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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

May 20, 2019
Navy Federal is the best!
bmaninbama Cardholder

If you're a Navy Federal member, you're in luck! I applied for this card in December with a 726 TU and 689 EQ and got approved for $25,000. I applied today, less than six months later, for a Navy Federal CashRewards Mastercard and got approved...again for $25,000! Thanks Navy Federal for these awesome high credit limits. My EQ score is over 800 now and TU isn't far behind.

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May 18, 2019
Bwood901 Cardholder

I applied with a 666TU/658EX/636EQ. They pulled my TU. I was approved for 25k CL! I have one collections account and current credit usage is 2%. 

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Mar 26, 2019
Thank you Navy Fed!!!!
CJfromTx Cardholder

Straight to the facts: I currently have a credit score range from 626 to 629. I have a total of 21 late payments across two credit card accounts. 1 reposession in June 2017 with a $9,998 balance. 0 collection accounts. All accounts current. Recently increased my score from 589 to 629 in under 2 months. Currently using 46% of my credit. 1 personal loan with $1237 balance. 1 charged off Capt One account woth $1500 balance. I applied for the go Rewards card today and was instantly approved for $20K. What more can I say? I dont plan on using this card other than small purchases and paying it off immediately every month. I set up an account with them 1 month ago with only $100 in it. I will not screw this up. Hooefully this will be a stepping stone to getting to my goal of a 750 credit score by the end of the year. Wish me luck!!

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Jan 31, 2019

I applied for the the cashback rewards card in Nov 2018 and was instantly approved for $25,000. I was shocked and thought I had double vision and saw to many zeros. My credit score at the time was around the 620's, nothing in collections, about $50000 in student loan debt but not showing as negative. Also a couple of older loans that are still showing as derogatory totaling about $5000. I also have a capital one card of $500 credit limit. My suggestion if u have collections is to pay off the newest, larger amount items first. I had a $206 medical bill on my account for 4 months and once I paid it off my score jumped 76 points, which put me at around the 620's for my credit score. NFCU has been wonderful to me so far, check out there auto buying program as worked wonders for me and got me a great vehicle at a much lower APR than anyone else. Some banks would say as low as 13%, NFCU said 8%. Good luck!

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Nov 14, 2018
Great low rate with $0 annual fee.
suprdavr Cardholder

Applied and was given a $25k credit limit instantly, which is great for this card since the low interest rate is good for large purchases. Navy Fed is an all around good company.

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Navy Federal Credit Union® Credit Card

15 Reviews
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