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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

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3.8 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jan 31, 2016
Great card, if used responsibly.
ExoticQueen Cardholder

This card has a lot of perks, and benefits. Always read the fine print, on everything. And do your homework. The key to a good/excellent credit score is low cc utilization, among other things. Cc utilization has a major impact on your credit score. So use all your credit cards responsibly. Pay in full every month, or always pay whatever you can in addition to the minimum due. This reflects good on you and your credit score. Whatever you do, don't ever miss a payment, if you forget, call customer service immediately/they will call you and offer a sincere apology along with an good explanation as to your current situation. Make sure you pay right then, or make arrangements with the rep and ensure that they do not report a late payment! That will be damaging to your credit. I have never had a late payment, ever. I love Victoria Secret. Started out, with a $250 cl. They have raised it numerous times, after I have made payments in full. I only made a cl request, maybe once. I now have a $3,550 cl with Victoria's Secret.

It pays to be mindful of your finances, credit, and handle them responsibly. Have fun, life is too short for debt and poor credit scores! =)

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 22, 2015
NEVER get this card!!!! Unethical! Scam!
Anonymous Cardholder

I have this card, but rarely use it.  I called in to make my payment in full since they do not have an auto-payment option.  Today I received a notice that my credit score had dropped so I looked into it.  Victoria's Secret had been adding a $1 per month charge to my account.  I hadn't looked at the account because it was paid in full and when I looked at it tonight, they had been charging me $1 per month and a late fee on top of it.  It's been going on for two months and they reported me to the credit bureaus for $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am furious!  I cannot believe this is how they would treat customers.  I honestly cannot even summon the words to explain how underhanded, slimy, shady, unethical and dishonest this practice is.  Steer clear of this card and this company.  If these are the tactics they're using in the financial realm, I can't imagine what other unethical, dishonest practices they're employing in other areas of the business!!!!!!!!!!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 29, 2016
Bad customer service
Anonymous Cardholder

I was charged a late fee AFTER I paid off my entire bill. The late fee was non existent when I had paid my bill. After that they kept charging me late fees that I was unaware of. When I called I was told they can only waive one. I asked to close my card. The man said he needed me to make a payment now (and that I cannot do this online which I am sure I can) aND only then he will transfer me. When I was transferred I wanted to tell the man why I was closing my card. However, he just closed the card did not care to stop me or ask why even once. It seemed like since they have enough customers, people being upset does not matter to them.

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Nov 29, 2016
Rip off!
Anonymous Cardholder

I had this card with a $500 or $700 limit and it started off fine, but after a year I realized that this card had went up to a 20% interest rate and late fees when I was paying on time. I'm not in a program to pay this card off and get rid of it. This store is ridulously high and stuff adds up QUICK when you just about 6 items.

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Nov 24, 2016
Never send me notification about bill
joyee456 Cardholder

I had this card this Feb. I usually paid off my bill immediately after using this card. However, I forgot to pay it off after using it this June. But it didn't send me notification about my bill. So I didn't notice it until November because of my low credit score. I checked on credit Karma and I found out it is because of this card!! I missed three payments and it went up to $180!! (my original purchase was $50). I really don't recommendate this card. I haven't received any benefit except credit score damage. This damage would probably last for 7 years!!! Once my credit score goes back to 700 ish. I will close this card!!!

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Nov 22, 2016
Great Card!
Stephm88 Cardholder

This card is great for rebuilding your credit.  I got approved and my credit score was somewhere between 600 and 630.  I pay all of my statements in full usually and it has already took my credit score up to 674.  I love my card and would definitely recommend this card!

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Nov 17, 2016
Charges amounts without notification
Anonymous Cardholder

I made a purchase and paid off my card right after. Then, one month later, I received a bill with the double amount of my purchase. I called in and got told that the payment didnt go through and that they had charged a penalty. I asked them why they didnt notify me, they said that they had tried to call, which they didnt. Also they said that I got a secured message on the VS page, but I checked, and I didnt. Without notification they charged me double of what I owned. It's stupid! Cutting up this card NOW!

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Nov 14, 2016
Credit Limit Increase!!
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for this card back in March, and I must say I really love this card and the perks. I already reached the Forever Angel status. I been making payments on time every month and was wondering when will I get a CLI, I logged into my account today and by my surprise I now have a $500 limit !!! So excited, just in time for the holidays! Thank You VS !!!! 

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Nov 14, 2016
They approved me
JillianM0524 Cardholder

I have this card and one secured credit card. They gave me an instant approval back in June for $150 with a credit score on here around 600. This is my first unsecured card. I just applied for a credit limit increase so we will see. I've had no problems. I pay every month on time, usually more than I need to. I shop there a lot. I like the benefits.  No complaints. 

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Nov 05, 2016
Almost one year
mssweets08 Cardholder

I appied for and was approved for this card almost one year ago with a starting credit limit of $250. To date I have requested credit limits via the website and now have a credit limit of $1,050. The first credit limit I received was after 9 months and it was for $200 each. I hit the luv button ( request a credit limit button on the website) two times in a row and they both were granted taking me from $250-$650. Yesterday 3.5 months after the first increase I did the same thing only this time I couldn't request them back to back. I had to allow a few hours for the system to update and I went back in later in the evening to request another increase and it was granted again, again in $200 increments.  I have never paid it late, most times more than the minimum around the 30% utilization. It is paying off. I love to use it at Bath and Body works. I am extremely happy with this card!! 

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Nov 05, 2016
I got approved!!!
Diamond4262 Cardholder

I am so happy to finally get a VS Angel Credit Card.  I shop there enough and when I went to check out, I received a pre-approval offer for a credit card.  Submitted the information and boom, approved for a $250 CL. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit.  I recently got a unsecured Capital One credit card via pre-approval mail offer with a CL of $300.  That account hasn't even hit my account yet when I received the pre-approval credit card offer through VS.  Credit score (FICO) at the time of application 550.  I can't wait to enjoy the benefits of the card since I do shop there quite frequently.  Intend to use, pay off within the billing cycle and will cherish the card with all my might!  I'm glad they gave me a chance.

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Nov 21, 2016

So minimum credit score is probably around 550?

Nov 25, 2016

I have a question my score for tu is 610 and the other 1 is is a 568. I am just concerned to try and apply and have that on my report for 2 years. Were both your scores as low as mine

Nov 01, 2016
Love the card!!
Anonymous Cardholder

if you are responsible with it you will get to increase CLI I went fromm $250 to $650 with the LUV button!  Love the sales!

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