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Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 09, 2012

Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

I did have this card but I would pay it in full when my statement came. I no longer have my Home Depot Credit Card...

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Most Helpful Critical Review

Aug 14, 2012

Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

Recently I attempted to purchase a new washer/dryer from my local Home Depot because they had 0% financing for card holders.  I tried my card but was told the account had been CLOSED.  No problem.  I applied for credit again and was refused and was told I would be receiving a letter explaining why I was refused.  Easy enough.  Right?  Wrong.

The reason for refusal was sent to me with a bill showing a balance of $250.54 in addition to a letter from a collection agency.  Upon a closer look I saw that the Late Fees & Interest for the Year totaled $250.14.  I NEVER RECEIVED A STATEMENT or used the card this year.  Now lets do the math.  The difference between the fees/interest and the current balance is $0.40.  Yes 40 cents.   Citibank decided to accrue late fees and interest on 40 cents from the beginning of the year totaling over $250. 

The folks at Citibank are a BUNCH OF CROOKS.  BEWARE!!!!!!! and check your statements carefully.

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Feb 11, 2015

be warned , stay clear of this

spent $30,000 dollars with home depot last year, not a penny more will i spend

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Jan 22, 2015

Used for 10% off initial purchase offer

We used it to purchase new carpeting and a lot of other things that we were planning on using around the house. All in one big purchase.

Once and done though. We won't be using it ever again as it has no benefits after that first swing. Very easy to apply and got a really big limit.

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Jan 05, 2015

Problems with Online Account

Finally figured out that our account had been changed from paper statements to electronic statements without our knowledge. Could not find online where to change this setting so chatted the "customer service" from Shi*ibank who told me I changed the setting and gave me the date and log entry. Since we absolutely do not have any account with online statements this was impossible. She told me I would have received an email confirming the change to our account. Guess what? The only emiail I got on that date was where I requested a copy of a receipt! So our Account Settings were changed by someone, not us and they cuold not have cared less. I called to follow up and was tolld the email probably went into our spam. Seems like they would be more concerned about problems with their website and customer accounts. We'll be cancelling this card, too creepy to deal with Shi*tibank, no problems with Home Depot but they should change the company they use to manage their cards.

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Dec 29, 2014

Don't waste your time

FIrst Off, promised instant credit access, doesn't work. Spent hours on the phone trying to get information, sending me incorrect passwords to access info, blank documents. Cancelled it, what a JOKE!

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Dec 18, 2014

The discount is too little

Not worth applying. You can get much more discount by buying gift cards from 

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Nov 24, 2014

THD/CNBA won't close this account

I was an authorized user on the account when it was first opened by my significant other. Had my responsibility terminated the same year. The account owner passed away early this year and I noticed this account was still showing as an open account on my credit report, even though I'm not an authorized user. I don't have the full account number because that's not included on your report. I mailed a letter of explanation to THD/CNBA and included all the of the information about the deceased account owner, including a copy of the death certificate. Their response? A form letter stating if I'm questioning the information they provide to consumer reporting agencies, I must provide the sixteen digit account number, copies of the credit reports dated within the past 30 days, and a letter of explanation. If only my unfortunate friend had been one of the lucky ones who had this account cancelled for no reason!

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Nov 10, 2014


I've had this card for about a month now. I was sent a preapproved offer in the mail applied and was approved with a $500cl.. I spent $46.00 and paid in full by the due date... I then logged in to my acct and submitted for a $2500 increase got the confirmation that they will contact me via email within 2-8hours. Then i got the email logged in to read and I was approved. So now my Cl is $3000 Ty citi...

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Nov 03, 2014

Instant Approval
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

I am collecting accounts just to build my credit score.  I applied for this card with a CK 641.  Instant  approval $500 CL.  The high interest is no issue for me since I will not carry a balance.  The low CL is not an issue since that is more than I will spend at HD in any month.  The card costs me nothing, adds to my total credit line and helps my credit score.  BTW thanks for the tip on showing my Lowe's card (which I applied for on the same day and was instantly approved for CL $500.)

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photopoet's review was:    

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Oct 20, 2014

Very poor offering in general
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

The interest rate on this card is high, but comparable to Lowes, HH Gregg, etc. That having been said, the card almost always comes with a paltry starting limit, they are stingy with CLIs and the card offers no discount unless you also have a Lowes card (which you have to show at the register) in which case they will match the Lowes 5% discount offering.

General thoughts? If I have to get a Lowes card to obtain a discount at Home Depot, the rates are similar, Lowes is much more generous with starting limits and CLIs, what do I need the HD card for? I just closed the HD card and shop at Lowes now.

