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Feb 15 2017
Not bad for a store card.
Credit Karma Member

Ok so first off, it's actually a CITI card in disguise. I saw someone else say the available credit was tiny but even with marginal at best credit at the time, i was given a limit of $2000 and i'm pretty sure 10% off of my purchase or some such. It automatically gives you six months same as cash when you buy over a certain dollar amount but this doesn't mean you don't have a monthly payment in the mean time. It just means there is no interest. There also is no annual fee and it's possible to use the card in store without the actual card as long as you have ID. They aren't messing around though: A credit increase check is a hard check but those really don't affect your score that much anyway. The biggest affect is avaiable credit and percentage of credit and this card raised my score 75 points getting it.

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Mar 27 2016
Increased credit limit
Credit Karma Member

Never click on the link whereby the website asks if you want to increase your credit limit. Unlike Bank of America, Home Depot runs a HARD credit inquiry which showed up immediately on Credit Karma. I called customer service immediately and was told it was too late to do anything about it.

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Feb 29 2020
Apparently insufficient credit history
Credit Karma Member

Have had credit cards for over 10 years with credit score in high to mid 700s. Was denied card application for "insufficient credit history". Put a hard inquiry on my credit for a card i was "pre-approved" for though.

Jan 10 2020
CitiBank SUCKS!!
Credit Karma Member

I have an 800+ credit score...They lower limits whenever they want and score took a hit for being RESPONSIBLE!! TOTAL BS!! ????

Jan 07 2020
The absolute worst card ever.
Credit Karma Member

I was told it would take 5 min to get approved. It took over an hour. Got approved for 5k. Citibank never sent a card or statement, and rung my phone off the hook. Customer service is horrible. Will pay balance and close account.

Oct 15 2019
659/641/617 Scores
Credit Karma Member

I applied for the card while in the process of rebuilding my credit. I received $500 limit when I opened the card. I have never carried a balance. I pay off the card every month before the statement closes so a $0 balance appears on my statements. I applied for $250 credit limit increase in September. They approved me for $300. I applied for another $200 increase in October and they approved. I used the online website to apply for credit limit increases. After two years of owning this account my limit has increased from $500 to $1,000 which I am very happy with. I am working hard to rebuild my credit back to the 700s.

Sep 24 2019
Absolutely Horrible
Credit Karma Member

Home Depot approaches you and sells you this card as the greatest thing since sliced cheese. The rewards and point programs are minimal and pale in comparison to most reputable crads. If you don't use it, they twist your arm behind your back and lower your credit limit or close your card, of course adversely affecting your credit score. Don't get this card!

Sep 10 2019
Credit Karma Member

They denied my application because I provided the address of the home I just closed on. I was told go to customer service with a photo ID and one of my other major credit cards just to be told I should have brought more cards for proof. A big middle finger to Home Depot. I'll go to Lowe's.

Jul 25 2019
Credit Karma Member

Absolute worst website ever (credit card services)

Jun 17 2019
No problems
Credit Karma Member

I opened this card right after I closed on my home almost 5 years ago. My credit wasn't stellar at the time, so I got a small 500 limit. I've been happy with the card with no complaints and have used it to buy paint, garden stuff and light fixtures. I do wish that they periodically reviewed and increased the limit like some of my other cards do. I know that you can ask for a credit line increase, but since I'm building my credit, I want to keep hard inquiries down to a minimum at this time. I rated customer service excellent however I haven't had to deal with them. My payments are set to auto pay and I have literally never had to call customer service for anything related to the card.

May 29 2019
Credit Karma Member

I accidentally closed my account on the automatic system. I spoke with a customer service representative immediately after and explained it was a accident. They will not reopen my account and I was told I would have to reapply customer over 7yrs paid on time never late. 1 simple mistake and they will not reopen my account.

May 22 2019
Credit Karma Member

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The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

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