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Feb 01, 2015
It is a typical store card.
jgroovydaisy Cardholder

I am rebuilding my credit.  I am used to denials and try to roll with it.  The sales woman talked me into applying.  I had a CK score of abou 570.  I received a credit limit of $300.  I have had this card for over six months now.  I do not carry a balance if I can help it.  (If you buy on line you have to wait for the product to be shipped before you can pay off the purchase.)  For the most part my utilization is at zero percent.  My CK score has jumped in the last six months to about 624.  I was turned down by a regularly MC for not having enough credit cards so my hope is keeping this open will continue to show good utilzation of credit.  I don't seem to have as much as hatred towards the card as other reviewers.  It has a high interest rate like most store cards.  I will keep it open as it is part of my journey to credit.  It is serviced by Comenity Bank now.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 25, 2014
Low Credit Limits
Anonymous Cardholder

Comenity Bank approved me with a $150 credit limit. My score was 642 at the time. After one year of using it and paying it off the same month, they refuse to give me a credit lime increase. I don't feel that $150 is even worth having, considering I have $6000 worth of available credit through other cards. I closed this account today and felt awesome about doing so. It wasn't my oldest open account and only one year old, so if it has any effect on my score, it should recover quickly. Don't waste your time with this card, it isn't worth it!!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 03, 2017
JonieMB Cardholder

The credit card management company- Comenity- ruins everything for Lane Bryant, Catherines, Bealls of Florida, and many more companies. 

I have good credit, I keep on top of my accounts, but this credit card and its management company will be your worst nightmare. Sure the clothes were great, but dealing with Comenity is not.

They are relentless. And hell do not pay ahead of the due date, because that does not count for crap. The finance charges will mount up too. PATHETIC!!! I am cancelling my account the moment my final payment goes in. I already cancelled Catherines and Bealls when I saw that Comenity was their card company.


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Nov 09, 2016
Good rebuilding card
Andrea336 Cardholder

It seems cool so far, will give updates after make first payment 

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Sep 15, 2016
Just Don't Do It!
GinJo1221 Cardholder

Never again.  Annual increases in interest rate even though I pay more than the minimum and always on time; Uninformed credit card staff - called to pay off my balance, asked what the balance was and how long I had to pay it off before more interest accrued.  I was given the balance and told I had until the due date to pay this amount.  This was a lie.  I paid nearly 25 days before the due date and was still charged interest plus a $2 minimum fee.  Is it even possible to pay this card off?  Ridiculous!

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Jan 03, 2017

Agree with you there, horrible. They do not reward early or more than minimum payments. They penalize everything.

Jul 13, 2016
$300 CL Approved With 608 TU and 583 EQ
jai3moo Cardholder

I was surprised to get approved for a Lane Bryant card after being denied for a Walmart card. I assume it is because Comnity Bank uses a different crieteria than Synchrony Bank. I am not able to get any approvals through Sync. I was approved for a Lane Bryant card yesterday and only applied for it because I was shopping for my mother and go $20 off a purchase. I really didn't think I would get approved but I received a $300 CL.

I got approved and recieved a coupon code for $20off if I used it the same day. Unfortunatly, I was not able to use the coupon, life got in the way! So I went back today to try and use it. It declined. The chat representative gave me a new coupon for 25% off. Which isn't the same I know but she atleast tried. Thats more than I can say for some other companies. 

The fact that I can pay online and hae chat access to customer service gives this company an A in my book. I like web access since I spend most of my time chained to my desk while working and speaking to clients. I can easily access my account online and chat with a rep if needed. I hope to be able to increase my CL after a few months. The intrest is quite high though I expect that with my credit at this point. However, the whole goal is not to carry a balance so it shouldn't matter. 

I will maybe use this card twice a year for Mom's birthday and mothers day. I have been rebuilding my credit after a nasty divorce including a even worse seperation. My CS plummetted to 505 TU. I currently have a secured Cap 1 with $500 CL, Discover It Secured 300 CL, Credit One unsecured 400 CL, Matrix unsecured 500. CL. My total usual utilization is just under 20% but I just started my road to repair 3/22/16.  With time I should be able to build my credit.

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Jun 30, 2016
Great card to help rebuild credit
bigdaddywp Cardholder

I have a poor credit score and have been working very hard to improve my credit.  I was pleasantly surprised to get approved for this card with a $300 credit limit.  My goal is to use this card responsibly and not carry a balance.  Just hoping that by the end of the year to see some really big improvement in my credit score.

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Jun 17, 2016
Approved with low scores!

I applied online for this card after checking the credit pull database to confirm that Comenity pulls Experian reports in GA, because this is my highest score. I was instantly approved for $300. I'm happy with this as it has been reported that this bank provides consistent increases about every three months. EX - 635, TU - 546, EQ - 537. Looking forward to growing this card and improving my credit!

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Jan 03, 2017

Of course because they want to lure you in to spend spend spend, and then the relentless harassment will begin if you are even one second late. Beware. Avoid the credit limit increases.

May 05, 2016
Stay Away. Run don't walk.
Anonymous Cardholder

Comenity Bank is the worst company I have ever dealt with... that seems like an exaggeration, but its not. My sister is the primary account holder, and I pay the bill, they will not allow an authorization for me to speak on behalf of the policyholder when it come to any billings issues... and they do have a lot. I made a payment on 4/1/2016, then another one to reduce my balance on 4/15/2016.. After 6 days that they did not pull the funds, I bounced the check. When I called, Debbie the representative, she got an attitude with me, "well it is your fault you bounced the check, sweetheart". After retorting a couple of "sweethearts" back to her, and I understand I made a mistake, I'll own up to it, I questioned why was there a late charge or my account reading late after I made a payment that went through on the 1st. She calmed down and said it was a system issue... After quite some time on the phone, the card is now closed, a decision my sister and I made mutually. I'd rather eat nails from Home Depot then deal with this company. Never, NEVER, EVER Again. Bye Comenity Bank! Byyyyeeeee!!!!!

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Jan 03, 2017

TOTALLY AGREE! HATE HATE HATE them. I have had this card for a long time, however, I had not used it for a long time too. Then once I did they through a premier card at me with a higher credit limit. Then if you pay early you do not get that benefit. Oh and god forbid you are late on a payment, they will call you within hours of that payment date and continue to call on the hour until you pick up. I am talking Monday through Sunday 6 am until 10 pm.

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