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Oct 15 2019
Rewards OR Interest Free Purchasing
Credit Karma Member

Pottery Barn credit card gives you two options when you make a purchase: interest free financing for 12+ months OR rewards. You do not get both. I have had this account for two years and never paid any interest on large furniture purchases. I always select the interest free financing options. The statements are clear, easy to read and keep you up to date on your promotional/interest free purchases.

May 20 2019
Credit Karma Member

Receiving and using rewards is complicated. Warning! You lose rewards if you don't use them even if you didn't know you had them.

Feb 21 2019
Worst card and the most confusing reward
Credit Karma Member

I got talked into getting this card and I was so happy to get the reward and find out that I had to pay the charge on the credit card which should have been a reward. I don't know how they can tell you it's a reward when you have to pay for it. I returned extra chairs that I did not purchased. I purchased 6 and they delivered 12 and I tried to return with a buffet but still have not received a credit yet after 2 weeks! They are so unreliable. I will close this account as soon as all the credits are given for the items that I've returned. I'm very sick of this card and reward program only after 2 months. Don't fall for this stupid reward!

Jun 14 2018
Credit Karma Member

Got the Pottery Barn Credit Card for a big furniture purchase because of the rewards. When we finally got the rewards certificate in the mail and bought something online and then later decided to return it (because the rugs literally weren't the color we ordered), we were told our $100 reward was gone - one time use only - says so right on the certificate. Who reads the fine print!?! If you care about your customers, make it more obvious!! I called customer service and made a big stink (as everyone should) and finally got a manager that agreed to send me a $100 store credit card which was nice of them. With the next rewards certificate of $50, my wife made a purchase online and used the $100 store credit as well as the $50 rewards certificate but when the statement hit the $50 wasn't deducted like it should have been. Of course there's nothing in your email/order details that states that the reward was applied - it just gets deducted from the credit card statement when it hits so there's no way we could have noticed or cancelled the order and reprocessed it to avoid the headache - even though on the screen it had a line item for $50 rewards certificate at checkout. I called customer service again to complain and they said there's nothing they can do. Their "system" doesn't allow them to apply the rewards certificate after the order has been processed without it - even though we did add it in our order, it just wasn't applied properly. I'm tempted to take the items to a store, return them, then buy them again just so I could apply the reward certificate. Still waiting on a callback from a manager first, in hopes that I can avoid that. All in all, it has got to be the worst rewards program/system I've ever seen or heard of. I never take time to review anything online but had to do my part to warn others about such a horrible system, especially because the store sells really nice stuff (although super expensive and mostly overpriced). Avoid the trouble and just use your regular credit card. No real rewards here. Not worth the hassle.

Feb 08 2018
worst credit card!
Credit Karma Member

Cannot setup automatic payment from bank for this card. Therefore, get ready for late fees and very high finance charges! Worst customer service.....very rude.

Aug 28 2017
reward points sham
Credit Karma Member

We decided to sign up for PB credit card since we were placing a large furniture order and knew we would be ordering more items in the future. Be aware they will not refund your reward points if you return an order! You will lose the points even though you spent money with a previous order to earn them! I purchased 2 rugs on-line (using some of my reward points) because I didn't know which one would look best in my house. When I returned 1 to the store I was told I would get a full refund and I have the receipt to prove it. After checking my credit card statement I noticed the full amount was not refunded. After calling customer service I was told they wouldn't refund the full amount of the rug I returned because I used points, even though I kept one of them! I used $250 in points and the rug I kept was $499!!! BUT, because I returned 1 item I wasn't able to utilize the $250 reward points any longer. Plus, if you return an on-line order watch your statement closely. This is ridiculous for a home furnishings store!

Nov 21 2016
No issues
Credit Karma Member

Easy application process. Applied with scores in mid 6's at the time, instant approval for $2500. ???Bonus is it was only a soft pull for using SCT. ???No issues with cardholder, payments, etc. I don't use this card often, but I always PIF on/before statement cut, so there interest rates are a non issue. ???

Jun 28 2016
Just received this card today! 2k SL
Credit Karma Member

I applied via shopping cart trick (soft pull) and was instantly approved with a 2k starting limit! i was so excited to say the least as im rebuilding and noone wants to give me creditl it does seem comenity bank is a bit more forgiving. anyway i did a lot of research and saw others who said i should request a credit limit increase right away... guess what! called the robo lady she came back approved ... another 800. i didnt even use the card yet, i literally just opened it up and called! :)

Jun 28 2016
Credit Karma Member

just got my card in the mail today, with a starting limit of $2,000. (mind you i got this through the shopping cart trick ,... only a soft pull) well i called up the robo lady 866-234-2029 asked for an increase she asked my income and BAM another $800 approved. now sitting at 2800. highest limit yet in my rebuilding portofolio. i tried for a 2nd time and was turned down, but hey not bad! im really happy so far and cant wait to use responsibly and grow this limit. i hear w PB you can get CLI monthly. We shall see!

Apr 20 2016
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

I love shopping at PB, and ws excited when I was approved for it. As with all of my credit cards, I pay my balance in full, so I do not incur any of the fees or interest. I pay it online, payment posts immediately, and the credit is available immediately. I have had limited contact with customer service, but when I did call they were friendly and knowledgeable. All in all I would recommend this card.

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Pottery Barn Credit Card

Pottery Barn Credit Card

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