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Oct 13 2012
Started out with Old Navy then upgraded
Credit Karma Member

I started out with the Old Navy store card a little over 2 years ago with a $500 credit limit. Would buy some clothes then pay off over 2/3months at a time, then buy more clothes. CL quickly raised to $900, then about 9months ago I logged in to pay my bill and the system told me I was eligible to update to Old Navy Visa card, and that i'd get $20 in Old Navy Coupons for accepting the offer. I accepted and received ON Visa with $2500 limit. Rewards are excellent also.

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Oct 30 2010
Credit Karma Member

Applied for this card with a ck score of 598 and got approved! Yippee even if the credit line is only $200 I am happy. ~On way to rebuild my credit~

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Jul 06 2020
Closed without warning for no reason
Credit Karma Member

I had an Old Navy card for less than one year. Credit Karma warned me that my account had been closed. I called customer service thinking it was a mistake, only to be informed that another credit review had been performed and that I was now considered a risk - so they closed my card. I asked to be transferred to a manager and received a woman with a bad attitude who was less-than-helpful. She told me that it was based on an algorithm and "that was that". I asked for an actual person to review my file and was told that she would escalate my case and that I would "receive notification of their decision within 30 days" - which we all know is basically a big fat no. I cannot even explain how little sense this all makes. My score is, and has been, in the Fair/Good category - it has not dropped. I own my own home, have had the same employer for six years, and my income goes up yearly. My debt-to-income ratio has not changed. I was never late with a payment and made sure to use the card frequently enough to show activity. I have spent years repairing my credit after a disastrous divorce. Trust me, I spend a lot of time monitoring it - there was NO good reason for them to do this. If you are considering opening a card, please hear me out. I will say it one more time; there was NO good reason for them to do this.

Nov 01 2019
Not worth it!!!!!
Credit Karma Member

Got card around May, used in late September for $118 for school clothes. Paid off in early October before and on the due date. Then they closed it in late October. I call to ask why and because of my balance and activity on my other ccs their decision was based on the totality of my credit. I call bull. Since May, I've had other cards give 3 increases and paid off 3 others. All my cards are paid on time. Won't deal with this bank much longer. And my thing is if you have multiple cards by same bank, then all the cards should be closed, not just one. Total bs.

Jul 24 2019
Closed account no reason
Credit Karma Member

I have a perfect credit score now smeared by this idiots, they closed the account for no reason, avoid Syncrony Bank

Jul 15 2019
Credit Karma Member

I kept this card with a $0 balance for TWO months and they closed the account TWICE because of "security issues", yet I paid everything well before any due dates in full.

Apr 01 2019
Fooled me into applying
Credit Karma Member

Synchrony bank sucks,enough said..credit score was 628 Equifax ..Avoid anything Synchrony bank,they not giving any under dog a chance.

Mar 09 2019
Closed Account
Credit Karma Member

Had this account for several years, paid on time and often paid off. After a fubar on THEIR behalf, they lowered my credit limit. Then after a 'credit bureau' review, closed the account. Funny, my credit is higher and in better shape now then when they originally issued me the card, except for the ding I just got because they closed my card. And dealing with their obvious off shore customer service is painful at best. If you value your credit, find another card.

Jan 18 2019
Credit Karma Member

As many others have stated, they closed my account about 2 weeks after my most recent payment, paid on time every time for 2 years and 2 months. The card itself was fine I guess, but it's disappointing that they closed it without warning, I used it monthly and that's the only way you can get the largest discounts and rewards.

Nov 28 2018
Credit Karma Member

The interest rate on this card is insane. Had a balance of $3,000 and they said it would take me 13 years to pay it off and the interest would of brought the total to over $12,000. The customer service is horrible as well. Stay far away from this card.

Oct 10 2018
Closed my account for no reason
Credit Karma Member

Stay away from this card! Like others have stated I received a letter in the mail stating that they were going to close my account for no reason. Mind you that I have been paying all of my payments on time and sometimes even before they were due. So I decided to call customer services and even bigger mistake. The lady that I spoke with was extremely rude and unhelpful. Bottom line I will never due services with them again.

Oct 04 2018
Just don't get it
Credit Karma Member

They will decrease your limit for NO REASON & give you NO HEADSUP. They will also CLOSE your card for NO REASON. Sycronchy Bank or whatever it's called is the WORST. Avoid at all costs. This was my longest card opened and now it's closed, bringing my credit score down. They suck.

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Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Credit Card

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