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Sep 11 2019
Credit Karma Member

Unauthorized charges of more than $1,000 put on J Crew credit card

Jul 17 2019
Terrible card, get your credit ruined
Credit Karma Member

They do not have an option to set automated payments, when I was outside the country and missed a payment they sent my account to collections for $32

Jul 19 2018
Don't use this card
Credit Karma Member

They do not allow you to set up automatic monthly payments. If you care about credit, do not get this card.

Apr 03 2018
Credit Karma Member

Bank used outdated information to lower my credit limit which made my score go even lower. When I called to clarify they suggested that if I wanted my old credit line back they would make another inquiry (hard inquiry on my credit report. Dealing with sishonest bankers is the worst!

Feb 01 2018
Not Bad
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card in May 2017 and was instantly approved for $300. CK TU at the time was around 632-645. Despite the low limit, I used it once or twice and paid it off right away. Fast forward six months from application date, I get an auto CLI of $1450. A month later, I decided to test my luck and pressed the LUV button and was approved for an additional $990. Perks: Free tailoring, birthday gift card, early access to products & discounts

Apr 05 2017
Easy approval
Credit Karma Member

I read about the 'shopping cart trick' and decided to see if it would work for a J. Crew card. I added some stuff to my cart, clicked checkout, filled out the first two pages of checkout and clicked to the billing page ... and I got the "preapproved application". I filled it out (only asks for last 4 of social security number), submitted it, and was instantly approved for $1000.00. 5 months credit history ... TU 707, EQ 709, no Experian score yet ... CapOne secured card with 200.00 credit limit, First Choice secured card with 500.00 credit limit, OpenSky secured card with 400.00 credit limit. 6% utilization. No baddies. Very pleased. I'll wait nine months before using the luv button.

Mar 13 2017
Horrible and confusing rewards program
Credit Karma Member

This is one of the worst rewards program. The points expire at the end of the year and does not roll over. Of course they don't explain that. Even when I shop at J Crew, I stopped using the card.

Feb 28 2017
Received offer through Shopping Cart
Credit Karma Member

I received pre-approval at checkout (wasn't trying the shopping cart trick, it naturally popped up) I accepted the offer and was approved for a $250 credit limit. Current scores are 583 Experian, 558 Equifax and 571 TransUnion. Per pop-up message, card should be received within 7-10 days, pending receipt of card to see if reviews on quick credit limit increase is true.

Dec 13 2016
Credit card hacked
Credit Karma Member

Without losing the card and not using it for about 2 years, my credit card was hacked. Someone was trying to get personal checks from the card. While Comenity stopped it from happening, to reopen the card you have to send extremely personal information through the mail. You have to send a copy of your SSN, drivers license and utility bill. It's just not worth it for you to have your personal information end up in the wrong hands. So the only other option is to cancel the card.

Nov 08 2016
Love my card!
Credit Karma Member

I love my J Crew card! I have a factory store nearby, so I use it a lot. Only had a $250 credit limit to start, and immediately went online to set up my account and asked for an increase---upped it to $459 and I hadn't even used it yet! I bought something and made a return a few days later. Checked my account online, and it had already been credited back. Happy with this so far. Easy bill pay online, posts quickly. Love earning my points for each purchase, and can't wait to start seeing some rewards! Still rebuilding my credit, so I pay this off every month. Comenity Bank is great for second chances if you take it seriously! Definitely worth having if you love J. Crew!

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J.CREW Credit Card

J.CREW Credit Card

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