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Sep 16 2020
Credit Karma Member

The Macy’s card is the worst retail card I have ever had. Not only they charge a lot of interest but they also have very bad service. My account was not past due or delinquent but they still send me to collection agency on March 21,2020. Just because I had called them and had told them I lost my job due to Covid. Not only they didn’t provide any assistance but also they send me to a collection agency.

Apr 28 2020
Horrible experience
Credit Karma Member

Found out Macys card reported me days late. I hve been a long time customer and always pay my balances. Macy had not credited my return even when they show recieving the return it say in process can not get anyone to answer emails and forget getting through by phone. I was finally able to speak with a customer service and all she could tell me is I would have to MAIL a letter with my complaint!!! I was so mad I could cry. This is not Macys it is the bank who backs Macys cards. I am canceling and reporting THEM

Mar 11 2020
This card dropped my credit 107 points
Credit Karma Member

They don't send you alerts, email, any calls for payment. If you get this card pay it immediately after you purchase. No warning they will drop your limit. Very confused.

Feb 26 2020
Feel my pain please
Credit Karma Member

Please don't go for this credit card. They don't use modern techniques to send statement. I didn't know that this credit card existed in my account. I had owed a little of $50 , they never remind you or send alert like modern banks to pay. And now they reported missed payment to credit bureau. I own 2 other credit cards from good banks and never missed any payments. However because of Macy, my credit score dropped 150 points I was charged $100 to close the account. Still they didn't remove negative remark on credit bureau. I will never deal with Macy again in my life. I hope this company go bankrupt.

Dec 11 2019
Bad credit practices
Credit Karma Member

The credit process to increase/decrease limits is so arbitrary. Have always paid, often have a 0 balance and get notice they've slashed limit. Reviewed credit report and no changes so this was ridiculous!

Oct 08 2019
Beware! Terrible customer service!
Credit Karma Member

As noted in the other reviews, the customer service sucks! I was 30 days late, due to not receiving a paper statement and I simply forgot about it because I never use the card and my credit score dropped 90 points due to this onetime thing. All they say, there is nothing we can do, which is complete BS. Very unfair that my credit score is ruined for 7 years because of a simple mistake. I am canceling and I will tell others about my terrible experience!

Aug 03 2019
Imposible to pay online. High interests
Credit Karma Member

Imposible to pay online. Their whole process is old and clumsy. I kept getting server response errors and customer support wasn't able to help. I was 42 days past due and my debt was duplicated. I forgot to pay by phone or go to the store. Do not get this card.

Aug 03 2019
What a Joke
Credit Karma Member

Applied online 678 credit score and got the "we will mail you more information" I was trying to take advantage of a huge sale on their jewelry. I called and said forget it. Pull my application and they continuued and sent me a decline letter with the reason of " your debt to income" Hahahaha My debt to income is 33 percent with my mortgage. I overpay all of my credit cards they are at 30 percent. I obviously ****ed someone off when I pulled my application. I also know that if I say I am pulling my application 5 minutes after I applied it should have been pulled and no further information needed or warranted. My credit pull happen 5 days later. This I didn'tt appreciate and is probably illegal. I will be fighting the credit pull as it was a hard pull. I will never shop at Macy's or do business with Citibank. Very unethical company.

Dec 28 2018
Disgusting Treatment of Customers
Credit Karma Member

I went into the store to return something and the cashier signed me up for the rewards program without telling me there was a charge. When I got my statement, I saw there was $25 charge. I called and explained what happened and they said it would take a billing cycle to remove from my account. A month later, my statement showed the$25 charge and a late fee! I called again and they removed the late fee and said it would take two to three billing cycles to show. I just received a credit karma notification that I'm past due on my Macy's account!!! So I called AGAIN and explained that I've been waiting for 3 months for this stupid charge to be removed and now it's caused problems with my credit. They were incredibly unhelpful and I'm beyond frustrated. I finally just paid the whole balance due and will never, ever shop at Macy's again. Unbelievable!!!

Dec 17 2018
no customer loyalty
Credit Karma Member

I have the macy platinum card, after years of 100% on time payments, i missed one payment for $68, that i made on time, but was returned because i had one to many digits on my account number, and they cut my limit by 2/3! And would not restore it. If you miss one payment on yuor regular credit card they don't take such drastic action. so, its all good as long as i'm a loyal customer to them and make my payments on time every month, but as soon as I miss a payment, Macy's true colors and customer loyalty shows! i am very disappointed with this department store and i vow that i will never give them another penny. Because they don't give a sh!+ about their consumers. And if you speak to a rep, all they're gonna tell you is, the system, the system, the syems did it. there is nothing we can do. Thats bull****, somebody can do something but they choose not too, becuase Macy could care two sh!t!!!!!!!!!! My experience with American express has been phenomenal! i can say they care about their clients. I can also say the same about capital one, i am really ****ed off, i feel like a sucka, like i've been had! Is Macys a bad store card to have? NO its not, as long as you dont get jammed up, cause as soon as you do, they will **** on you hard, and you'll see your credit rating drop because macy has NOT F#*k!NG LOYALTY......................................

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Macy's Credit Card

Macy's Credit Card

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