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Nov 13 2018
Cancelled for non-use
Credit Karma Member

Let me say that when it was Conoco, it was great ... after adding Phillips 66/Union 76 and signing on with Citibank, it went downhill customer service-wise. First credit card I ever got in 1976 ...used it regularly and paid faithfully for the next 37 years. I then moved to an area where I seldom saw any of the three gas brands and used it accordingly. Without warning, notice or anything, my card was cancelled. I only learned about it when I pulled a credit report and saw my 37-year credit report from Conoco was gone ... and I had no recourse!

Apr 09 2018
Nice solid card
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for almost a year and it's a solid gas card. It's good at stations in 41 states (if I'm right) and if you want a good, solid gas card, I recommend it.

Jun 07 2016
Good card - provided you PIF
Credit Karma Member

Apply during the bonus period. Watch out for the interest rate. It's pretty high but if you PIF you have nothing to worry about. Customer service: I believe it's outside the U.S. and I've definitely experienced better service. Read the fine print regarding when payments are posted.

Nov 03 2014
Instant Approval
Credit Karma Member

I am collecting accounts to build my score. I already have a Shell card and there is a 66 next to my local Shell store. I applied for this with a CK score of 641 and was instantly approved for a CL of $700. I will not carry a balance on this card. Aside from being able to use the card it gives me another accout, adds to my total credit line and does not cost me anything. A net plus for my credit score.

Dec 23 2010
Credit Karma Member


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Phillips 66®Conoco®76® Credit Card

Phillips 66®Conoco®76® Credit Card

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