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Sep 09, 2016
worst credit card ever!
Anonymous Cardholder

I'd give this credit card a MINUS 5 star rating if possible.  We just received brand new credit cards with the chip. I send my daughter off to college out of state.  She's in the middle of the road trip, goes to make her first purchase and the credit card doesn't work.  I call customer service, who tells me some of the new cards are having technical issues.  They'll send a replacement card on Tuesday (today is Friday).  Ummm - how is that supposed to help my daughter, on a road trip to college, out of state?  The only suggestion was to wire money to my daughter with Western Union.  The 1950's called and they want their way of transacting business back.  As soon as I can get cards for my kids from one of my other credit cards, I'm cancelling this one.  Don't use it - it will leave you stranded in the middle of no-where.  Sad that a quality company like Lexus would have its name associated with such a poor quality card.

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Jul 17, 2016
Surprising approval!
redflag777 Cardholder

I have slew of Comenity cards but 99% have no balance. I looked up my credit score today on myfico, and I was 550 all the way across. Im figuring my income helped me with this. Approved with 750 CL. I had to call them though to answer some security questions and I got approved. Now, i know 750 is nothing to some of you guys, but for someone who started this journey with a 407 fico, Its truly refreshing. I dumped alot of bad debt by paying it all off.  Then loading up on comenity cards. I look at it like buying stock. Eventually it will all pay off. I will always be loyal to comenity.  

For the people out there in the 400-600 range, dont let the high rollers on this site discourage you from tending to your garden. Some guys will brag about having a 20k limit then list every card they have with limits. Ego's are mans worst enemy. Dont get discouraged and keep trying.  Get with comenity bank. Google the list of cards they offer and start getting them. Dont plan on using them. All shopping cart tricks dont work. The majority of mine were done with the normal app. Here my list of the easiest cards to get through comenity. If you make 30k or more, your odds are better.

Henri Bendel

Elder Beerman


Express Next


Full Beauty

Hsn Card


King Sized

Love Loft/ Ann Taylor

J Crew

Brylane Homes

Burkes Outlet


NewYork & Company

Keep these in order with low utilization then you'll get 

The Lexus Pursuits Visa.

I got these cards over 5 months, not all at one time. Alot of inquiries but I'm going on a 24 month freeze. No apps, no new credit. When I defrost, I should be close to 700. Ill purposely carry some small balaces($2500 total) over 10 cards.

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