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Oct 06, 2011
Anonymous Cardholder

I was shopping at Sam's one day, paying for my purchase and the cashier said i was approved for a Sam's Club credit card and if i accepted i would receive $25 off on my purchase!  I accepted started out with $300 limit and they have now changed my limit to $1100 great for re-building and it's accepted at wal-mart also!  Online access, i really like it!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 01, 2015
Good way to ruin your credit!!
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for this card in December to use for purchaes for my business. This card has been a NIGHTMARE!!!! payments don't get credited correctly, the user portal is the WORST I have ever seen, payments made in the store dont get credited correctly and customer service is horrendous!!! I am posting this under the Consumer complaints as when I call the business side they tell me it is a personal card. The funny thing is that when I call the consumer side they tell me it is a business card. Another BIG negative is they refuse to sync with any accounting software so every transaction has to be entered by hand. Oh, I almost forgot they assign you some cryptic user ID (you can't pick something you can remember) and the site is constantly locking us out on the password even though it is entered correctly. We are currently fighting over a late payment that was made in the store and not credited to the account. The card is mismanaged by Synchrony Bank so beware of any of their cards.

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Jul 19, 2016
Synchrony/Sam's Club Nightmare
Anonymous Cardholder

I was approved for the Mastercard card with a $1500 credit limit.  The one with the extra 5% cashback for fuel.  Was told to go to local Sam's club to switch cards that day. Local people were confused, called their suport line, and were told my card was on the way.  Card never arrived.  I called the same number three weeks later and Synchrony couldn't find me in their system.  Wasted 30 minutes on the phone with the operator unable to figure out their confusion.  Was told to re apply online.  Did, and received a horrible credit limit of low $400's.  Received the card today, only it's the wrong card, not the Mastercard with benefits, but the basic card only usable at Sam's and Walmart.  So I was basically scammed by Synchrony/Sam's Club.  I will be switching to Costco by the end of the year.

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Jul 04, 2016
Not as good as GE,
ruukie Cardholder

I had a inquiry on my credit report from this bank for my Sam's Club credit account that took points from my score. Then the letter they mailed out to say that it was removed was sent to a address I don't use anymore. Not sure if I'll use this account for anything else anymore.

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Jun 30, 2016

I applied and received a CL of $437. Really lol $500 wasn't so far. I'll see how they are, because the reviews weren't so good.

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Jun 21, 2016
identity theft
norevolvingbalance Cardholder

Someone opened this card pretending to be me & racked up thousands in purchases in a single day.  All the other merchants rejected the thiefs credit applications as fraudulent.  They need to improve their fraud prevention process!  Also they told me the card was cancelled as fraudulent only to have it show up on my credit as lost/stolen.  No, I didn't open the card, so how could I have lost the card?  I never had it.  Poor customer service.  Agree with all the other negative reviews.  I'm sure I'll have a hard time getting this off my credit report as I've already had it removed & seen it reappear again.  

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Jun 17, 2016
Not near as professional as Costco card
Anonymous Cardholder

Use Costco card to download your record

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May 31, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Had this card for two years. Constantly had to call fraud for unauthorized charges. Many of them were never resolved. Every month there was over 150.00 charged on our account to Starbucks reload cards. We went thru 3 cards and numerous cases suggesting it was someone with the card company using our information for the charges.Every time we called, we could never understand the person on the phone as they did not speak English very good. The final straw was the company screwed us out of our cash back bonus of over 600.00. Would not recommend this card to anyone. Wound up just paying off the card and cancelling the account after getting fed up with their BS excuses and fraud charges. 

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May 07, 2016
Credit Destroyer

They run checks on your credit even after you get their card and pay your bill on time every month. I've had the card for about 5 years and had built up to a credit limit of 2,000. My son's in the Army so we were together on a cell phone account for him. He changed cell phone companies and there was a mix-up on payment of the actual phone. In April that issue hit my credit. I quickly resolved the problem. In March I had used another charge card to pay for auto repair $600. Sams ran their check, saw the charge card usage and the phone item.  They lowered my credit limit to $25 above my balance dropping my credit score by 82 points. I'm in the process of purchasing a home.  Now i can't.  I called just asking them to raise the limit back up and explained that the phone had been paid. I was told that my score would have to go back up first (that takes 30 to 90 days). After that I could ask for an increase which would take another 30 to 90 days to hit my credit report.  I'm sunk now for at least 2 months. I was to close this month because I'm leasing the home that I'm buying and that was the agreement with the owner. 

So even though I pay this card on time, was nowhere near my limit, they have stopped me from purchasing my home and I may loose it all together.  Just because of lowering my limit over honest mistakes.

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May 05, 2016
never paid late, ruined my credit
Anonymous Cardholder

Never paid late, and always more than the minimum, but they still managed to ruin my credit. After my card was misplaced, I called for a replacement--sounds harmless. They closed my entire account and opened a brand new account. Now both are listed as balances owed and they will not remove them. Instead I was instructed to contact all 3 credit reporting agencies because they did not know how to remove my extra account. On top of that, I'm going on week 11 with no replacement card because they have to mail me a special phone number to call in 2 weeks, then I can call to receive a card another 2 weeks after. For some reason they also cannot issue a replacement in person. The most incompetent company I've ever had to work with. Ruined me, not worth it. Please do yourself a favor and stay away. Lastly, they will not tell me my balance owed so I'm assuming it will be ruining my credit further. I'm forced to blindly pay different amounts. This is horrible that the customer service reps cannot help me, I've called 2x a week the last 11 weeks and keep getting the run around.

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May 05, 2016
memanaog Cardholder

This company ruined my credit. I paid on time each month, they ended up closing me entire account & opening an entirely new account because of a lost card. I'm going on week 12, no replacement card and credit score is down because of their actions. Apparently they need to MAIL ME A PHONE NUMBER. 

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May 05, 2016
memanaog Cardholder

Please stay away from this card and company. My credit was good before this company, now they have ruined me. Application was easy but I've regretted it ever since. My daughter was an authorized user on this account and lost her card. They cancelled both our cards and Apparently you can't get a replacement card in person. Long story short, they ended up closing my entire account and REOPENING a new one!!!! My credit score has dropped tremendously. All we needed was 1 replacement card and we still haven't got any!! I get a different answer that it's been mailed with each person that I speak with. It's going on week 11 and apparently they have to mail me a phone number to call in another 2 weeks, which I'm supposed to call and then REQUEST a card to get 2 weeks after. They have blocked me out of my account so I can't even pay or see if my account is up to date or what my balance is. They are ruining me and my credit. I'm assuming my account is probably delinquent now and going to drop my credit score more. I paid each month and was never late. They are in the business of ruining credit. Please please please do yourself a favor and stay away. I wish I would have read reviews before applying.

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Company Overview

Sam's Club® Consumer Credit Card, offered through GE Money Bank, helps Sam’s Club® customers finance purchases through credit. Online account management is available and allows cardholders to service their account online to pay bills, request a credit line increase, update account information, view recent activity, and receive special offers.

Sam’s Club® is a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs and a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. since 1969. Established in 1983, the first Sam’s Club® was opened in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and has expanded today to nearly 600 locations to serve more than 47 million members throughout the United States as well as internationally in Brazil, China, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Sam's Club® Consumer Credit Card