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Jun 28 2019
My Limit Keeps Going Up!
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a little more than a year and they've been steadily increaing my limit without me having to ask. I'm not even sure if there's a place on their website to make a request for a higher limit but I started out at $600 and then it was $1000. Then one day out of the blue they thanked me for my business and bumped it up to $1500. Now I'm at a $2300 credit limit which is great because it gives me that extra room to maintain a low utilization rate. I use it primarily for a few groceries and most of my consumables. But what I really like about it is the ease of use when it comes to making payments. Other store card sites have me searching and digging around to find the area to make a payment but Target clearly says "Pay Bill Here". ?

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Mar 14 2019
Run away!
Credit Karma Member

This card is not good at all, the only good thing about me having the card was closing the account. I had a purchase I did not make and their disputes team wouldn?t even open a case.

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Apr 08 2020
Dont believe credit karmas "very good odds"
Credit Karma Member

I was denied this card with 689 fico with both transunion and equifax and a 717 fico with experian. I only applied because im trying to build my credit and with credit karmas rating it seemed like a safe bet. Now my scores been dinged 7 points and a hard inquiry with no card issued will be on there for two years. Thanks for nothing Credit Karma.

Apr 06 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 05 2020
Credit Karma Member

Feb 27 2020
Bankruptcy ch 7 cs 653
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma says very good odds for this card but got a review in 7-10 days

Jan 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jan 20 2020
Definitely not worth it
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card in a target store on December 23, 2019 and was approved. They gave me a receipt and said that it was going to be my temporary card and if I wanted to use it, I can only use it in store. The very next day a charge on my account for $217 appeared on my account. The charge came from and I was furious because there was no way that was me. I called them on January 3, 2020 and explained the situation, but they told me that first they need to review my account for “fraudulent” activity. Target had locked my account so there was no way I could verify I was the owner unless I sent them personal information over fax. After 2 weeks and many faxes later I had the charge cleared. Closed the account immediately after

Dec 19 2019
No credit increase after 18 months...
Credit Karma Member

I have a credit scores from TU of 740 & Ex 739. I have been a card holder for 18 months, use the card frequently, and still have the original credit limit of $700. I have cards with $5,000-$10,000 limits, yet no increase. I have contacted customer service several times & I’m always told the same “we increase limits monthly when we review your account”. Explained I refuse to go over 15% of my credit on any card, and would spend more & use my card more often, yet they don’t seem to want to reward good customers. I like the 5% discount but would truly like a credit increase. Don’t understand with scores this high how you get an increase?

Dec 05 2019
Bad customer service
Credit Karma Member

The perks that come with this card are good such as 5% off and shipping options. But their customer service is really poor. One time they could not process my payment and did not notify me. I noticed it few days later when I was trying to make a purchase. Apparently, they deactivated my card, charged interest and late fees without notification. As soon as I called them, the customer care personnel on the other side started acting like a debt collector; made me pay the entire balance, not the due, with a bad manner. Worst credit card experience ever. You can have the card if you want the perks, but hope that you don't need to contact customer service.

Nov 26 2019
Credit Karma Member

Started out with 300 limit. For months later, target automatically increased it to 800. I always paid it off completely. 4 months later tried new tactic and let statement cut with $300 balance. Next morning woke up to a $2000 limit.

Nov 24 2019
Credit Karma Member

Thank you for taking a gamble on me when other didn't you will not regret it.

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