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Oct 21, 2016
Store card for PC Richard and Son.
Jburnz Cardholder

I really have no clue what these other two people are saying about the card. It used to be GE money bank, and was bought out by Synchrony Financial. It's a typical store card, but there are a few things I really like about it. There customer service seems to be much better since being purchased, you can mane bill payments in the store if you need, and the online account is very clear. What I really like is the online view. It is very easy to see when your promotion ends, and how much you owe by when in order to avoid the high interest fee. As long as you're not silly and miss a payment, you're in good shape. Another nice thing, unlike some other store cards, is that every purchase is a minimum of 6 months. A lot of store cards only let you use the deferred interest for the first transaction or once a year or something like that. I've had my PC Richard card since 2008, and I used it to get 36 months interest on my mattress, 24 months on my TV, and a year on my kitchen appliances.

When I read someone else reviewing and giving a "1" because they're trying to pay online, I imagine they just don't know how to use this website which is so insanely easy to navigate.

As for the "anonymous" post I read above, half of what they're demanding is illegal, and the other half are just plain lies. Let me clarify everything that is so wrong about that post. Maybe they had a valid gripe with PC Richard, but don't come on here and lie to honest consumers who really want to know the truth about a card....

1) If the numbers to call weren't working, they obviously didn't call the number on their bill or the number that is so clearly printed on their website.

2) 26.99% is not abnormal for a store card, and should matter as long as you're smart enough to pay it off before the promotional period is over.

3) Making a payment at the store takes 2 minutes.

4) PC Richard employees CAN'T tell you your limit, how much you owe, or your balance FOR YOUR SECURITY! This person is obviously dense and unwilling to understand that sometimes there are reasons for things like this. The card isn't managed my PC Richard, there for you wouldn't want every employee being able to see any of your account details.

4) PC Richard does price match, and continue to do so 30 days after you buy it. I've worked in retail for so many years, and I can only imagine that this person came in with some crazy internet price assuming that it would be matched. That's just not how it works. My guy at the store has always told me that they'll always match any "brick and mortor" store, and he's stuck by that the few times I've called him to tell him something has gone on sale after the fact by a competitor.

5) telling people that a business that's been around for over 100 years is going to go out of business "like all the others" is asinine. The other companies mentioned were not around as long, and didn't have the same relationship with their customers. Bernies employees were incredibly pushy, and circuit city over extended themselves and paid their employees crappy wages, so only the garbage employees stayed there year after year.

Well, that's my take on it. I really hate it when someone wants to "get even" with accompany and just spew lies to make whatever "point" it is they think they're making.

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