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Jan 21 2012
Credit Karma Member

Initial limit of $500. After no lates, low util., and perseverance, I am now at $8,500. I've noticed they?give much larger CLI after you've been with them a year or so.?I rarely use this card and barely like Lowe's. You get a 5% discount on everything! Whenever I have a home to remodel, I am sure this card will be taken advantage of; they are always offering some time of 0% for 6 mos or so. :-). Push the love button every three months or so. I do it a lot as they are only soft inquiries, which do not reflect poorly as they are an existing creditor on your CR.

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Jul 06 2017
Synchony Finanical / Lowes / NEVER AGAIN
Credit Karma Member

3 years ago, my wife and I applied for Lowes credit card and was approved for $6000! With such a large limit, we could charge $1-2 thousand on the card and not have it affect our credit in a negative way. Plus, take advantage of the 5% off and 0% APR Promos. This was the impression we were under at the time. Without getting into detail, about two months ago, we had a family emergency which drained our saving account and almost maxed out two of MY credit cards; not my wife?s. When I checked, our credit reports the following month, my wife?s credit was fine. However, mine took a little bit of a dip because of the new high balances on my two major credit cards I still hold. Still I was sitting at a 705 Avg. Score and my wife was @ a 790 Avg. I thought to myself, no worries I'll pay down the balance on my two credit cards and my credit scores should come back up in 6 months or so. ?A couple of weeks ago, I was going to purchase a $300 lawn mower from Lowes using the Lowes credit card. I only had $1300 balance, I thought it wise to just charge the mower and pay it off by the end of the month. When I went to check the balance on my Lowes card through Synchony Financial, I learned that: THEY DROPPED MY CREDIT LIMIT TO $2000 FROM $6000! THUS FURTHER RUINING MY CREDIT UTILIZATION .... Now, with no other credit cards in my name and my other 2 major credit cards nearly maxed out. I pulled my credit report again yesterday as it updated and my score dropped another 20 points because of this! Worse off, my wife took a smaller hit on her credit score! I received a letter from Synchony Financial after I found this out and they said it was because of the high balances on my other credit cards I had recently racked up... I paid this and all my bills on time and for more than the minimum payments. Now because SYNCHONY FINANCIAL did this, the security blanket I thought I had with a $6000 credit limit is now gone along with 20 points on my credit score? All for doing business with these jerks! I gave both Lowes and Synchony Financial a chance to make this right and all the did was note my concerns on the account... Because it would save money on interest and to show how stupid they are, I transferred the balance from Lowes Credit to my AMEX card. FYI: SYNCHONY FINANCIAL also does business with Newegg which I did the same on that card as well and will never use it again. ?? I now REFUSE to do BUSINESS with both Lowes and Newegg because I won?t purchase from an organization that does business with SHARKS like SYNCHONY FINANCIAL. If you read the very, very, very fine print, you will learn that they can pull your credit report at any time and ADJUST your credit limit to fit their needs. They can even close the account on you! All though this is legal, IT SHOULD BE A CRIME! This is not a good business practice and hurts the consumers.

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Jun 14 2020
The worst customer service ever!
Credit Karma Member

This company has the WORST customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. I am very much on top of my credit and have mainly made promotional purchases so that I do not have to pay the exceptionally high interest rate. Well my husband and I decided to do a master bathroom renovation chose to use the 84 month equal payment option. I called customer service to verify that the minimum payment would be applied to the 84 month payment and that the remaining balance of my payment would be applied to the 6 month no interest promotional purchases in the order of expiration. Unfortunately, even with patience and using a very low vocabulary level, the customer service agents can't get it right. They have applied $500 instead of $48 to the 84 month option and then charged me interest on the promotional purchase that was to expire. It took several calls to get that corrected. The last straw was when I decided I didn't want to pay the interest on the 84 month promotional purchase so I made a $3000 payment and specifically told the agent that I wanted to pay off the $2300 on that purchase and then pay off the other promotional purchases in the order of expiration first. I had one expiring in Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb. Once again, failure to do as I had instructed. Instead, the purchases that didn't have interest were paid off and the 84 month purchase was left lingering. Then I call and ask for a supervisor and can't get one on the phone. This is ridiculous and truly unprofessional. I know I have spent at least a minimum of 7 hours on the phone customer service since March. Just absolutely ridiculous. I knew I should have signed up with home depot. I will not be utilizing this card again. Too much of a hassle

Jan 03 2020
Short term benefits only.
Credit Karma Member

This card is great if you intend to pay it off monthly, or intend to use promotional 0% interest rates. Otherwise there are little to no rewards. When I signed up for this card they automatically enrolled me in autopay, which is impossible to set limits from the website. Long story short, my six month of interest free purchase was paid in full at the first billing cycle due to the idiosyncrasies of their payment system. Customer service more or less told me too bad, so I in turn closed the card. Avoid Synchrony at all costs!

