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Feb 14 2013
Credit Karma Member

I am happy with thsi card, I was approved with a CK score of 535.?

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Aug 25 2014
Worth it if you're a frequent shopper
Credit Karma Member

The Angel card is well worth it if you frequently shop at VS. It has a high APR (25.99 I believe,) but I always pay off any balance in full at the end of the month. VS sells UGG products online as well, so when the winter season comes around I plan on buying a pair and charging it to my card. I have a CK score of 669, but I was approved for a CL of $750 when I was just starting to establish my credit. The first 3 times I applied in store they told me that I was recieve a letter of approval/denial in the mail but never did. I guess 4th times the charm. Hope this helps.

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Jul 16 2020
Not Worth It !
Credit Karma Member

Ive had my card over a Year and never been late but another creditor put a negative remark on my account and Victoria Secret keeps lowering my Limit every 2 months and they are the only creditor doing it . Will be Paying off and not using . So I say they are not worth your time .

Jul 04 2020
Not so sure
Credit Karma Member

Well as soon as I had my card down to $2.00 they lowered my credit limit. What is that about? What a joke. I found this out when I made a purchase and they emailed my receipt to my daughter's email address??? They couldn't explain that one either. Think I will pay off what I bought and they can keep their credit card!

Jun 19 2020
Credit Karma Member

I would give this card 0 stars if I could! I had my VS credit card account for almost 9 years. I made my payments on time and used it every now and then. (It's only a Victoria's secret/Pink card so it can't be used as a regular Visa). So you would think that because of the type of card it is, there wouldn't be a requirement to how often it is used. I used my card at the beginning of the year and paid it off and then because of covid-19 I did not purchase anything from their stores for several months as I didn't need anything and money was tight. They CLOSED my card without warning erasing 9 years of good payment history and credit length from my report DROPPING MY SCORE OVER 50 POINTS. I've called several times to express my disappointment that they would treat a long standing customer like this but no one is able to speak to me on the matter. I kept being directed to write their message center online and even after drafting a page letter making a case to re open the account, I have not heard back after re sending this letter 6 times and my account is still closed. I am so disappointed with this company and their willingness to help customers. LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE to get a card, it is certainly not worth it.

May 26 2020
Cant wait to pay off and cancel
Credit Karma Member

Its been the wirst credit card experience ive ever had. They have no great fetures no reminders. If you not on top of it its a set up for failure. I have no problems with any other card but this one.

May 17 2020
Horrible terms
Credit Karma Member

Not happy with the card, you save a few bucks at first, but it comes with major disadvantages of bad customer service, not being able to set up automatic payments from the bank and closure of your account if you don't use it for a while.

Feb 16 2020
Card cancelled out of nowhere
Credit Karma Member

I’ve had this account for years and always aid off. I admit haven’t used it in a few months but I get a notification from credit karma stating my account was closed??? Umm ok

Jan 04 2020
Not sure how I feel
Credit Karma Member

Just received this card in December and decided to do a little Christmas shopping which went well. So after Christmas I decided to pay my balance completely off because I knew they would start a nice sale and I could shop for myself and earn more points. Well I made a payment, after a couple of days it came out of my account and my balance went to 0. On New Years I wanted to shop the sale and card was declined. I tried to shop on Thursday same issue. Called today no one could determine why I couldn’t use my card with a $0 balance and after spending 1 hr on the phone being tossed between card services, online ordering and then the fraud department who then told me they were transferring me back over to make my purchase I was told I would not be able to make a purchase until Monday Jan 6 because my account was put on hold for trying to make a purchase with no available funds. I guess I can say goodbye to the items I want to purchase considering I had to go through and find more items today because the original colors I had chosen were sold out. After all the reviews I have read I am really nervous about having this card.

Nov 27 2019
Does not care about clients
Credit Karma Member

I was furloughed last year and all my cards promised to skip payment including Victoria secret. Well they not only broke their promise they lowered my credit limit smh it's at 100 and been that way for months s no one has called to inquire and they refused to atleast put limit back to its original which was 250. Apparently the owner of this card could care less about government workers. I will be closing account soon!

Oct 18 2019
Credit Karma Member

This is the the worst card you can have. They started decreasing my credit limit for no reason. Didn't miss a payment went from 500 to 250 credit limit. They couldn't tell me why. They said it was something on credit and transferred me to transition which is bull because they don't know anything. I'm Closing this card immediately?

Oct 05 2019
No automated payment
Credit Karma Member

I never pay my credit card manually and not having this feature for this card has cost me my credit history a couple times. Thought i had learned my lesson so i always go to the website and pay off my balance as soon as they showed up. Turned out they set the default payment to minimum payment instead of the balance and if you're in a hurry or wasn't paying close attention like me, you'd think that you have no more balance since their next emails don't actually warn you that you have late payment due etc. I only used this card 1-2x a year and definitely not worth risking my credit score anymore. Will be closing it off once my balance showed $0.

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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

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