This could be an excellent sales driver for Home Depot, but until they part ways with Citibank and find another servicer willing to actualy empower customers to spend, the current card is basically useless.

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elcid89's review was:    

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Nov 03, 2014

That is odd.  I applied for Home Depot and Lowes on the same day.  I had a CK score of 641.  Was instantly approved for both with identical $500 CL.  I am building credit so these two cards will not be used often -only for things I would have purchased for cash.  No balance carry.  The low CL is no problem for me.

photopoet's reply was:    


Sep 17, 2014

Home Depot Hiding Promo Options ?
Helpful to 1 out of 3 people

I would also like to lodge my complaint in regards to the Home Depot 5% discount or no interest promotion "offer". I say "offer" because not ONCE have I ever been "offered" this!  As a matter of fact, awhile back I mentioned at check out "how come Home Depot doesn't offer the same choice as Lowes: 5% off now or a no interest promo".  Of course the checkout gal had no answer. Well, for years my girlfriend had the Home Depot card & I just recently got my own.  3 months in now & I have numerous purchases almost all of which I see are on a no interest promotion.  NOT ONCE was I ever made aware of this while shopping or checking out! NOT ONCE did the cashier ask me which I wanted!  I always choose the immediate % off especially on small to mid-price purchases.  Otherwise it's just too much work to watch for all the promo ending dates & if you miss one then you pay all that accrued interest!  I don't think it should be left up to the consumer to remember to say something at check out! Often you can get distracted, the cashier may be talking to you -- there needs to be something added to the check-out process that forces the cashier to ask you which you want in order to complete the cash-out process.  Same thing on the self-check out machines.  I don't recall ever seeing an option to choose.  I currently have 8 different promos I have to watch now as a result.  I contacted Home Depot & they told me they could not switch my purchases but I might be able to go to the store; have them do a return then repurchase under the 5%! How stupid is that? 

I would like to know: Does Home Depot have a legal obligation to make this information clearly & plainly visible to all customers & make sure that customers are aware of this choice upon checkout?  And, does Home Depot have the right to decide which to give you? Seems to me they choose the promo as the default because they have the opportunity to make more money on the accrued interest as I'm sure a lot of folks don’t pay off the promo balances in time.  My point is that unlike Lowes, which does ask - I was never even aware Home Depot was doing this and, they do not make the information clearly available. If you look at Lowes website they have a huge banner across the center of the home page about the 5% everyday / promo.  Looking at the Home Depot home page I see nothing. I think I am going to forward this to our NYS Attorney General's Office that handles Consumer Affairs and see what they have to say.

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Earthwarrior54's review was:    

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Nov 01, 2014

Just a follow-up: my HD limit increased to 14K w/o asking after my 15th card opened. 26yo, 743 Karma, never missed a payment duedate, never paid interest on anything 60K+ total limit, 40K ann. income, less than 2yrs average credit history.

JBYRD88888's reply was:    


Oct 20, 2014

I have had this card since 2009, I tryed to get a Lowes first but was denied (4 months before HD approved).

Started with $5500 Now at 8800, just requested increase today (increased to $8800 a year ago)

GREAT FINANCING! Yeah Yeah Yeah READ the fine print:

Promotions change!

1.  $299+ NO interest if paid in full 6 Months (SOME departments 12 months)  of purchases < I've Used twice so far

2.  I started this card with a 24 month promo interest free and was successful paying this MaXoUt HD card off fine NO prob! THANKS for the Credit points!

^^^ YOU better ask for these financing offers and make sure at Check Out ^^^

(And hope&pray you Don't have to talk to customer service!!!)

By the way I JUST (last week) got approved for Lowes ONLY $3000, AmEx $3000, and 12th $3000, +,+,+.

Best Buy was my very first card but still lower than Home depot limit ! 

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The Home Depot® Consumer Credit Card, serviced by Citibank, offers Home Depot® customers card benefits. Cardholder features may include an interest-free introductory period, automatic savings for in-store purchases, special promotions throughout the year, and online account management. Online account access includes the ability to view statements, check balance, make payments, and request a credit line increase. Home Depot® also offers additional credit products, such as The Home Depot® Rewards MasterCard® , The Home Depot® Commercial Revolving Charge Card, The Home Depot® Commercial Account, and The Home Depot® Business Rewards MasterCards® to fit consumers' credit needs.

The Home Depot® opened its doors in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia as a one-stop shopping for the “do-it-yourselfer”. The first stores were huge, 60,000 square foot warehouses that dwarfed the competing hardware stores. Empty boxes piled high on the shelves gave the illusion of even more product, the story goes. Today, The Home Depot® is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, with 2,246 retail store across all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, and China.

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