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Old Navy Credit Card

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2.7 out of 5 stars
33 Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 19, 2015
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is great for the savings and rewards. In three months, I've done personal and gift shopping. As a result, I've wracked up $65 in store dollars, making my costs even lower. Trick with this card - treat it like any other line of credit. It charges interest, it offers benefits, it can get out of control. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to rebuild their credit. I got approved at 562, and now I'm at 582. And I look good doing it. 

As far as alerts, they have a website for the card. You can go paperless, turn on email alerts and track any purchases made to the account. You just click a button and it works! I definitely recommend this card. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 02, 2016
Scary card
moyarich Cardholder

I just signed up for the old navy visa card and my credit score dropped TWENTY-THREE (23) points because of this old navy card. I just bought one thing. my balance is $22 dollars, the credit limit on the card is $1,800. I have been waiting 7 days now to get the card to pay off my balance, some people say it takes 10 to 30 days to receive it in the mail. I cant pay my balance until i get the card. I am scared of this card because  the apr is extremely high. I  hope it comes in the mail soon. It really sucks that you can't pay the balance in the store.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 26, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Old Navy card is great. Just make sure you pay on time. If you can pay more than the minimum amount. Then they will upgrade your card, to an Old Navy Visa card automatically!

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Nov 20, 2016
This card makes me conflicted

This is one of the first cards I got after my bankruptcy almost 4 years ago. I was initially approved for 300 and it has remained at $300 every time I request a credit limit increase. Their reason for denial: "you have a bankruptcy on your record." I've had the bankruptcy, so I don't see how this is relevant.

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Nov 17, 2016
It's old navy
Anonymous Cardholder

In store approval for three hundred I paid the balance off before I even received the card l. I don't even shop in old navy I can never find anything to wear. I applied for the card for the incentive of 30 percent off my purchase. I don't plan to use this card but since I have the option to use at gap and banana republic I might use elsewhere 

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Nov 14, 2016
Perfect and the rewards are too
Anonymous Cardholder

I have had this card for over a year.  I have the store and VISA version.  Credit is over 800.  I use this card in store only and have gotten so many rewards with it.  Great and so glad I finally applied when I did!

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Nov 12, 2016
sarroj Cardholder

If you have any issues AT ALL prepare to be frustrated beyond words. It's so frustrating, I'm closing my account.

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Oct 27, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Love this card and the rewards that you get for using it!

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Oct 24, 2016
Worst Card EVER!!!!! I CLOSED the acct!
Anonymous Cardholder

Horrible card! Horrible customer service! I was penalized for NOT using my card as THEY wanted me to obviously since my credit limit was decreased due to 'non use'. I just wanted to pay the card off, BUT it seemed like every payment made (which was at least double to minimum due), my balance still remained the same...???  Called and closed the account. Dont need the aggrivation.

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Sep 24, 2016
Worst- Will refuse to pay for no reason
rafiqul991 Cardholder

Synchrony Banks online Banking system is the worst I have encountered in USA. I have been a customer for last five years. Have tolerated enough eccentricity and hurdles from the bank, but no more.

I just got off speaking to two representatives, one supervisor named Ray, and no one was able to resolve my problem.

My account was placed on hold because of no specific reason. I just swiped the card instead of pushing it in at Trader’s Joe. I called the customer care to remove the hold, and she said she was unable to do that.

Next, I log into my account, and lo and behold, online access has been frozen and also on hold.

Called customer care again. They say, they need to verify my identity.  So they asked me a series of security question (which is ok) and I answered hem all. I also gave details of my last transactions an d so forth.

Next, they asked me series of security questions, which I answer correctly. But then the bombshell. The representative says I will have to send my photo ID to the fraud squad based in Ohio to verify my ID. I tell them, that has never happened with any other bank that you have to send your photo ID to some where else.

But no dice. They say their system requires such verification. I am stunned. However, just to go along, I mail my photo ID to the address given to me and call the number again after a week.

They tell me, they still haven’t received my ID (I have proof from postal office), and it might take as much as three weeks to resolve this issue.

Is this a Bank or a Security company?

Do they offer service or just go about questioning everyone’s authenticity.

By this time, I was so mad, I asked them, I would like to pay my balance and close my credit card permanently. I said, I don’t want to pay unnecessary fines and late fees as I am unable to see if any payment is due on my account.

Still they kept hedging and hawing. After about 2 hours and countless holds, I was able to speak to some one who will accept my final payment.  I paid everything and asked to close my card down permanently as they are so good at doing.

They still would’nt do it. Started with subtle threats of this will affect my credit ratings to I will lose all my rewards I have accumulated over last three and half years. I said, I don’t care, and with service as bad as this, I will forgo all rewards they may promise me.

What was astounding, was they could call up all my transactions with old navy and Walmart. But they couldn’t verify my ID even with three phones attached to my account.

This so ridiculous and so bloody frustrating. The way I see it, SYNCHRONYBANK has an antiquated online banking system and they don’t want to invest banks money to upgrade their customer service and online system. Instead they put roadblocks in every conceivable way and charge the customer for no reason.

I feel harassed and extremely angry at their rudeness and quality of customer care. Have any other customer face similar requirement from any other Bank.

I have recorded my conversation with the representative as well as the supervisor who did nothing and are there for no reason. They only parrot the words “system does not permit” and I am sorry.

I will put out my conversations records online on social media and may be even the customer help sites. You can judge for yourself what a lousy service and system SYNCHRONYBANK has.  I like Walmart, I like Old Navy, but I would never ever have their credit card from Synchrony Bank. I hope Walmart and old navy choose other decent bank who are service minded.

Rafiqul islam

Cambridge,  Massachusetts

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Sep 21, 2016
coolchick14 Cardholder

I started with a regular Old Navy cc and with a $900 limit, used it and paid it off used it paid it off.....then I get a letter for a Old Navy Visa Card.....applies and got a credit limit of $1500, ran it up paid it and because I was used and paid it off or down to almost nothing my credit had got bumped up to $2700, then $3300, and now I'm at a $4300 limit. I have a high balance but I pay it on time and more the mininum and I plan to get an increase soon. I actually like the card for the rewards but it would be nice if the rewards were good for other stores besides Old navy go figure.

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Sep 19, 2016
Payments not accepted in store
seefeld5014 Cardholder

What company wouldn't take in store payments? You can only do it over the phone or online. How does that make sence?

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Sep 21, 2016

that's the only thing I hate about the car can't make payments in store and I keep suggesting that to them

Sep 23, 2016

I don't see why that's an issue with apps but if you old fashion like that then maybe you should stick to cash only.

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