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Dec 17, 2015
Don't complain about the interest rate!
Anonymous Cardholder

Yes, it has a high interest rate, as most retail cards do. For those of you who are complaining about the high interest rate AFTER you apply, AFTER you make your purchases, AFTER you receive your first bill...that is ridiculous, and you shouldn't be utilizing credit cards if you don't understand how they work or read the small print. It is clearly marked in the credit card notice you receive with your card. Retail cards like this almost always have very high interest rate percentages. Do not apply for a card like this if you can't handle a high interest rate or if you have a spending problem. That's on you, not the parent company, and not the bank that underwrites them. It's on you. Write a complaint about yourself and your inability to abide by the agreement you signed up for.

That being said, there are companies that pull shady tricks with their credit cards, and I can't speak to those with this card. I have had my TJX card for two years now without issue. Always received my rewards. Always had pleasant conversations with customer service when I had questions.

I can't believe someone had the gall to write a complaint about how the customer service line was too "staticky" and that they were yelling to the rep to call them back and GASP...they didn't. Are you kidding me? Grow up, people. Hang up and call them back. Again...quit blaming the company for the proactive things you should be doing as a consumer with debt.

This card serves its purpose. There is nothing wrong with it, and they are not violating any rules. Read the fine print, and understand what you are signing up for. A 29.99% interest rate is high, but it is not a problem if you pay your bill on time. If you want to buy $2,000 worth of stuff at TJ Maxx and can't cover it in a couple months, don't buy $2,000 worth of stuff. Simple. This card is not for you.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 15, 2016
Constant Battle
Anonymous Cardholder

I have pretty good credit and always pay my bills and I know the interest rate is high on all store cards.  What I can't believe is how they treat customers.  I always paid online on the TJX card website.  I changed to a different bank account for my payments and it bounced back because they took it out of my previous account.  I had all of the proof that they took it from the wrong account.  I had a NEW main pay from account listed and they still made a big problem out of it. And it took hours of dealing with them to figure it out.  THEN as a xmas gift my mom paid all my monthly payments.  So I had a NEW pay from account and they took it out of the old one again.  THEN THEY SHUT DOWN MY CARD even though they agreed the first time was a mistake and you could clearly see that the same thing had happened again.  A new payment form had been entered on that day and the money taken out from the old account for NO REASON.  THIS TIME I even had a screen shot.  So they shut down my card.  I complained and it remains shut down.  This influences your credit score so I am really mad. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 27, 2016
fgplinden Cardholder

Do not recommend it to anyone.  Always giving trouble about something

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Nov 27, 2016
Great for frequent shoppers/big spenders
Creditloveb Cardholder

 The 5% cash back is amazing if you frequent TJ maxx, seirra trading post, Marshals, or home goods. You can use the credit card and earn 5% cash back in any of the companies stores and then you get rewards certificates in the mail with your statements to use in store, so make sure you get those before you toss the statement (my husband accidentally tossed one of mine) you get $10 for every $200 that you spend, and if you apply in store you can get instantly approved  in like, you get a 10% off coupon that you can use that day, or save for a larger purchase. My application took like 2 minutes. I applied in store at tjmaxx about a year ago, and was instantly approved. I only needed my ID, my social security number and an estimated annual income. My only downfall about the card is the high interest rate (which isn't an issue for me because I constantly use and pay off my card, but could be an issue for some) and that you have to go online to pay the bill, but I recently asked a worker at tj max why They don't have the option to pay in store like with other retail cards, and he explained that it was an added security precaution. They don't allow you to pay in store because they don't save any customers information linked to the credit cards in the computers at the stores, to protect against identity theift, which makes sense, even though it's a bit less convenient that way. If you spend a lot at any of their stores I would highly recommend this card. You just have to be able to pay it off to avoid the interest rate. 

