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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 30, 2012
Terrible credit, got this card.
Anonymous Cardholder

I had horrible credit when I got this card. My score was 530, and I was approved for $1100. My score jumped 80 points as a result. This card helped me recover, in conjunction with a secured credit card from Capital One.

The fact that I even qualified for no-interest for 12 months, $1100 credit line with a score of 530 made me question the quality of the card, but in the end it has helped me a lot. Can't say anything bad about this lender.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 20, 2013
Anonymous Cardholder

I have a credit card with Kays, the only down fault is that they report one month behind. Other than that it is a great card and great customer service company.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 22, 2017
Awesome opening credit line!
courtmonay Cardholder

So my boyfriend and I went window shopping for an engagement ring because we started talking about marriage and figured I'd point out some rings so he would know what I want when the time comes. First we had gone to Zale's and I pointed out a few rings to him that caught my eye so I figured I'd apply for their card and see what I was approved for. Only 2500, which would make my utilization 100% with the engagement ring I wanted. Told the lady there we would think about it, and then we went over to Kay's and I fell IN LOVE with a $4100 ring, and so the lady asked if we wanted to do a credit app and I was hesitant but she told us she could get a higher credit limit then what I had for Zale's. What do you know she comes back and I got approved for $8100! I was so excited! We ended up buying the ring under a low apr for 36 months with low minimum payments of 130 each month. I'm so excited about my new ring and new card, thank you Kay! My transunion score is 671 and my experian is 688, with a fico of 690. My utilization for my credit cards are around 20% overall and I have 13,400 in available credit before those 2 cards. I only have credit cards and one installment loan, but I have a ton of inquiries from when I just turned 18 and went crazy with applying. But obviously Kay's was kind enough to approve me for such a high credit line! Awesome card!

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Jun 12, 2017
Good card to build credit
creditninja25 Cardholder

I applied for a CL with Kay's in October of 2016 to buy a ring for my girlfriend. My oldest line of credit was about 6 months old with Chase and my EQ and TU scores were in the mid 600's. I had a derogatory mark on my credit from a 2010 medical bill, nonetheless, Kay's approved me for a 400 CL. This raised my score by bringing up my total accounts and establishing a payment history. I financed a ring with a downpayment at 0% interest for a year. I'm almost done paying off the ring and have had no issues with Kay's at all. I make my payments before their due date, sometimes paying over to get the ring paid of faster. They have always been kind in store to me and I haven't had any issues like other card holders are describing. If you are looking to establish your credit because you had none, opening a card with a jeweler is a great way to do it. My EQ and TU scores are 730/730 right now. This card helped me out and I would definitely recommend it to those who are responsible enough to pay their accounts on time, negotiate terms and maintain their credit score. Every year they check your credit score with a soft pull and determine whether to increase your CL, close the account or decrease the CL. Do research on cards before you apply for them, and please review the card based on the experience, not your inability to understand how credit reports and companies issuing credit work!

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May 19, 2017
Great credit booster
GinaJack17 Cardholder

Great credit booster. Easy process and no interest on payments. 

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May 14, 2017
Absolute Scam
Anonymous Cardholder

Was shopping for a ring for my fiance, and found the perfect ring at Kay. Problem was, it was last years style and they were trying to get rid of them so they could only be ordered online. No big deal. The girl at the counter continues to tell me that the only way to have to ring shipped is to open an acount with them. Again, no big deal. I told them from the beginning that I didn't need fiancing. Come to find out, opening an "account" there meant signing me up for this terrible credit card with 27% apr and ridiculous minimun payments without telling me. Now I'm stuck with this on my credit report with nothing I can do about it. Terrible card from a terrible comapny.

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Mar 30, 2017
YoSoyMuerto Cardholder

Double charged my last payment and overdrew my account.   Mind you, I never received a confirmation email about my monthly payment.

Called to get a re-imbursement as this was their fault.  Spoke to a Stephanie in customer service.  She was rude and basically told me nothing they could do as this was my fault.  I could have called to make sure my payment was going through, which has nothing to do with me paying double the premium amount.

Will be cancelling my card.

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Mar 08, 2017
Poor customer service!
kmdrpr Cardholder

I had this card for 2 years and it was in good standing with the company, i tried to go in store 2 weeks after i purchsed a new bridal set, to upgrade that bridal set to a bigger size and little did i know they had closed my account! WITHOUT WARNING so not only was it extremely embarrassing to have the purchse declined but I  would have been screwed with having to pay over $3,000 upfront or sent to collections for that if I hadn't gone in to find this out because they didn't call, email, or send a letter in mail informing me of this! I have had a good standing account with an excellent payment history with them over the last 2 years! To blindside a customer like this is very wrong, I don't care if it was in the terms at sign up that they do a credit check every year, i have a credit score that is over the 600 range so really?!?!? I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH KAY OR STERLING JEWELERS AGAIN, which is a shame because I would be spending close to $10,000 with them! 

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Mar 02, 2017
Only ones willing to help rebuild credit
Anonymous Cardholder

This was the only card that was willing to help me rebuild my credit, I'm hoping to get an increase I've had it for a few years now and it's really helped me establish my credit and my score 

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Feb 14, 2017
Should come with a warning lable
Anonymous Cardholder

I recently got a Kay card to put a wedding band on, I had the cash to pay for the ring in hand but thought why not. Was approved for $1000 limit so out 700 on the card and paid 150 on it the first month. Little did I know the MAX amount of credit line available for the card was 400 so after 2 months and my credit dropping 100 points before I checked CK. I notified the company and sadly it was put in the system wrong but nothing could be done through the bearu for my credit score. Being in the recovery stage of the card I'm a little salty towards them and will likely never use this card again.

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Jan 24, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

very rude customer service

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Jan 24, 2017
Piece of garbage
Anonymous Cardholder

I was late by a month and I called them up because they closed my account and they couldn't reopen the account and it totally crashed my credit score. 

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