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I purchase a ring interest free for six months however. When the six monts were up i had to pay the past six interst in the CC. Not a good card dont get it APR is 28%. Stay away form the card not a good customer service. 

Apr 24, 2012 Reply
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The idea is to pay the balance off before the six months are up then you won't have to pay interest....DUH

donnyelem's reply was:    

  Jun 25, 2013

donnyelem(3, 43)

Review by donnyelem

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finally approved!!!!

so happy i was approved with a card backed by citibank lol, they gave me a cc limit of 1000.00  does anyone know how often they raise your limit and if its automatic. ck score of 626

mossmanb5's review was:    

  Mar 26, 2014 Reply

mossmanb5(6, 2)

Review by mossmanb5

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Zales/Citi Bank Credit Card

I bought a ring and applied for a Zales credit card which is through Citi Bank . I then paid the ballance the day after the first statement. Zales cashed my check but did not credit my account. They charged me late fees and  put negative comments on my credit rating. I have sent Zales a copies of the canceled check. I have talked to Zales and Citi Bank department many time but cannot get this resolved. Don't get a Zale's credit card if you value your credit rating.

Oct 20, 2013 Reply
good card

I had well below 700 credit when i applied.  initial credit line was $1000 but I needed to purchase a $2500 engagement ring.  I put $1000 down on the ring and they instantly raised my credit limit to $2000 to cover the purchase.  Paid off in 12 months and paid no interest.  

fixingcreditnow's review was:    

  Jul 16, 2013 Reply

fixingcreditnow(1, 0)

Review by fixingcreditnow

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Not A Bad Card

I applied for this card and got a really decent limit for someone with a 600 score (1200.00) yes the intrest is 28% but they clearly tell you 12 months intrest free if you dont pay the card in full they WILL charge you all of the intrest accrued in those 12 months. I dont see the delema. They do what they say and I got what I wanted.They also give you these specials on special times of the year, right when you need them. two thumbs up!!!!!!!!

realmenpray01's review was:    

  Dec 29, 2012 Reply

realmenpray01(1, 0)

Review by realmenpray01

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The Zales Credit Card is serviced by Citibank for Zales Jewelers customers. Card benefits can include flexible credit options, optional credit insurance, and online account management tools. Zales Credit Cards can be used as a method of payment at Zales Jewelers, Zales Outlet, and

With the slogan “the diamond store”, Zales Jewelers was established in 1924 by Morris and William Zale. Currently headquartered in Irving, Texas, Zales Jewelers is a jewelry retailer that provides quality merchandise at low prices. Zales Jewelers offers both new and previously owned jewelry, loose diamonds for custom jewelry, and personalized jewelry.

Zales Credit Card

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