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Jan 21, 2012
gsies613 Cardholder

Initial limit of $500. After no lates, low util., and perseverance, I am now at $8,500. I've noticed they give much larger CLI after you've been with them a year or so. I rarely use this card and barely like Lowe's. You get a 5% discount on everything! Whenever I have a home to remodel, I am sure this card will be taken advantage of; they are always offering some time of 0% for 6 mos or so. :-). Push the love button every three months or so. I do it a lot as they are only soft inquiries, which do not reflect poorly as they are an existing creditor on your CR.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 27, 2017
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Darwin686 Cardholder

First off I cannot faught lowes as a store for any issues with this card as Synchrony is the card issue. I would love it if Lowes as a company were to dump them and move to a more replutatle company such as Citi.  My expereince with the card has been good for the most part but there are a few catches. Here is the bad, DO NOT stack promotional purchaes and regular purchases together, they will not apply the payment to the promortional purchase, as others have cited, when you pay your bill so you are slaped with compounded retoractive intrest from that point on until all of the promotional purchase is paid off.  Now the ugly,  the website is garbage for a normal PC user, the mobile version is suprsining better.  Synchrony doesn't always raise credit rates on a regular.  This is actully one of my lowest credit lines started at 600 and then bumped to 1300 three years ago.  I use this card on the regular and pay it in full. I often times pay it well before the due date and they have not bumped up the credit limit on the card.  I've contacted them about this via the online chat portal and they give the ususal run around of various factors on your credit report that they supposidily check. I looked into this and they haven't done a soft query on my credit report in years LOL!  I'm sporting a 799 credit sore and I've expressed to them. The only two options that I have is to either wait it our or request an increase online or via their customer service. Be warned if you request the increase online or via the customer service department you are now authorizing them to do a hard query on your credit report!  I told  them to bugger off on that idea as I don't want be staring at that on my credit report for the next two years.   I'm planing a major kitchen remodle and home depot has my business until Synchrony gets off it's own butt.

The Ugly... I've had a long history with Synchrony, please note they used to be called GE Money Bank and they ruined their repurtation to the point that they had to change names!  This creditor is absolutly the worst of the worst.  The day you get your statement pay your bill, never wait on this one.  I've had them take up to 7 business days from the moment I issued the payment for them to take it and process it. other times it takes anywhere from 24-48 hours  I gennerally recomend that if you can do not carry any balance on this card, if you are working with a promotional purchase don't use the card  for any other purchase until you pay it off or use it for a secondary promotional purchase.

Pros: 5% off purchase, using the card makes returns easier if you lost the reciept, and promotional pruchases which can be a catch 22.

Cons: Synchrony AKA worst creditor out there, bad at rasiing credit limits, customer service is a bit of a joke,  Synchrony doesn't work well with finincal software such as quicken or Mint or MS Money.

Overall: The card has some perks but you have to use it very, very wisley.  Failure to do so will lead to nothing but headaches!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 12, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

They will reduce your limit and let you know until AFTER the fact.....my plan since they did this making me look like a FOOL is to pay it off and tell them o eat their card or trash it.....I will take my business elsewhere...and the FIRST call to find out why declined, the guy hung up on me

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Jun 10, 2017
!!!Not worth it!!! Lowes/Synchrony Bank
Pilot23 Cardholder

Signed up for via Lowes for some Home Projects.  Was good the first year with on time payments.  Then we paid off the card in full after 12 months within the no interest timeframe.  Synchrony didn't like that so much.  Synchrony informed us via snail mail they were lowering our credit from 2500 to 500 and during the phone call stated there was no valid reason except they were told to do so and it was there choice.  That's not how you keep consumers.  We were about to use it again for the next home project but we will stick with other stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Menards after that treatment.  Home Depot does not use Synchrony so and their card issuer has been great over the past year.  Do yourself a favor - If it's associated with Synchrony - run away.  Synchrony is the spin-off of GE Capital.  Runaway, runaway from Synchrony.  Lowes is not a bad store.  But since they partner with Synchrony we have stayed away.  We also found out Synchrony is with Amazon so we're doing the same and canceled our 2 synchrony related cards

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May 27, 2017
Not worth the hassle!
Prettiptibbs Cardholder

Useful if you want the 5% off but otherwise not worth the hassle. I had a 2300 limit and paid off balance every few months. Just got a letter that they are reducing my limit to $640 because I'm over the limit on another card. So not true! I'm done with them.

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May 16, 2017
Poor choice for a credit card
howdydaveo Cardholder

I was out of the country for a month, I had $60 dollars over due by 2 weeks and had up to 3 robo calls a day for the whole time. Spent $15,000 this year and paid on time every time. Use other options.

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Apr 12, 2017
boortr Cardholder

well, Apllied to get the 0% interest to buy some new windows.  The sales person said apply, then they could get the limit raised to cover the project.  $3500 was what I needed.  Credit score was around 720 at the time.  Isuued initial credit of $500.  I called, the sales person called.  They would not increase liimit.  I just put it on another card that the interest rate is rediculous on.  So I have had the Lowes card for over a year now.  Make small regular purchases and pay in full each month.  Never raised my limit.  Need AC for the house this year.  Will ask Lowe's for a credit increase again.  Credit score now above 800.  If they say no, will go to Home Depoot or a local contractor for financing.  Its a shame Lowes did away with their project loans.  They were much more reasonable to get.  I like Lowe's as a store but financing is horrible.  Everything you need from Lowe's is a major project. They should realise that when they offer credit.  Do not recommend if your building credit.

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Apr 08, 2017
Bad service
ams623 Cardholder

I have had this card for 3 years and every time I use it I make my payments on time and pay it off qyiuckly. My limit was only $300 and that was fine. For no good reason they just up and lowered my limit to $100!! I have never missed a payment and this is the loyalty I get! I am canceling this card and I will shop a Home Depot instead of Lowes!!

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Apr 03, 2017
great card to use same as cash.
Anonymous Cardholder

i dont make big purchases, i normally spend at the most $300 and pay it all off as soon as its posted. my average sores are 749-769. they started me off at a low limit of $300, a year later i asked for a credit limit increase to $2000 and was immediately bumped to $5400. the 5% off is a nice little savings also!

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Mar 31, 2017
Money Sucking Not Caring
Anonymous Cardholder

If you apply for electronic statements...you will get notice in the email...

They have a really good system where they will send a reminder for payment AFTER THEY CHARGED A LATE FEE


29% interest is not enough...they have to make sure to remind you AFTER its late...

Most other card companies remind you BEFORE.

Hey, payment is due in 10 days...

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Mar 21, 2017
screw this and anything synchrony
mrmojr1 Cardholder

i had a loews card for 10 years never missed a payment, i also had a walmart card, i missed a payment on my walmart card by one day....one effing day.....called and they said that i would get a letter.  i then tried to use my lowes card the next day and transaction was declined.....long story short, they cancelled my lowes card because of one payment missed on my walmart card, so i now have neither one.......this company is a joke....DONT DO IT

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Mar 03, 2017
Holy ****.

Just know this.  They dont have their **** together.  

Constantly getting "red" letters in the mail for no reason.  Claiming I missed payments, or my account is closed for no reason.

they are so messed up, you would have less of a hassle getting a payday loan!

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