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Meijer® Platinum MasterCard®

3.35 4 Reviews

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Fair enough card Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

A pretty standard retail card.  High interest, with discounts offered.  The 5 cents off gas isn't bad, but if you do the math it's not that great either compared to other cards out that offer 2-4%.  The rewards program is a joke too; requiring a lot of money in for a coupon best described as decent.  I got the card because occassionally they run a percentage discount just for using the card, and stacks with the mperks program.  If you use it for this purpose, and don't keep a balance month to month, it's not a bad card to have, just don't expect much more from it.

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  Dec 28, 2013 Reply

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good card

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  Jan 03, 2014 Reply

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  Dec 21, 2012 Reply

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Using the Meijer master card Helpful to 0 out of 1 people

This company will withdraw your payment from your bank account and not adjust your available balance to reflect the payment. They will for no reason decline your card then not assist you when calling "customer service". They have said that our card expired, but the date on the card is 13 months from now. They said my husband did not give them permission to speak to me and now won't even speak to him. What dirty business practices. 

Nov 19, 2013 Reply
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Company Overview

The Meijer® Platinum MasterCard® is serviced by GE Money Bank (GEMB) for Meijer customers. Cardholder benefits may include points towards a rewards system, online account management, and additional Quicken or MS Money programs to help manage financials.

Meijer, established in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer under North Side Grocery, sold groceries to serve customers of the Great Depression. Today, Meijer is a convenience store retailer providing products that include groceries, health medication, and much more. Currently headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meijer operates combination stores, gas stations, and car washes in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Meijer® Platinum MasterCard®

3.35 4 Reviews
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