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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jan 30, 2017
Great card if you pay it off monthly!
dmxrob Cardholder

I've been a card holder for 5+  years.  They have consistenly raised my credit limit (now at 6k), and are always sending coupons to be used at Macy's.  You can usually always get an extra 10-15% off everything just by using the card.  I pay the card in full each  month (except for a few times over the years) and they have rewarded me consistently with CLIs.  You can pay your bill in-store, online or by mail. 

Pro Tip:  Open the card when you are making a furniture purchase.  This will get you the biggest bonus bang for your buck!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 24, 2017
Don't fall for this trap card!
Anonymous Cardholder

I opened this card (after much pushing by Macy's employees) solely for a large discount on a $400 Christmas purchase in November 2016. I planned to divide the total balance by 3 and pay off the balance over a 3-month span, which I did. However, this card has a sneaky little feature called the "minimum interest fee", which will add $2 to your balance every month, whether you use the card or not. I found out in April that I had a $4 balance, which surprised me, seeing as I had not used the card. Citibank, who supplies Macy's with the card, must get a kick out of messing up people's credit scores. They apply this fee monthly, which if not paid on time, results in a late fee as well, which gets reported to the bureau and lowers your score. I take my credit seriously and refuse to carry a card that costs me money (even when advertised as 'no annual fee') when I don't use it. I called Macy's customer service, paid off the fee balance and cancelled the card. I highly suggest you avoid this card unless you plan on shopping at Macy's at least once a month.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 05, 2017
damedu Cardholder

I closed my account and was not notified of a debt of less than $200. I moved home and never got notifications until a collection agency reached out. Great! My credit was damaged by Macy's for less than $200, do yourself a favor, stay away from Macy's credit cards, they won't negotiate with you erasing anything from your credit report, even if you pay them off.

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Sep 30, 2017
No Customer Care/Service
davidbarerun Cardholder

A nightmare trying to access the accont online!  And forget any customer service/care on the phone!

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Sep 24, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Hard pull for a 300 cl my exp score 698

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Sep 19, 2017
$2 charge every month
swalas Cardholder

You will get charged $2 for not using this card every month. 

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Sep 10, 2017
Had hacked account!
Anonymous Cardholder

i had my account hacked. I have had to call over 30 times. I have gotten over 30 different stories on what to do. When calling customer service there is so much back round noise I can't even hear the person I am talking to . I've only talked to 1 person that actually cared about me . I've been a Macys shopper for over  40 years . I won't be shopping be ever again! I will take my shopping elsewhere!

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Sep 10, 2017
credit score 91 point down due to maycs
Anonymous Cardholder

I was pushed by an agressive Maycs employee to open an account so get discounts! I asked her what that would do to my credit? Nothing she said and if anything your credit score will go up in a few months! I like an idiot believed her and opened a card! I had excellent credit but they issued me a $300 limit card! 

today I checked my credit and it went from excellent to FAIR! Maycs was the Reason! Oh my god what have I done? It's been a month and I haven't gotten my card sent to me yet and this was the biggest mistake I made!

dont do it, it will RUIN your credit! 

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Aug 31, 2017
firebat1212 Cardholder

Hard pull for every CLI attempt and lower limit for no reason. 

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Aug 24, 2017
Great card for discounts and promos
dmxrob Cardholder

Great card to carry if you shop Macy's and like discounts and promos.  The Thanks for Sharing program they do at Christmas alone makes this card a must-have (10% back on everything you buy).  Have been a card holder now for over 6 years and customer service is top notch.  Like other cards, pay your bill on time, or pay in full each month, and you won't have a problem.  Be late or don't pay your bill, then probably going to have a problem.

The best part is this is a card you don't have to carry in your wallet -- any Macy's store can look it up with your SS#. 

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Aug 23, 2017
Too much hassle
Anonymous Cardholder

Customer service is really bad. On hold for over 30 minutes  Weekends and nights be prepared to speak to India. Representatives  do not speak Spanish or English. Just reads from a script in a thick, heavy accent. So frustrating after a 39 minute hold. Total waste of your time and sanity. Don't do it!

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Aug 17, 2017
Interest charge on $0
Anonymous Cardholder

Like everyone else has been saying, they put that $2.00 charge on your card even after a balance of $0.  I sent a message via their website, but excpect a robotic response and will be calling to cancel today before they tack on their "late fee" to their $2.00 scam charge.

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