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Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card

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2.0 out of 5 stars
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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 24, 2016
A scam to trap seniors and others
Anonymous Cardholder

They do not give reasonable notice of end of promo period out for the fine print on page 4 of your statement.  Then you get hit with hundreds of dollars of deferred interest.  Then the bedgering starts...very annoying.  Difficult to get a return call, however.  DO NOT TRUST Wells Fargo!!!!

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Aug 26, 2016
Works for me
Anonymous Cardholder

I used this to pay for LASIK.  My payments are the same each month.  No problems so far and it is about to be a year since I had the procedure

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Aug 10, 2016
won't ever use again
Anonymous Cardholder

had it, cause me lots of problems and paid lots of interest, i would recommend looking at options that DO NOT HAVE RETROACTIVE INTEREST!! also it was very difficult process to get approved needed to have multiple people apply for me

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Aug 10, 2016
Don't use it for dental over $1000
Anonymous Cardholder

I had a dental treatment that was $15,000 and  The dental office told me that this will be an appropriate   Financing program  The application process was very annoying because I was denied but I know my credit score was over 720  then my wife was denied and her credit score was 715,  my son was also denied with the credit score over 700 as well my  daughter who is a doctor finally got us approved so I could get my treatments,  and the interest-rate wasn't even that great it was 13%,  I probably could've taken out a personal loan with a lower interest-rate  especially to do that over three years,  another thing that she also used it for her own dental treatment as a one year no interest plan,  she missed a payment and had a remaining balance I was charged a lot of interest on the entire amount of her dental treatment not just the remaining $350 BEWARE OF RETROACTIVE INTEREST!!!!   If you go to a practice a uses a practice that has retro active interest go to a different practice Don't use any office that has it

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Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card