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Jun 22 2020
Closed with no warning
Credit Karma Member

I'd used the card in the last 6 months and it was fully paid off. I went to use the card again, but it was declined. Tried to log into the credit card management site but it said I had no account anymore. For whatever reason my account was closed with no warning which dinged my credit score.

May 26 2020
The card isn't worth it!
Credit Karma Member

I went to use my Lane Bryant Card (which had a $0 balance) online for a sale purchase and it was declined. I called Lane Bryant and the automated phone system told me my account was closed and hung up on me. I had to call COMENITY Bank directly to get any answer's and was told my account had be closed due to inactivity. They never sent any notification that the account would be closed. This was really annoying and the comment from COMENITY Bank's customer service was that I could re-apply to get a new card. No thanks, not taking a second hit on my credit report after you closed my account.

Sep 23 2019
Waste of Time
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for close to 2 years. I always kept my balance at a zero. I would use the card but pay it off within 2 weeks. I received a letter today saying that they lowered my available to $100 and closed my account due to no activity. I used this card last month and paid it off that same week. I guess if they do not make any interest off of you they go ahead and close it. Guess they lost a loyal customer.

Aug 23 2019
They are running a scam
Credit Karma Member

They added "fees" after I had paid the balance due. Then charged me a late fee because I wasn't aware of the additional charges. I never received a statement and since I haven't used it since I paid it off, I wasn't expecting there to be any amount due.

Jul 18 2019
Credit Karma Member

Tried to find out why they keep lowering my limit because it causes my credit score to go down and they can't give me a straight answer. All they do is repeat the same thing to me each time I ask, when I asked for PROOF of my credit score going drastically lower they can't give me any proof. As soon as I get this paid off I am canceling it and I will NEVER step foot in another store again, and I will stand out side their stores telling anyone that will listen about their practices before they apply for a card. LBSUCKS

Dec 15 2018
Do NOT get this card.
Credit Karma Member

need to start by saying, I do not EVER make late payments. I'm two months ahead on all my bills. So imagine my surprise when I received a call saying I was severely delinquent on my account. I told them this was impossible and they said I had paid a day late so they charged a $24 fee. Three months later when I received THE FIRST ATTEMPT AT CONTACT, I was told that the late fees on the late fees were upwards of $270. WHAT?! I not only had paid on time but I even asked the girl if I was all caught up to date and she said "yes, you paid on time so there won't be any late fees." When I told the customer service rep this, she admitted that the original girl was wrong and said regardless of this fact, if I didn't pay, they were going to send me to collections and ruin my credit. So to sum it up, I paid on time and was told I was on time and wouldn't get late fees. They charged me a late fee on a zero balance account and then charged late fees on top of late fees and made no attempt to contact me about this. Then essentially blackmailed me to pay or damage my credit even further. Oh, and right after I lodged a complaint, they dropped my credit limit by half

Dec 12 2018
Local Customers Need Not Apply
Credit Karma Member

I have been a loyal customer of theirs for nearly 2 decades. My credit card had a charge amount of close to $1K that had a zero balance. I went into thestore to make a purchase of $120 and was declined. Utterly embarrassed with a long line of customers behind me, I was informed my credit limit was now $100. I had not been notified. I made my purchase in July 2018 and within 2 months had paid off that balance. Fast forward to December 2018, and I find out through Credit Karma that my card was now closed. So not only was I a loyal customer and paid my account balances but they have added insult to injury by hurting my credit and closing my account instead of allowing me to close it on my own. Way to make your customers feel appreciated Lane Bryant and Comenity, I will never shop with them again.

Nov 24 2018
Credit Karma Member

I used this card to build my credit. They decreased my limit and closed my account for inactivity. Very disappointed. I will not be shopping with them in the future.

Oct 09 2018
Lane Bryant is full of crap
Credit Karma Member

ThisCard does not want you to use it responsibly when you don't use the card they lower your credit limit will close the account without any notification just because you are not using the card because you don't have no money to pay it off so if you leave it without a balance then guess what the car is going to close so no matter how hard you're trying to stay out of debt but still build your credit they will cause you to get ****ed off because of the fact that they won't allow you to keep the card was a limit on it just because you're not using it it's full of crap and then when they hire your credit limit if you don't use all of the amounts will lower it until you have nothing

Feb 27 2018
Credit Karma Member

It started out a great card. Helped build my credit up after my divorce. Several credit increases over the course of 5 years. Then all of a sudden BAM! credit decrease. Decreased to just shy of my current balance putting my utilization to over 97% really this is what I get for paying my payments on time. Im paying this card off. And possibly never shopping here again. Sorry I like your bra's but even the quality of those have decreased lately.

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Lane Bryant Credit Card

Lane Bryant Credit Card

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