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Kay Jewelers Credit Card

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2.5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 26, 2016
urhoneybeeyl Cardholder

for all of you who do not know and complain....shame on you for not reding or looking up the card and what it does, you cannot blame the sales people for the fact that you yourself did not do your due diligence in finding out exsactly what you signed up for..... the card is excellent and if you put down 20% downpayment within the 30 days of your purchase of 500 or more you will get it for 12 months interest free! on just that purchase if you buy something for 100 later in a month it does not  combine itself with the interest free deal! its an amazing way to raise your credit especially if you have a low score....KAYs owns their own financing and do not share your information with anyone! i personally love this card and love KAY JEWELERS!!!! my credit jumped up and now I have almost excellent credit! its in 700s!!!! good luck to you guys and those who don't read i don't know if luck will ever help you! cheers

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 29, 2015
Kay's employees are very shady.
ssjbryces Cardholder

I was making a purchase at Kay. I was given 2 payment options: either pay all upfront or do a payment plan. I asked if the payment plan would require a credit inquiry - they said no, but now I've discovered they lied. I had the money available to purchase the entire thing upfront and I would have done so had I been fully told. Nothing bad has happened so far, but the fact that they were so shady about it makes me nervous about my account going forward. I only discovered that this was affecting my credit because I regularly check Credit Karma. Otherwise I never would've even known about this account!

Now I'm stuck because I shouldn't close the account because it'll affect my credit, but I don't trust Kay to not screw up my account again!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 19, 2016
Great Starter Card
AdamVanLewen Cardholder

Way back in the day, the day I turned 18, I got this card. Got approved for $400 becuase I had no credit whatsoever. Got a watch, and have been just doing it NO INTEREST FOR 12 MONTHS for the past year and a half. I now have 4 really nice Movados and the raised my limit to $1,100. Customer service is bad, payments on the app are a nightmare. Just call in, although it's a time-consuming waste.

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Sep 28, 2016
so far Goo
KetKet1 Cardholder

It is a good card so far.  I got approved for $1000 with low scores in the 585-620 range.  Not sure which was my score because credit karma is different than my real score. Most time it is lower.  The only thing i dont like is that they do not allow you to change your payment due date.  I like all my bill close to the same day at the end of the month and so far of all of my cards this has been the only one that i could not change.  Even with a secured card i was able to get the dat i wanted but now with this one.  Other than that i have no issues so far

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Jul 25, 2016
Alyssab12 Cardholder

I had decent credit in the 720s until I got this card. I had the money to buy the ring straight up but I thought that financing it would help build my credit since I have only had a credit card for about a year and it was slow to rise. I was approved for $4,000 and paid a down payment of $850 for a $2,700 ring (plus warranty, tax, etc. making it $3,200). After I paid the down payment, they dropped my approval to $3,000 so I was using 70% of my credit card utilization rather than 50%. My credit score dropped 82 points after the first payment! (The minimum was $185 and I paid $200.) I paid $1,000 on it today hoping that lowering my utilization will help my score bounce back but I have spent so much time trying to raise my score it makes me want to cry! Now all I can do is wait. Make sure you know what you're getting into before signing up for this card!!

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Jul 23, 2016
Sugar to salt
Anonymous Cardholder

Had this card for a year before I used it. A few days ago ordered something and found out my account was closed. Not because of late payments or none payment. I paid a month in advance and over the minimum amount due. They closed my account due to an old hospital bill on my credit going to collections. Really!!!!! In the future, Kay, make leave account open until it is paid in full so that way u can ensure to be paid. Lol

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Jul 23, 2016
Sugar to salt
Snn525 Cardholder

I received an Kay credit card and waited over an year to use it. And a few days ago I placed an order for some $50 earrings and my order was accepted and 20 mins later cancelled. Come to find out my card was cancelled. Not because of non payment or because I was behind on any payments cause I wasn't any of those things. I paid a month ahead and over the minimum amount due. They cancelled my card because of an olllldd hospital bill went to collections on my credit report. If that don't make any sense. Kay for future reference leave account open until u r paid in full so u can ensure to get ur money. I was warned not to get a credit with them 

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Jul 19, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is a disgrace! My account was in good standing, I paid more than I needed to each month and for no reason it was closed. And it wasn't even open 2 years!! Will NEVER buy anything from there again!

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Jul 16, 2016
Don't apply!
1Diesel1 Cardholder

They will run random credit checks while you have them. Available credit will change both up and down. Call center service is the worst.

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Jun 03, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

They were very sketchy about interest rates when approved for $7,000 in store. When I finally got the actual card and information the interest rate was 25%!!! My credit score is over 800, that is ridiculous. Trying my to pay this card on line I always ended up having to reset password and still would give me error, forcing me to call to make a payment at which time they would act Ike waiving the fee for a phone payment was a huge favor to me. Eff that. Switched my balance to a lower interest card and will never utilize this card again. Good luck to anyone who does not have that option. 

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May 31, 2016
Merchandise is secured
Anonymous Cardholder

Its easy credit because each piece of Merchandise is secured--the credit card agreement states that the debtor gives them a secureity interest in the goods they sell to you o their card and therefore Merchandise secures the debt. If you default and can't pay, you have to give the goods back to them even if you file bankruptcy. Steer clear of these types of cards because you never know when you'll lose your job or a financial crisis happens---you wouldn't want to give them back you wedding rings!!!

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May 13, 2016
Wish I had't
Yolo2610 Cardholder

I was approved for this card last year for $1000

20% down. A few months later I applied and was approved for a Jared card..$500 limit. No one told me that this would be a shared account so my CL for Kays dropped to $500. They say it's the same credit line but different stores. Ok so I suck it up and keep the cards. I purchased a gift for Christmas and paid it off the same month. Hadn't purchased anything since. Fast forward to May..go in to purchase another gift only to be told that my account is up for review and because I had't uses the card since December and my credit report took a hit due to student loans they decided to close my account. I am still perplexed. What does that have to do with the Kays or Jared account? I am steady getting increases with Capital One and some of my other cards. Just beware. I will never buy from Kays again.

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