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Apr 24, 2017
Good Card with No Interest Payment Plans
Anonymous Cardholder

This is a basic retail credit card. Interest is high if you carry a balance, but if you're making a large purchase, they offer lots of interest-free payment plans. The minimum payment is NOT your monthly payment, but the minimum you need to pay. If you spend $1800 and have 18 months free financing, pay $100/month, not the minimum $29 a month or whatever. You also need to pay on time to keep the interest free plan. I'm not sure why so many people are complaining on here about the card. It's actually really simple to figure out how to use the card effectively. I bought a mattress and was SUPER happy with the financing they gave me. I got approved for the card when my credit was low 600's with lots of negative items over 12 months ago. They gave me $1,000 credit limit, but upped it at the store to $1750 to cover the purchase. My only complaint is that it ALWAYS says I'm ineligible online for a credit limit increase. You have to go to the store or call to get it for whatever reason. I've had the card approximately 1 year now and am very happy. It helped me boost my credit score and got a good deal on an expensive mattress set.

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Feb 24, 2017
tanya0289 Cardholder

This is the worst credit card on the market. I have shared my views and will continue to share my views of this awful credit card with every site that accepts credit card reviews. This horrible credit card company doesn't allow ongoing automatic payments in which most customers forget to log on to your non-user friendly website and make a payment monthly (who has time for this??) when ALL other credit card companies allow (continuously) automatic payments. Perhaps this is your strategy of collecting late fees from customers. Well not this customer. I asked for a one time late fee removable and  they customer service rep advised me that they didnt offer late fee removable. I was very happy to cancel this account while alerting all of my employees not to EVER access credit with Comenity Bank or shop with The Room Place. 

*NO one-time goodwill courtesy late fee adjustments for customers

*High interest rates

*NO automatic payment method (only allowed to set up payments for 60 days)

Horrible experience....

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