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Navy Federal Credit Union® Credit Card

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 11, 2017
I'm so impressed
Susu0490 Cardholder

So I just joined navy federal a month ago. I applied  for the secured card because my credit is in the low 500's. I knew I would not get approved for the regular once. I also applied for the secured personal loan. To help build my credit. 4 week later, I applied for cash reward card, limit of 1100. Score till at low 500.

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Jan 07, 2017
Ursulab2 Cardholder

We just had our bankruptcy discharged in January of 2015. I was afraid we would NEVER get credit again. Decided to try my luck at the NFCU CashRewards card. An hour later I got a text that I was approved. Checked my account and it was $3800 CL (I looked several times to make sure it didn't say $380). I checked for the next several days to make sure it wasn't a mistake! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that! The next month our credit score went up 70 points! I am so obsessed with NFCU now. :D 

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Dec 24, 2016
Great way to improve score
Seangunner Cardholder

there are not a lot of benefits that you see in other cards such as cash back and points. However, I have 615 TU AND 603 EQ and I got approved for $5500 limit. I have 1 delinquent and 3 charge offs. My other cards are only $200 so this will benefit me a lot. My interest rate is a bit high at 16% but still lower than my other secured cards. They do have a feature called member mall where you can earn cash back by buying with certain retailers. NFCU as a whole has taken great care of me. I have my back up checking account, auto loan, and now credit card with them. Application was easy, especially since I am a member and they auto populated some of my information. I will be getting my home loan through them as well. Overall if you have the ability to get an account with NFCU do it. You will not be disappointed. 

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Dec 13, 2016
Perfect if its your primary
Anonymous Cardholder

It is perfect never had any issues. Better than my chase and wells Fargo in terms of customer service. They have caught fraud I looked right over

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Nov 19, 2016
ericamp Cardholder

I applied for this card the same day I opened my NFCU account (today).  I have very low scores (TU 571, EQ 543) and am just starting to rebuild my credit in hopes of buying a home this time next year, so I said this would be my last credit app until after I close on my house. I read all the reviews and decided I'd take the plunge and apply via the NFCU app. The application process was simple and easy and it took about 10 seconds to get an APPROVED message! I cannot believe I was approved! God answers prayers! The limit is $2600 and although that is low to some, that is excellent for me! I've never had good credit and the highest limit card I've ever had was $500! I am very excited to build a strong relationship with NFCU and would recommend anyone that is eligible to join! Pretty sure I will try to use them to purchase my home because they have given me a chance and I'm very appreciative! I opted for the expedited delivery and called customer service and they said I should have it by Tuesday (today is Saturday!!!). If you can open an account with them, go for it!

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Nov 02, 2016
Fantastic no-frills card, great service.
AM021 Cardholder

Pros: good rates, good staarter card for young credit, lowered my rates & increased my limit substantially within the first couple of years without me asking. Hands down best customer service I've ever dealt with and stellar fraud protection services

Cons: you don't get points or miles, so if that's the most important thing try one of their other cards so you can still get the same great service

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Oct 15, 2016
Approved for $22000 Credit Limit
bfmorant Cardholder

My credit portfolio consisted of one Capital One card (secured) that was almost maxed out (limit of $3000), one Capital One card with a $500 Limit ($0 Balance) that I cannot use (it is "open' but restricted" I keep it open to help my account history), a Care Credit Card (Synchrony Bank) with a $1500 limit ($0 Balance), a Value City Furniture Card (Synchrony Bank) with a $1200 Limit ($0 Balance), and a Fortiva Card with a $1500 Limit ($0 Balance). I have 3 charged off accounts (2 credits cards and one personal loan that total about $3500 from 2012 when I was unemployed for 10 months) that all show on one CRA, 2 that show on another CRA, and 0 that show on the last CRA. I have written letters only to have one (Chase) try to re-age my account in 2014 and that dropped my score about 60 points with all of the CRAs.  

It took me years to convince my veteran boyfriend to get an account with NFCU. Both of our credit was low for a long time but his was because he had NO credit and didn't want any. I added him as an authorized user to my accounts in good standing and he now has scores in the 700s. We have both Checking and Savings accounts with NFCU. They have been okay. There is no branch where we live (closest one is over an hour drive away) and that caused an issue once. We also had a small $250 Consolidation Loan that we paid off in 3 months and have an open Checking Line of Credit with them. The end of Sept. I received a pre-approved offer from NFCU for their Rewards Mastercard. Knowing that NFCU uses Equifax who always has the lowest score for me (it was around 626 because of my high credit card utilization when I applied) I was hesitant but decided to apply online using the offer code. I was dumbfounded when it came back approved and stared at the amount for a while in disbelief! FINALLY after years of trying to improve my credit score! I am monitoring to see how much it will help improve my utilization which will in turn improve my scores. I hate to see stories where people were not helped but am glad that I am finally one that had a great experience. I think once you have established a relationship with them as a customer then they treat you better.  

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Oct 12, 2016
Approved for $14,000 credit limit!!!
bmixon2005 Cardholder

My friend and I both have Navy Federal as a checking and savings account. She called me and told me she was approved for $12,000 so I went on a limb and applied only because I knew my score was a little higher than hers. I was still so nervous because I haven't applied for anything in a while because I was tired of being denied. I have a collection of $1756.00 and its my only collection, but I have been denied before because of it. I applied on 10/08/16 and it was under review until today 10/12/16. I received a call verifying my income and then about an hour later, I received a notice that I was approved. Logged in and it was for $14,000!!! I have two Capital One Quicksilver with $5,000 and $750 and I cancelled a first premier of $450 and now will be cancelling my other first premier of $500. I have been trying to get rid of them for soooo long! I just knew I wouldn't be approved for anything so last week I opened a secure Discover card and put $1000 on it. Now, I'm wondering if I should leave it opened or not and just put that money back in my savings! Anyway, I am super siked. CK Trans 719, CK Eq 679

I hope I help someone. The only thing I see as a hold up doing research are bankruptcies.

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Oct 25, 2016

Update: it took almost two weeks to receive the card for anyone wondering. I got mine 2 days ago.

Sep 28, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I recently paid off 4 collections on my credit then paid down my credit utilization to 4% I have a capital one platinum credit card with a $300 limit and a usaa secured card with a $250 limit as well as a star card with a 1776 limit which I got years ago. My credit karma score for tu and eq is 623 I applied for this card today and was approved for $8000 definitely grateful for NFCU btw I applied because yesterday I applied for an auto loan and was also approved great company the reviews really helped me decide to apply

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Sep 25, 2016
Great card from great credit union
Anonymous Cardholder

Navy Federal never seems to amaze me. I've been completely banking with them for the past years and last year I financed my new car from them without perfect credit. What I did have outstanding on my credit file I had explanations for and was upfront about. If you go into a branch and do the application you're able to actually tell them about anything you have and if there is something that might still pop up on your credit report after you've paid it off which was the case when I applied for my car loan.  I cleaned some things up financially since then but also ran into a few more bumps in the road late last year along the way. For the past few months things have been steady but my low credit score was a reflection of my high credit card utilization rate at 70%. I've been reading the reviews on CK about this credit card for a while because I've been seriously thinking about applying I just thought I needed to give myself some more time for better chances of applying. I applied for the cash rewards visa and was approved for $5k cash rewards signature on the spot. This is my first credit card with NFCU but my second credit account and their customer service is top tier. If you did not know before their customer service department is open 24/7 no matter what your issue is you're always able to reach someone. TU 590 EQ 600 at time of approval

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Navy Federal Credit Union® Credit Card

23 Reviews
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