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Jul 16 2014
Mastercard upgrade
Credit Karma Member

Hey Guys!!! guess what happened to me today?, i logged in to pay my bill today and was greeted to a congratulation message. read into it and i was being offered the to upgrade to the mastercard version.. i hastily accepted.. got it with a $3000CL. wow can you say amazing... not sure if they are gonna close the store card or let me keep it with my already $2100Cl. if not im gonna ask them to consolidated it to my mastercard. that would make it a whopping $5100Cl... i would be the happiest credit rebuilder on earth...

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Oct 11 2018
Credit Karma Member

I added a TJ Maxx card to my wallet of credit cards thinking that having a card I used sparingly ( Christmas) and always paid on time couldnt hurt. Boy was I wrong!! They offered me $500 of credit, which I promptly used 30 % of to buy gifts for my neices. I always made my payments on time and paid more than the minimum balance. Fast Forward 9 months and I noticed logging on that my available credit had been lowered to a fraction of the ofiginal offer, making it look as though I maxed the card out when I didnt! I would never spend more than the recommended 30 percent of my credit. My score dropped because of them and I am furious. I worked very hard to get a great score and they did this with NO NOTICE, never even mailed me anything and then have no reason to do so. I will be paying this off and never use it again ! Ever. I also learned that they did this to my co-worker. This is not a good card for people who care about their credit. AT ALL> AVOID this card!!!!

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Nov 05 2020
Closed account without notice
Credit Karma Member

Customer service is horrid. Says the "reason" for account closure was the "bureau" told them to to it. Took a few minutes to get clarification that she was talking about a credit bureau. She kept saying it "wasn't them that did the closure". Nice outsourcing of customer service to an Indian hub that must mananage quite a few companies. Negative stars.

Oct 13 2020
Closed card
Credit Karma Member

I didn't put much on this card and always paid it off within a month or two. It was at a zero balance when they decided to close my card after a credit review. The rewards were nice, but I won't seek a new card and they've lost my business. After reading so many similar reviews where they adversely affected people's credit by changing the revolving credit ratio, I just don't like them as a company anymore. If your customers aren't paying the bill, closing the account or changing the credit limit is warranted. If they are paying the bill, that's just hurting your loyal customers for little or no reason. Not the best business decision.

Sep 28 2020
Terrible service
Credit Karma Member

I had this mastercard card and tj mmax reward card, never missed a payment and in both separate occasion they lower my credit limit without informing me, now my credit score will be affected like what happened when they lowered my limit with my tjmax reward card. Terrible company!

Sep 03 2020
Sloppy and Lowered Credit
Credit Karma Member

First, I'm not sure why they needed to do a hard inquiry, when other store credit cards I've gotten (and even my mortgage) didn't do a hard inquiry. Second, the cashier used the wrong address and there was no step for me to confirm/correct... after waiting a couple weeks and still not receiving in the mail, I called customer service and that's how I learned they had my address wrong, and also a late fee. They were very nice and removed the late fee and let me pay the full balance over the phone instead of waiting for new card/waived the phone payment fee. But following month I still had interest which I didn't bother disputing because wasn't worth the time. Third, because they messed up my address, to resolve they closed the account and reopened a new one which then hit my credit a few more times as a closed account and new account... just overall very sloppy and definitely not worth it for the small amount of rewards I signed up for.

Apr 20 2020
closed my card
Credit Karma Member

they closed my card on march 3 without nay notice I found out from credit karma it was paid off and still they did this

Feb 17 2020
Credit Karma Member

This card is great for me, as I am still young and trying to build my credit! I shop, pay off my card, and get AMAZING rewards while I'm at it! I can also see my credit score online through my account with TJ MAXX. It's great!!

Feb 05 2020
Closed Card without Notice
Credit Karma Member

TJX Reward closes my credit card due to inactivity and I didn't receive any notification. I was informed through Credit Karma about the card closing because they had it listed under closed accounts. I called TJX Rewards to see if the would reopen it, but they advised it was permanently closed and I would have to reapply for another credit card. No, thank you.

Feb 01 2020
Terrible creditor!
Credit Karma Member

They decided to close my card without notice which dropped my credit score of course! The whole point of having it was to keep my available credit higher. I paid it off last year and hadn't used it so they decided to just close it. Which is absurd they never warned me or anything.

Jan 31 2020
Horrible creditor
Credit Karma Member

My card was closed without my knowledge even though it was paid in total last year. I keep it to keep my available credit up and barely used it. I was on unpaid maternity leave and had a few hiccups with the mortgage company (they lost my check payment) and it dropped my credit score so they decided without telling me they would close my account which of course is destroying my credit ????. Why would you prefer to loose a costumer who paid there card and was responsible??

Jan 12 2020
Credit Karma Member

I was approved for this card along with many other store credit cards at the age of 18. I would max it out and pay off at least half of it, if I missed a payment I would pay it off in full the next time. Overall average payment history, after paying my card off the most recent time my account was closed despite the length of time I had it which would be almost 4 years.

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