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Nov 20, 2016
No APPlLE PAY and more problems
rusriverman Cardholder

In the beginning I didn't question no APPLE PAY, but now?  it's just a poor excuse on the part of Synchrony Bank or TJMAXX, not sure who it is, but it isn't acceptable.  Further the card was compromised and the length of time it took to resolve was far too long, especially since I had the card in my possession the whole time.

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Nov 15, 2016
Not worth it
Anonymous Cardholder

I am a regular at Marshalls and Homegoods so I thought it'd be a great idea but I was wrong. It is not very technological  friendly. I have to end up calling alot of times to pay my bill because the online option rarely works. Plus the rewards aren't that great. There are definitely way better options out there!

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Nov 13, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I had fraudulent transactions which were beyond my control back in June. The card was in my possession at that time, but it was used for a couple of purchases in other states without my knowledge. They blocked my account right after that happened, but called me to go over the transactions and I verified them. To make a long story short, they've credited the wrong amounts for those transactions, and my case is still pending 5 months later even after I returned the verification letter correcting their credit adjustments to their investigation team 3 months ago. 

I experienced bad customer service every single time I tried to resolve the issue after the fraudulent transactions. 

1) They blocked my online account immediately, so I couldn't  review those activities at all. After I received the new card, I still couldn't access my account for a month. I'm not kidding. They told me I need to set up a new account with a new ID and password. I understand having to change the password, but a new account ID? The service agent didn't seem knowledgeable and had a bad attitude. 

2) Eventually I didn't have to create a new ID, and they transfered the old balance with no transaction history. They even charged interest fees on the fraudulent transactions during their investigation, and applied the wrong credit amounts to my accounts. 

3) I called them again to correct the credit amount and transferred balance. They said they CAN NOT SEE the details of my transferred balance, and COULD NOT VERIFY which transanctions were credited. I must call the investigation department during the week before 5 est time.

Pros- I enjoyed the rewards program since I like shopping at tjx, marshalls, and home goods.

Cons- Don't expect good customer service that you generally have with the major banks or other credit card companies.

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Nov 05, 2016
Great card
Anonymous Cardholder

They Approve me with a 3000 limit ,use the card ,make 3 or 4 payment and keep 10% balance of the credit limit ,6 months 

i ask them for a credit limit increase 

they rease up my limit to 7000 

soft inquirie .im happy with a bank that only do soft inquiries 

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Nov 03, 2016
They cancelled card for no reason.
Anonymous Cardholder

I was issued a TJX Card and used it for months. I paid my bill on time every month and often paid it in full. I shopped there often and liked getting the $10 off coupons. One month, after I paid in full, I get a letter in the mail saying my card is cancelled due to my credit Funny thing was, I got a copy of my report. Nothing new was on my credit report from when I applied. My balance was actually lower than time of approval on my one other credit card (and always paid on time).  Apparently they don't review your credit report when you apply for the card, but months later. Thier loss, as I haven't spent nearly as much in the store since then and the interest rate was too high anyway. 

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Oct 25, 2016
Never got rewards, despite bugging
Anonymous Cardholder

They advertised all over the place that you get $10 in rewards after spending $200. I spent $200 the first day, didn't get my reward. Asked about it, they said it would come in the mail. Waited several weeks, it still hadn't come in the mail, and I bugged them about it. They said keep waiting, it would come via snail mail (of course) in about 1 month. I closed the account. 

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Nov 27, 2016

I work for the company and they come attactched to your statements

Oct 18, 2016
Pay it off each visit
Anonymous Cardholder

The rewards of $10 certificates when you spend are great, but only good when you pay off your balance each month. 

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Oct 14, 2016
Will never open another TJX credit card
Anonymous Cardholder

First issue - I had just got approved for $250 balance in store.  I received my first bill and made min omnt due.  Made the 2nd pmnt for the same minumum dues, and they said I was $10 short of min pmnt due, and reported me to credit agencies, and now I have a 30 day late. I have made pmnts on time since then, and just found out the other day, they lowered be balance to $130... What a joke.  I have Victorias Secret and Khols and have never had these issies.  Once I pay this card off, I will not use it.

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