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Dec 24 2018
Horrible Company.
Credit Karma Member

They will cancel you account for not owing anything, never missing a payment when there was one, and having above a 700 credit score. I do not recommend, they simply did it to make you reapply. Customer service is terrible, no one has any answers about anything.

Dec 13 2017
Approved $300 limit with fair credit
Credit Karma Member

They have my credit limit of $300. And I have a fair credit score.I don't pay minimum amount due.I pay statement balance.This card is helping me improve my credit score and shipping is always free online.My Aunt Sandy has a Maurice's charge card to.This card is a keeper and I will keep it for years to come.Only con high interest rate plus no annual fee.

Jul 20 2017
Used responsibly it's a win win!
Credit Karma Member

Comenity gave me credit wheen nobody else would and because I really wanted a credit card to build credit I have used it responsibly and it's been a good experience. I use it, pay it off then reuse it and in turn they give me positive remorks on my credit. For me it has been a win win.

Sep 06 2016
First Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

This was first credit card. I got this card in October 2012 with a starting credit limit of $350. Since October 2012 to September 2016 I have total of 9 missed payment from 2014 when my family and I were going through a really hard time. I paid the card off on December 2015 and made a small purchase on a pair of boots for my mom. I paid the card off again in January for that purchase By the time Feburary 2016 rolled around I had received a credit limit increase of $500. My total available credit now is $850 dollars. I recently sent in a letter to remvoed those 9 missed payments that are showing up on my credit report and hopefully they'll remove them.

Feb 19 2016
I love this card!
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a little over a year now. I love there clothes and it's nice to be able to buy a new outfit and pay it off over a couple pay checks or so. I see others complaining about the apr but truthfully I guess I don't notice...I usually have a balance on it...I used to max it out but we all know that's terrible for your credit so I keep it under $200 (limit is $600). When I first got this card I lapsed on payments and they took my limit to 0 which is my own fault. I paid the card off and they immediately raised my limit to $150 (I started with $300 or $400). After only a few months of on time payments they raised my limit to $600. I use my credit cards wisely now as I'm trying to build credit....I can't wait till my next cli! I have 0 complaints with this card or the customer service they provide! :)

Jan 10 2016
Reliable Shopping Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

Yes, a lot of store credit cards are going to have high APR's but for someone who doesn't have the greatest credit score it has helped me a lot and also to provide me with the clothes I need for work, play, etc. If you don't like the APR get another card. If you can't get another card with a lower APR there's obviously something that the company does not like about your credit. I have not had any problems with this card or the bank it runs through. They always email me two weeks before a payment is due and it's so easy to pay your bill. Most of the reviews I read are just pathetic. Quit complaining.

Dec 25 2013
Avoid this card, it's bad 4 your credit!
Credit Karma Member

This card is horrible! I had the card in 2007 and paid the $80 balance off in October of 2007. (I only used the card once and pmaid it off). Well it's December of 2013 and this card is still showing on my credit. It shows as paid BUT it's also taken my credit score down very, very low. I don't know how this could because the card was paid in full and has been done since October 2007. Another user on here said this same thing is happening to them and when (s)he dug deeper they found out that they have been reporting 'failure to pay' every month! That's years of bad going onto your credit!! It's ruined my credit and I can't get loans, credit cards, nothing to help my credit bc of this. I called the bank a couple months ago and they said they have no record of me ever. How can that be! If anyone knows the solution for this situation please reply!

Nov 06 2013
Credit Karma Member

Maurices will send you a bill and if it is returned to them because of wrong address they will just toss it aside and call you 5 months later and tell you that you now owe them a ridiculous late fee on top of the charges that were already on your bill and in the meantime before contacting you even once during the 5 month they will have already reported you to the credit beareau. Upon admitting their error in not contacting you they will not remove it from your credit report. Maurices cards offer no rewards and in my eyes definety not worth the bad rap they created for me in trying to destroy my credit. I will not do business with this company again.

Jun 08 2013
Stay away!!
Credit Karma Member

I paid this card off 3 years ago, and it was showing on my credit report as paid/closed. I could t figure out why my score was bad, dug a little deeper and found they were reporting "failure to pay" every month! Now it's becoming a huge mess to get it fixed.

Jun 26 2012
Credit Karma Member

This card is extremely volatile! One day you have a $500 credit limit, the next $0. The only reason given was that "something" changed on my credit report. Which according to Credit Karma, nothing had changed. If you are working to improve your credit score this is NOT the card you want. Once the credit limit changed my score went down...

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Maurices Credit Card

Maurices Credit Card

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