 07, 2021
wimpy0001 Borrower

Hey folks I don’t t know about you but I think I have a beautiful months and year ahead of me all thanks to this awesome credit specialist called ROOTKITS SPECIALIST. I’m Wimpy Dolan from New Jersey I had a really messy Credit profile with hard inquires, eviction and foreclosure but with the help of this angel (ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST) who gave me a whooping score of about 790 and gave me a fulfilled life here in Jersey City. His an angel in human form don’t fail to hit him up on: rootkitscreditspecialist  @  gmail  .  com / whatsApp:  760  474  3440

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Apr 06, 2021
Credit Repair Service
Eilene01 Borrower

I was looking to improve my credit score to purchase a home. My credit was poor (583) and I had three credit cards that have been paid off in the past couple of months. I needed the accounts removed from my credit report but the problem is they were the oldest cards on my report. I contacted a credit repair expert to help me rebuild my credit, remove negatives and raise my score so I can purchase a home. He did just that for me in 7 days and I purchased the home afterwards. Here is his contact info: FixMyCredit At WriteMe Dot Com

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Apr 06, 2021
Michele0009 Borrower

I feel the worst thing that can happen to you is when you have bad credit report. Despite the fact bad credit report prevented me from getting loan on time and losing my job; my happiness still remains that the problem was given complete solution by this great hacker called ROCK BASE CREDIT REPAIR. after explaining the problem I was facing to my best friend called Mike he decided to introduce me to ROCK BASE CREDIT REPAIR. Immediately I contacted him via his mail ROCKBASE AT PROTONMAIL  DOT  COM and as well texted 903  804  8620. Through his great effort my credit was fixed and all the negative items on my report was deleted, my score was boosted from 450 to 800, i think the best step to take is to contact him and remain happy.

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Apr 04, 2021

What a magic to say, I’m recommending 760Plus Credit Score for Guys in need of credit fix. They are the best in terms of credit repair,they are fast, reliable and their customer service is great. Met my late uncle’s wife during her husband’s funeral service and She recommended them for credit solution, they helped me remove negative items on my credit and boosted my score to an excellent score in less than 12days. Thanks to them I’m able to start up a small trade for myself. Text them via 760pluscreditscore  @  gmail  .  com or call their number 304  774  592.

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