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Aug 01, 2017
Customer service is very unprofessional
KassaD89 Cardholder

We have had nothing but problems with this company. We had the card for about 6months, made payments EARLY every time. The holiday that just passed messed up one of our payments, got slammed with a ridiculous late fee, made our payment go from $51 to $130! Then they double charged our bank account. I immediately called and asked for one of the payments to be reversed. The lady said it would take about 10days to come as a check in the mail. A month later I had to call back and the request was never completed. Now this lady is telling me we have another payment due next week, if she completes my request from last month it'll take 2-3WEEKS, they can't waive our next payment, and there's nothing she can do further besides say "I'm sorry ma'am, I'm sorry".  Sorry isn't going to fix YOUR mistake, but yet they're so quick to charge me outrageous fees and charges if we can't make our next payment because THEY messed up! 

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Jun 03, 2017
Reading is Fundamental
jtyner03 Cardholder

I got approved for a $1500 with a 651 Experian Fico Score (They pulled my Experian Credit Report Only. This is a synchrony bank credit card.). I was excited to get approved but it got slightly tricky afterwards. Rooms To Go Outlet requires a down payment equal to 10% of your purchase, sales tax and delivery. Rooms To Go requires a down payment equal to sales tax and delivery. I didnt realize this until I was at the outlet store about to check out. They do often run interest fee specials so if you can afford the down payment it's worth it, I guess

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Apr 14, 2017
No issues here
Anonymous Cardholder

I've bought multiple items from rooms to go and have paid several items off. I've never been charged a fee and I pay through my online account. I also have the zero percent financing. I'm happy with the ease of my purchases. My furniture has lasted. I think you just need to be cautious of what you're buying. I spent a bit more money to buy nicer items. You get what you pay for. 

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Mar 28, 2017
atlinsurance Cardholder

I had the no-int equal for 4 years, payments were 38, but I paid 100 each month to get it paid off, I wanted to use it and was told the company no longer did business with Rooms to go, they then quickly lowered my available credit of 2000 to the balance owed, which will reflect in my credit report "as at the limit", I was never notifield that the company no longer did business with Rooms to Go and I felt this was really shady business practice, I would never use Rooms to Go credit again

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Jul 15, 2017

Not a smart move, credit companies rarely reward honesty.

Sep 15, 2017

Seems to me you're blaming the wrong party.

Mar 02, 2017
Started charging fees no interest loan
Sunni725 Cardholder

I got a promotional deal that was 3 years to pay off with no interest.  So I started making payments so that my balance would be paid off in 35 months (just to be on the safe side). One year into the payments I started being charged a $2 month fee.  When I called and asked what it was I got the run around and finally someone said how else do you expect us to make money.  I told them to show me in the terms of the credit card agreement where it stated they could charge me a $2 a month fee.  They could not.  The next thing I know they drop my available credit to zero but did quit charging the fee.  At no point did they tell me they were going to cancel my available credit.  I was never late (set up automatic payments) and my credit is "very good" but of course my credit reports now shows that the line was cancelled at "credit grantor request".  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I will never, ever buy from Rooms To Go again.  BTW, this purchase was $6000 in furniture, not a small amount.

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Dec 03, 2016
Be Careful
Anonymous Cardholder

You will have a horrific time trying to pay your bill.  They will stop sending paper statements without notice.  Paid by phone and was told my E-check had insufficient funds which is impossible for me.  Charged a late fee AND a NSF check fee on top of it.  Scoundrels!  Online bill pay requires you use a specific browser.  Have fun trying to figure that one out.  They make it so difficult so you are charged late fees as this is the only way they can make money on you if you select a zero interest plan and fully intend to pay it off well before the expiration date.  I just paid the balance in full to stop the bleeding.

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