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3.3 out of 5 stars
126 Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Feb 14, 2013
adriajessica Cardholder

I am happy with thsi card, I was approved with a CK score of 535. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 25, 2014
Worth it if you're a frequent shopper
BLR3 Cardholder

The Angel card is well worth it if you frequently shop at VS. It has a high APR (25.99 I believe,) but I always pay off any balance in full at the end of the month. VS sells UGG products online as well, so when the winter season comes around I plan on buying a pair and charging it to my card. I have a CK score of 669, but I was approved for a CL of $750 when I was just starting to establish my credit. The first 3 times I applied in store they told me that I was recieve a letter of approval/denial in the mail but never did. I guess 4th times the charm. Hope this helps.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 22, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

This card just takes your money. I do NOT recommend at all. You cannot set up auto pay at all, so if you don't pay on or a day before the date then you get charged $27-$ is RIDICULOUS. I have not bought anything in over 5 months and I'm always paying because they always charged a late fee. no matter what there IS NO GRACE PERIOD. Beware of this card if you have real life problems or maybe forget to pay before due or pay one day late, be prepared to be charged. I am paying imbalance in full and canceling card.

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Jun 19, 2017
Wonderful Card
aritter09 Cardholder

I applied for this card about 3 times before I was finally approved in store. I had a CK Score of 565 when I was approved. Granted I was only approved for a CL of $250.00 it has still helped me increase my credit score. If you use this card responsibly than you will be okay. I love that you earn points per every purchase and they send you rewards. 

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Jun 16, 2017
Horrible! Do Not Get It!!
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is a scam for the company to get more money. They have super high interest rates and as soon as you pay on it they charge you again. It is the worst card I have ever gotten. 

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Jun 10, 2017
SCAMMERS and Thieves
Anonymous Cardholder

So where do I begin? I've been with VS for 3 years. I have auto payments set up through my bank for the minimum amount due. I don't use it that often, so I set it and forget it. Upon looking into my account one day, I noticed VS have been charging me a let fee if 27.00 for the past 6 months even when I was making July auto payments on time. Their excuse was my minimum balance changed from 25 to 27 dollars. So for 2 extra dollars VS charged me a late fee of 27.00!!! So 12.00 cost me 135.00. They refused to refund me the late charges. I didn't get an alert or anything saying my minimum balance change. Their response to me was I should of checked my monthly statement. My loss. Needless to say, I shut down my account, in order to retain me they offered to remove just one late fee! REALLY VS? Good Riddance!

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Jun 07, 2017
It's decent, I guess.
calindra101 Cardholder

So long as you're conscientious about paying your bill online, as that's the only convenient option since the stores require either cash or cheques (the average person doesn't always carry this), and keeping your balance minimums to a 9% or lower if you're going to carry over month to month, while making your payments, you should be good.

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Jun 05, 2017
It's a disgrace!!
Anonymous Cardholder

I used it a couple of times during Christmas, not that it really offered any benefits but figured I could pay it off after... in February I receive this bill for over $130 and I was very surprised. I honestly did not bother checking the charges and proceeded to pay it off. It's been 3 months and I'm still getting charged $28 monthly for no reason at all... I've called their customer service and it's the worst, the machine hangs up on me whenever I try speaking to someone... DO NOT EVER GET THIS CARD!

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Jun 01, 2017
Late Fee Scam
JessJJe Cardholder

This is the only credit card I own or have ever owned that does not allow you to set up recurring monthy auto payments. I set up everything I own on auto pay so I don't have to worry about anything being paid late.  The max you can set up is two payments so after the second one I completely forget about setting up two more until they call me to tell me my payment is past due. At this point they have already charged a 27.00 late fee and will not refund it.  They are obviously making a ton of money by not giving their customer the ability to set up auto payments and then charging late fees.  It is 2017, technology capabilities are endless so this is absolutely ridiculous that they do not have such a simple feature.  

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May 26, 2017
Waste of credit
Anonymous Cardholder

Don't bother! The customer service is TERRIBLE, your points expire, the quality of merchandise has declined and the card has little to no benefits for loyal customers. I'd put to spend my money elsewhere.

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May 25, 2017
Love it
BrittBrat95 Cardholder

I love the rewards program on this card!!! I just got the card 2 weeks ago and it has already reported to the credit bureaus!

Yes, the APR is high but pay your bill on time and you'll be fine :) I'm 28 points away from my card upgrading already!!!

I shop, pay, and repeat!! I got it via the SCT! Scores are 643 TU and 628 EQ.

Oh & customer service is really friendly and.... THEY SPEAK ENGLISH :))

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May 23, 2017
Good card
Barrettgirl Cardholder

I've had my VS credit card for a little over one year they started me out with a 250 cl and I have continued to hit the luv button but I'm always denied.Ive always paid on time but I have carried balances but always paid,I have now paid it off in full a month ago only make small purchases.any feed back on this?

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May 26, 2017

Do not leave a balance on your card keep paying it off in full find out when they report to the credit bureaus, they may let you switch your due date, you say you make small purchases is it 30% try utilizing only 10% or less

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