Dec 09 2019
Pain in the ***
Credit Karma Member

Horrible customer service couldnt help me get payments set up through my bank account so i messed up a couple of times and they closed my account even though i never missed a payment and account was always in good standing

Oct 31 2019
Credit Karma Member

I applied when I needed a new washer ASAP but buying outright was not an immediate option. The application process was easy and my new washer was delivered promptly. After a couple months of regular payment & chipping away at the balance by about 30%, imagine my shock when the limit was lowered to the current balance. They gave the reason that I had Opened other credit cards in the interim... well... YES I did. It was a regular credit card that I could use anywhere and get points to fly with. It's not like I opened 3 more retail cards. I'm annoyed. These other experiences are discouraging. I'll likely pay off the balance and not use it much, just because closing it looks bad. It also looks like I've maxed out the card because of them abruptly lowering my limit. Thumbs down for this one. There's got to be another way if you're in the same situation I was.?

Oct 23 2019
Shady Practices
Credit Karma Member

Purchased a house and needed supplies. Credit score was 750 at the time.? Applied for the Lowe's card and received a $300 limit. Made the first "minimum payment" (which was more than required), then paid off the balance the following week. Went to? Lowe's to purchase myself a lawn mower. Got to the counter and the card was declined. Get on the phone with Synchrony Bank rep (who was EXTREMELY RUDE) to inquire about the card being declined. She said: "Because you paid off the balance and this is a new account, we lock the card for 6 days, and you are unable to use it." So I say:? "You mean to tell me that because I paid off the balance, I am being prohibited from using the card with a zero balance?? This defeats the entire purpose of having the card." She replies: Yes, but this is a new account. I say: Well okay, but that still doesn't make sense. Why? She says: Because you paid of the balance so quickly, it triggered a fraud alert on your account. (Now nevermind that the first minimum payment came from the exact bank and personal account). So I say: I could see if maybe the balance was charged on the card and that might trigger a fraud alert, but paying off the balance triggers fraud? That's ridiculous and I"ve never heard of such a thing. She gets snide and says -"Well, if you want, you can apply for a credit line increase" I say: No thanks. I'll be cancelling this card and closing out the account. ? Went directly to Lowe's and purchased my lawn mower with my Captiol One card. ?

Oct 14 2019
Had the card never missed a payment
Credit Karma Member

Closed my account never missed a payment

Oct 01 2019
Stay away from this card
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for over 10 years , have a 780 credit score for no reason they drop my limit from 7500 to 1500 ,which ****es me off cause that affects my utilization, I will no longer shop at there store! Crappy company

Aug 31 2019
Low credit limit
Credit Karma Member

My FICO is 830, credit utilization is under 3% on 300K of available credit. Yet Lowe's gives me a card with 4K limit. Just bought a new house, I could never use this card due to the low limit - it was lower my score based on utilizaiton.? Canceling it and sticking with Home Depot.

Aug 06 2019
Credit Karma Member

If you set up auto pay anytime at all, know that it will automatically kick back in on future payments. Even if you pay in full. The charge will be debited from your account even if you owe NOTHING!! you will have to get your bank to fax proof that the auto draft came through.... even if it already shows up in Lowe's credit department...... Ludacris!!!! it will then take 7 to 15 days to have your money returned to you by check. Again completely ridiculous!!!!

Aug 03 2019
Will close for no reason.
Credit Karma Member

I had a $15,000 limit and a mid-700s credit score.? I used 10k of it on a new home improvement and Synchrony (the issuing bank) closed it without reason and minimum payments of $410-440 began immediately.? Half of the balance has been paid off now and the monthly minimum remains the same.??

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