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Lowe's Credit Card

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2.0 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 09, 2016
They give credit increase, Great card, G
JRTampa Cardholder

I applied for the card, was approved online, Great,, Was a little sad my credit limit was only 800,, but 3 month later my credit was bumped up to 6000, Just gos to show, keep your balance under 30% and pay your bill in full, and good things will happen.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 07, 2016
MisterioM Cardholder

Purchased 3 Tons of wood pellets to cover me for the entire winter season. The first ton I purchased with 5% off the rest with 6 months differed interest. My wife wanted to do some Christmas decorating and I used the Card for the 5% off for some items, NEVER AGAIN!! The allocating of the new purchase versus the promotional balance expiring is a headache.  Keep an eye on this people, on the second to last moth of the promotional balance expiring they will take your minimum payment and allocate it wherever the bank wants to. Make sure you pay the minimum first then pay the recent purchase in total and send them an online message to allocate the payment to the most recent purchases.  Made a mistake and missed the calculation by $19 and bam they charged me interest on what was left over after they applied the minimum to the promotional balance and the rest allocated to the recent purchases. The worst part is that I contacted them twice telling them that I wanted my payment allocated so that I would not incur in interest charges and they were not considerate enough to tell me what was going to happen because I was short $19.00. Goodbye Lowes, I’m going to start buying on Amazon for the smaller stuff and Home Depot for the larger. You really picked the wrong bank to represent your consumer card.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 13, 2016
imposible to get card fixed when they ty
tnnow Cardholder

imposible to get verified when they mistype your phone number

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Nov 13, 2016
Avoid at all costs.
Anonymous Cardholder

I read the prior reviews and thought I could avoid the pitfalls of the 6-month special financing. Surely, I thought, these people simply didn't read the fine print? False. I purchased a tractor after an elaborate conversation with a Lowe's credit card rep about precisely how to set things up to avoid paying interest. I screenshot the whole conversation, convinced that something would go wrong. And, as you might predict, things did go wrong. Simply put, the financing is designed to collect interest on you. The website layout is terrible. The instructions for how to pay your promotional balance are minimal and obfuscated. And you will inevitably pay interest. 

Yes, the 5% off is nice. But not nice enough to negate the interest you will pay and the customer service you will receive. Get yourself a card with a 0% financing for X months if you want special financing or a 2% cashback card if you want to save money. The other 3% just isn't worth it with this card.

Avoid. At. All. Costs.

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Nov 26, 2016

All credit companies and banks have minimum payment plans. Its up to you on how to decide what the amount needed to pay the purchase off in the allotted time to avoid interest. The financing through Synchrony Bank is designed for responsible adults with good decision making skills. You cant pay off your purchase with paying only minimum payments. That's everywhere..

Nov 10, 2016
Easy approval process
MimiRoss Cardholder

I was approved for $2,000 initially. I recon and told them I wanted to buy a washer and dryer set and I would be over 50% on my credit usage so was there anyway they could raise it up to $5,000? They asked me to verify annual income, address, phone number and then approved me for the $5,000!!!

They pulled Transunion. My scores was 753, no baddies, no bankruptcy and already have 3 other credit cards with Synchrony (Marvel Mastercard, Walmart Store Card and Amazon Prime Store Card)

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Oct 28, 2016
Worst customer service EVER!!!!!!!!
michaelberke Cardholder

WHAT THE F! I just had to go through just t pay my F'n bill NO F'n way F this card and Lowes I'm going to Home Depot Lowes CC sucks ***! THE F'n BS one has to go through just to pay their F'n bill F this BS card!!!!!!!!

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Nov 10, 2016

How Hard is it to pay a bill? You Get a Statement, Write out a check for the full balance, put the check, and the payment sub from the bill in the the Supplied enveloped. place a stamp on it and send it in. Easy as backing a Pie.

Oct 22, 2016
Unhappy1234 Cardholder

I have had a Lowes business card since 2009, I've never made a late payment or missed a payment  in seven years. I have a business and am in process of opening another business in January 2017. I wanted to increase my credit amount from 1500 to 3000 for some repair expenses to the new building. I was declined, and am now waiting on my letter to explain why.  I am very disappointed in this card because they do not report your payment history only if you don't pay will it be reported. I will be checking the Home Depot credit department next week to see what they offer.

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Oct 18, 2016
Not worth the hassle
Anonymous Cardholder

I was approved and received special financing using the Lowe's Consumer Credit for two separate transactions (a dryer for one year and some home improvement items for 2 years). When you make your monthly paymnet, you must CALL them to assign how much will be put on each of the specially-financed items. I did this each month for 3 months and they never got it right. Last month I decided to pay off the dryer early to make it more simple. I confirmed that the full payment was made to it and that, in the future, I would not need to call but that all the payment would go to that remaining home improvement special financing (I do not use the card for other purchases).  I received my bill today and, surprise, they still did not get it right and did not put the full amount needed to pay off the dryer last month. So, yet again, I will be required to call them and ensure that it is paid off. I have absolutely ZERO confidence that it will happen. At least, once the dryer one is finally cleared up I will not have to call them anymore. I will NEVER use this again.

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Oct 13, 2016
Terrible Customer Service
Anonymous Cardholder

I had this card for maybe a yr. We had an issue where my wifes debit card was stolen a couple days after a payment was made. We of course cancelled the card. I then noticed my Lowes credit card was cancelled because of insufficiant/declined funds on a payment. I called customer service and was given the runaround on the issue for weeks, then told to re-apply. lesson learned with their Credit Service. Paying off balance on a card I cannot use.

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Oct 03, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
kpbiegert Cardholder

Had a payment go late while in boot camp for the Navy, where I was unable to make payments on it. Called afterwards after having zero'd the balance out and getting everything current to request an act of good faith in removing the late payment from my credit report and they refused.

0/10. Never getting anything from Synchrony again.

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Oct 02, 2016
rs122334 Cardholder

Declined with 678 trans,706 experian, 626 equifax. Approved at Home Depot for 1500.

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Sep 27, 2016
Decent Card, Horrible Customer Treatment

I got this card 18 months ago to buy a dryer, love the in store everyday discounts when it comes to doing DIY home projects. This month by my own fault, I was a week late, they sent an email when it was a week past due, I logged in the next morning to pay it, the demanded a minimum payment of triple of usual minimum payment and had slashed my credit limit from $1,200 to $700. When I reached out to customer service, asking for a reason since this was the first late payment in 18 months, this is the response I received: 

Credit limits are determined by an evaluation of information obtained from a credit reporting agency and may also include your purchase and payment history. Periodically, your account is reviewed to determine if your credit limit can be increased or decreased. As your credit limit was changed, you were notified by letter on 09/22/16.

The letter they claim to have sent, I have not yet recieved, and slashing my credit limit put the card utilization at over 50%, which in turn dropped my credit score. Be warned, because this is the only company I have ever had do this to me, and their treatment is unprofessional and simply ridiculous. As soon as the balance is paid off, I will be closing this account. 

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