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Feb 15, 2017
Not bad for a store card.
LordOrwell Cardholder

Ok so first off, it's actually a CITI card in disguise.   I saw someone else say the available credit was tiny but even with marginal at best credit at the time, i was given a limit of $2000 and i'm pretty sure 10% off of my purchase or some such.  It automatically gives you six months same as cash when you buy over a certain dollar amount but this doesn't mean you don't have a monthly payment in the mean time.  It just means there is no interest.  There also is no annual fee and it's possible to use the card in store without the actual card as long as you have ID.  They aren't messing around though:  A credit increase check is a hard check but those really don't affect your score that much anyway.   The biggest affect is avaiable credit and percentage of credit and this card raised my score 75 points getting it.

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Jun 08, 2011
diswiddlepiggy Cardholder

Was approved for $750 CL and 24.99% APR. Promotional offer said 10% off first purchase, which I did not receive. They wanted me to jump through hoops in the store to get the 10% off, so I let it go. Will pay off $400 balance and use rarely. Read some pretty crappy reviews.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

May 21, 2017
Brigman52 Cardholder

I own a Masonry /Tile business in the Northeast. I applied for this card along with Lowe's. Lowes, off the bat gave me $10k limit. Home Depot gave me $5k and they wouldn't budge a penny more once I told them about their competitor. I used the card for some purchases and was late one day, ONE DAY!!!!!!. I was fine with paying the late fee and so forth. I got a letter in the mail soon after that they lowered my available credit to $1800. $5000 to $1800!!!!!!. I obviously called to see if this was some kind of joke and they politely stated that it was because of my ONE DAY late payment. I the politely told them to go ahead and make another payment to make me at a $0 balance and close account. Anyways, Lowe's and Synchrony Financial has been very good to me with the continuous 5% back and now $15k credit limit

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May 11, 2017
enough credit to nothing important...
Louie0711 Cardholder

I have it so im grateful, Im a home owner and live less than mile from Home Depot so getting the card was a no brainer... But they gave me only $1000.00.. I was perplexed..I have other cards at $4000 and $7000.. but wanted the 0% finance promotion.. they said they will increase the limit with a hard pull!! I was like hell no.. I have other Citi cards why would you want to do a hard pull? ugh... sucks... but oh well in the drawer it goes..

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May 11, 2017
If you like brain damage, get this card
Anonymous Cardholder

There are so many issues, from messing with the promotional periods and debiting and crediting my account without notifcation. Not responding to inquiries. It goes on and on. I've lost HOURS of time dealing with these special people.  

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May 09, 2017
Cancelled for lack of use
Rickyp8568 Cardholder

I have a 834 credit score and two years ago sold my home so my use went down.  They cancelled my card for lack of use.  This of course effects ratings and I do believe they know it.  There is no cost at this time for them to keep me open since I had electronic paperless use.  This does not help me decide to go to any Home Depot and I am not happy with CItiBank!   SAD

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May 04, 2017
Horrible for Home Depot to use CITI
Anonymous Cardholder

With Excellent Credit. Have this card for over 6 years. Credit line was $7,000 and now is $500.  Why? Because i didnt use the card for 3 months after paying it off.  The drastic credit line change hurt my score a lot. Watch out for Citi Bank Credit Cards, pretty common with them. 

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Apr 28, 2017
Avoid it at all costs
salkesco Cardholder

If you value your time and money, avoid this card.  Out of all my credit/store cards this is the wprst. I dont normally write reviews but i took the time and the effort to warn others about the worst customer service i have ever seen. Many hidden fees. Payments do not post properly or on time. Card gets declined when there is plenty of credit remaining.  I waited at the register more then once for the cashier to call the credit card company to get an approval and this is not a quick procedure, more like 10-15 minute procedure.  I use my lowes card heavily and often. Better products, better service and always recieve a discount or 18 months interest free 

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Apr 28, 2017
Inactive card
River2013 Cardholder

Had this card and they closed it to inactive use. I spent a good amount and paid off the full balance before the 6 month no interest. Reapplied for the card and was denied. Goes to show they don't value customers. Thought maybe they would at least look back on my payment history with them.

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Apr 25, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Waste of time

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Apr 22, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Just know that they will give you a card but will never increase you credit even if you have never missed a payment and have good credit.

they simply just don't care about the good customer, it seems they just try to screw people over from what I've read here

paid off the card and won't shop there EVER again 

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Apr 21, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

The worst card and customer service ever, you better just pay more and be happy than get $100 and be miserable I felt like I got diabetes when I was dealing with them, four different account managers none of them fixed the problem, I had to cancel my orders  and cancel the account, 

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