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Feb 14 2013
Credit Karma Member

I am happy with thsi card, I was approved with a CK score of 535.?

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Aug 25 2014
Worth it if you're a frequent shopper
Credit Karma Member

The Angel card is well worth it if you frequently shop at VS. It has a high APR (25.99 I believe,) but I always pay off any balance in full at the end of the month. VS sells UGG products online as well, so when the winter season comes around I plan on buying a pair and charging it to my card. I have a CK score of 669, but I was approved for a CL of $750 when I was just starting to establish my credit. The first 3 times I applied in store they told me that I was recieve a letter of approval/denial in the mail but never did. I guess 4th times the charm. Hope this helps.

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Oct 05 2019
No automated payment
Credit Karma Member

I don't pay my card manually so I kept missing the payment on this card because there's no automated payment option. I learned my lesson and just paid it off even before I got the statement but they still have another trick up their sleeves, by default, they'll only let you pay minimum. So if you're in a hurry or wasn't paying close attention like me, you'd think that you have no more balance since their email actually doesn't tell you that you have late payment due etc. My credit score is badly affected a couple times. This is the last straw. I will close my account once my balance clear off

Oct 05 2019
Credit Karma Member

Make sure you keep up with your points and transactions. I've bought bras that are suppose to be 3x the points, but the cashier would ring it up wrong so the points are not applied. I'm owed 2 reward cards at this point and haven't seen any yet. They keep saying it's emailed but I seem to get ALL of their emails except the ones I'm supposed to get for SPENDING MONEY. It takes 3-6 weeks to get a reward. Ridiculous!!! They need to be sued.

Sep 07 2019
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for 9 years. 9 freaking years. i started with a credit limit of $150. Then it went up to $400. Then it eventually went up to $750. I went like 8 years without making a late payment. Then in march of this year I was in and out of hospital because of pregnancy complications and finally went into labor on my payment due date...all of which I can prove. My payment just skipped my mind and I paid it as soon as I was released from hospital. They dropped my credit limit down to $100!!!!! I'm livid.?

Sep 07 2019
If I could, I???d give it negative stars.
Credit Karma Member

Got this card with my credit score in the high 600s and only received a $250 credit limit which was fine as I wouldn?t spend even that much. After having it for a couple of years they never increased my limit. Kept the account in good payment standings. A couple of months ago I paid the whole thing completely off for a 0 balance to which the rewarded me by reducing my credit limit. The explanation on the letter informing me of it said it was due to lack of a real estate loan in my name. I own my home, inherited from my grandparents who paid outright for the land and materials to build the house. It?s never had a mortgage. Upon receipt of the letter I promptly called Comenity bank and politely told them what they could do with their reduced credit limit. She tried to offer me $100 in VS coupons to keep it to which I replied ?so I can come spend more money on this ridiculous card and make Comenity even more money? I don?t think so.? Found out the Torrid credit card my sister has is with Comenity as well so beware of that one too.

Sep 06 2019
Credit Karma Member

Literally one of the worst cards ever. They keep reducing my limit w/o an explanation even though my credit is good and increasing in all other areas. My credit takes a hit when they randomly decide that they want to decrease my limit without warning. Most likely will close the card since now I am down to a $300 limit after 3 decreases over $150 within 2019.

Aug 20 2019
Good & Not So Good.
Credit Karma Member

I haven't missed a payement, started out with a $250 limit; it was increased to 450 or something within the first 3 months. Less than 6 months and its $800. I go to check accounts ensuring my scheduled payments are still on the correct dates; credit limit is now $150... WHAT THE ****? I'm? calling cs because this HAS to be an error. Rep is stating they gave a decrease after review of my accounts, they were trying to increase but due to factors on my credit they decreased it significantly. I run my credit reports once a week due to having someone steal information in the past. All scores HAVE INCREASED within the last 6 months.... no drops or missed payments on any account. The balance on the card was 100; I'll pay it off and close this before I let it hinder my credit journey.?

Aug 12 2019
Credit Karma Member

The card it great for shopping but I got it 4 months ago and hadn?t recieved a card and I made a complaint, it wasn?t the biggest deal to me. They then sent me my ORIGINAL card I was supposed to have, and took out 250 points, as well as sending me my new one, taking another 250 points. So the closed the original card and opened the new one. I went to look at my credit because I had expected it to go up but no. It WIPED my credit back to ZERO. I don?t know if I have to wait longer than 2 weeks but I?m trying to buy a car before school and this is very inconvenient.?

Aug 07 2019
Good card for those with low creditscore
Credit Karma Member

If your looking to rebuild this card works. Everyone is complaining about a credit decrease yes that happens but you can always ask for an increase and if your in good standing they?re likely to give it to you. Points are whatever and interest is high which is typical for store cards. Good card for building credit. Approved for 250 with 590 score. Current limit 6k. Ive had this card for years and I have excellent credit, most people will start small.?

Jul 26 2019
Don???t Care For It
Credit Karma Member

I got this card on a whim years ago because I was young and dumb. I regret the card I got before it too which was Maurices. I?m just not big on clothing store credit cards like that unless it?s a store like Kohls. I don?t like carrying balances on cards period so I?m not going to just charge it up on things I don?t have the funds for/don?t need just to keep it active. I haven?t used this card since 2016 so it?s only a matter of time until they close it.?

Jul 02 2019
Worst credit card ever in my life
Credit Karma Member

The representative Rachel #5250 is very unprofessional and needs to learn how to treat customers. I simply made an honest mistake to put the slightly wrong bank account number when I made a payment that caused a ?payment return,? which made my card in three months restriction of use. She treated me with an attitude and a very rude way that made me feel very uncomfortable. First of all, if the bank account number was wrong, normally it won?t go thru when submitting I wonder why how did this happen. This was no evil action or nothing like the intention that I?m not gonna pay, just simply mistake and actullay I paid right back with the right bank account number within 4 days of my mistake but this credit card treat u like ur so wrong and put u in a restriction like penalizing u it?s unbelievable how Rachel treated me in a hostile, mean way too. This card is not flexible at all n will never forgive customers if there?s a mistake. I have many credit cards but this isn?t the worst credit card ever and their customer service is horrible i won?t recommend this card to nobody period.

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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

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