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This card is issued by Citibank. If you like Citi customer service, you will probably like this card. 

I would have probably given this card 2 stars given the high variable APR of 25.99%. I gave it more due to the loyal program associated with the card. If you spend $200 on the card you will be eligible for 10% off all Place purchases until 2012. That is a pretty decent benefit you shop there often. Probably one of the best benefits from store branded credit cards. 

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  Mar 01, 2011 Reply

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What score did you get approved with?

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  Mar 01, 2011

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Did not get bill and being assessed fees Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

Just discovered today that for my $28 purchase in June, I am being charged nearly $95 due to late fees.  I did not receive any bills in the mail OR electronically.  I found out only when I was notified by Collections. I confirmed with the company that I was to receive electronic billing, and confirmed my email address with Customer Service (it is correct), and even did a Search within my Inbox and Junk folders to see if I somehow accidentally overlooked it.  Nope, no bill ever received from them in email folders.  I am highly disappointed, and will be cancelling my card after my payment posts.  Not worth "saving 5%" to end up paying over 300%, especially since Citicards did NOT send me any bills.  Horrible.

Nov 11, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

 I am very disappointed that CitiBank is now the backer to this fine company.  I missed a payment because of no statement being mailed to has been some time since I had last used my cc and this would have been my 1st payment.  The have called my home out of Altanta, GA for weeks now and I never talked to anybody, because they would hang up on me when I answered the phone.  Finally was able to talk to someboday today as they didn't hang up on me and it sounded as if she was eating while talking to me.  Not to mention that she sat there and told me that I haven't made a payment...I told her to look again that a payment has been made and that the call she was making was a waste of her time.  She continued to argue with me and told her that what she was doing was harassment.  I will be cancelling this card tomorrow!   I'm done shopping with The Children's Place because of this treatment.  Again very disappointed that a fine company would have chosen this cc company, that doesn't care about anything.  They are very poor in customer service and do not talk to you like you are human. 

Jul 26, 2012 Reply
Not too bad

I have this card for several years already, never had a problem with customer service even once my husband did not the payment on time they waive the fee. I like the coupons savings. The rate is high mine is 29 but I try to pay in full before the due day.

Mar 09, 2014 Reply
Cardholder Service

Call the 800 number and you never get a person to help you with your issue. I misplaced a receipt & it can not be returned without receipt. Can only exchange item for same item in different size. Of course, they do not have a different size. The store employee told me to call customer service. I did call & finally got through to a live person - not American. I gave my email address to send last 2 months of receipts. Repeated email address 4 times & a week later still do not have a email with copy of misplaced receipt. Very Poor Customer Service, very poor return policy. There is no way for the store to look up purchases even if you have a Children's Place Credit Card.
Very Disappointing Service!!

Jan 25, 2014 Reply
High percentage rate

I feel very strongly of why some customers  aren't happy with there card. The percentage rate for my card is 29 and I feel that is highway robbery. With the minu payment ever with a little exact money along with it, you are just getting a full dollars off your balance. I have hand my cards for some years but trying to talking to representative about lower your interest is like talking to yourself, because you are not going to tell me that everyone has the same rate for which that's not true. I haven't miss any payment always tried to pay before due date what more could you ask for.Of all my major credit cards this one is the highest. It nice to have it for the children for when your money is low, but if you know like I do, leave well enough along, don't get it.

Dec 27, 2012 Reply
Awfull credit card company.

Customer service is disgusting!!!! People are rude and the overall experience is bad. Do not recomend anybody to deal with this company.

Oct 03, 2012 Reply

Does anyone have the phone number for Children's Place CBNA?

Jun 04, 2012 Reply

I cancelled my card today.  I agree with the others on the poor customer service.  I have held the card for a number of years but rarely shop there as my kids are getting older.  I used the card, and the bill was  mixed up with our tax information and the payment was received late.  When I finally got through to customer service (only open M-F bankers hours) they were not willing to waive the late fee, despite the fact that my bills had always been paid in full everytime I used it.  I was told that since I had only used the card three times and it had been inactive for over 10 months they were not willing to waive the fee.  My credit rating is extremely this is a customer service based issue.  In addition, when I commented on my suprise of the lack of flexibility, Jonathan the customer service rep got nasty on the phone.  Too many other credit card options out there that I don't need to deal with this one. 

May 07, 2012 Reply

I have been a cardholder since 2010 and I had to close my account today(5-2-2012). Citibank failled to send my March 2012 statement (I have not been using my card for the past 10 months and my account was always paid in full) and therefore charged my account with $25 fees plus interest on my April 2012 statement that I finally received. I called Citibank customer service only to learn that they could not waive the fees and interest because it was apperently too late to make any changes to my account. This kind of customer service is just not acceptable. I did not make any changes to my account that can prevent me from receiving the statement and it is Citibank's responsabilyty to provide me with a statement. As far as I know it is also wrong to charge fees and interest before the first month. Anyhow, I cancelled my account with them and I will never buy from Children's Place ever again. They are not worthy of my money!

May 02, 2012 Reply
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Company Overview

The Place Credit Card is serviced by Citibank South Dakota (CBSD) for Children’s Place customers. Place Card benefits may include online promotions, exclusive offers and previews, in store and online payments, and online account management. Products can be purchased online and in stores with international shipping options available.

Founded in 1988, The Children’s Place is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey. The Children’s Place provides value-priced apparel, shoes, and accessories for newborns up to children twelve years of age. In addition, the company has special membership promotions online, such as the Birthday Club that sends a birthday promotion for both parent and child.

The Children's Place Credit Card

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