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May 26 2018
Credit Karma Member

? I Own Indigo, Milestone,? ?Which Are From The Same Banking Branch!?But On Your Credit Report,?It Will Show Two Different Accounts!? I Also Own Total Visa All Of Which, Has High Annual Fee!? And With Only A Three Hundred Dollar Limit!? I Also Own Two First Premier Credit Cards And A CreditOne Bank!? All Of These Cards Reports To All Three Credit?Bureau's.? ?But If You Use These Cards, Just Like They Use You, You Will Reach Your Goals Of A Better Score! And A Better Credit Report.? If You Do The Following Steps That I Have Done! ? (#1)? If These Cards Hit You With There High Annual Fee Once A Month, Then Break Them Down To Either Three Or Four Months, And Not Use Them At All Except Every Four Months, And Only For Small Purchases, This Will Show On Your Credit Reports, That These Accounts Are Active!? And Keep A Record When?These High?Annual Fee's Hit Again Next Year!? This Will Keep Your Credit Utilization Down To 0% Utilization, This Will Increase Your Credit Score, And Improve Your Credit Reports And Credit History! ??

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Mar 01 2019
I wish I could give it ZERO stars
Credit Karma Member

I have never had an issue quite like this with a company... EVER. At this point I am frustrated and about to let them charge the **** card off! Every time that I go online to make a payment, their site tells me that I have the wrong log in information and that my account is being ?locked for 30 minutes for security purposes? so of course I go through the steps of changing the password... locked out again! So I change the password again (writing it down this time so I KNOW there aren?t mistakes) and nope! Locked out again! So I call the number that the site gives me... the recording states that the hours of operation are 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. I called at 8:45 this morning (Friday)... recording tells me that offices are closed and to call back during normal business hours. To make things better... THERE IS NO AUTOMATED PAYMENT PHONE NUMBER! ?Therefore you are pretty much GUARANTEED to get charged a late fee, ESPECIALLY if your payment is due on a Friday. I have had this card for almost two years, and I go through this EVERY month. I know that it seems awesome to be approved by a card company when your credit is sub-par... but unless you want it destroyed further, walk away from this one! I honestly can?t believe they are still a company, this is criminal.?

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Sep 02 2020
Credit Karma Member

I swear everywhere I looked said no annual fee, otherwise I wouldn't have applied. First time logging into their site took 5 tries. Now I see I have a $75 application fee, and there's no way to contact them via e-mail or electronic methood. Cancelling account.

Jul 25 2020
the way to make payments o\
Credit Karma Member

their inept in taking payment and doing business im paying off my balance and never using card again

Feb 17 2020
Horrible Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

They do not credit your account for payments. Mine cleared my bank on February 7 and still has not cleared. I talked to two people that I couldnt even understand and they just kept telling me my account was over the limit by $4. That is all they were concerned with. I told them if they credited my payment it wouldnt be. I'm disabled and have no computer, printer or fax so had to go to the library and it costs me $7 to send proof that it's been paid. As far as I'm concerned, they owe me $7 for having to prove something that is entirely their fault. I would hope I'd get an apology but know I wont. They need to provide an email address for customers. I could have sent it for nothing. Get with the new age Indigo. If this is not straightened out asap, I'm done with them. I will send them back their credit card in pieces and pay it off which won't take long with this small line of credit they gave me. This is the second month this has happened. Get some customer service

Aug 06 2019
Please don't apply for this card.
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card. Got approved. Recieved the card. I NEVER EVER ACTIVATED THIS CARD OR SET UP A PIN TO USE THIS CARD. Now all of a sudden I'm getting hit with late fees and past due notices. I NEVER USED THIS CARD. All my other payments are on time and paid off in full. I ended up shredding the card months ago and now when I call customer service to cancel the card they never answer. And when they do I get put on hold. Just please find another bank. Indigo is awful.

Jul 05 2019
No Issues
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for 5 months now. No issues with company, purchases or getting card in the Mail. I have called them on the phone and no issues. Answered my questions.

Jun 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

They say this card will arrive in 2-3 weeks. Over a month later it still had not arrived, I requested a replacement. They now need more information, copies of all my license and other information in order to send a replacement. Then guess what another 3 weeks to ship. This is a ridiculous company with horrible customer service. A complete scam.

Jun 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

So I had this card....we opened it in 2017.? I paid the bill OFF and then I needed debt restructuring so in February of 2018 I entered a program.? I put that card on the list EVEN THOUGH it had been paid off, just to make them aware that I was entering a program.? Here we are in June 2019 and they are "suing me" for forceful repayment of a DEBT THAT HAS BEEN PAID!!? Saying I need to pay them $700 or they are going to garnish my wages and take much more than $700, likely $1800 or more!!? They call from numbers you can't call back and they give names like "Mary" and "Bob" so that when you try to ever reference that name, they are like yea right.? So, the last call I got, and armed guard was going to show up to my work to hand me papers and/or make me pay the money back.? I NEVER got ONE piece of mail from this company.? NOT ONE.? HORRIBLE.? Just don't bother with this company.? Trash and should be prosecuted with their threats!

May 30 2019
Credit Karma Member

Quick to take payment, but slow to make availability of credit!! Piece of garbage card

Apr 12 2019
Credit Karma Member

Stay away from this card they said I could reject the terms on the card and put me on hold until I hung up I was on hold over a hour which he was sopost to just get his manager. It's a shady business and they are lining themselves up for a lawsuit.

Mar 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

I applied in hopes to raise credit score. I took a hard hit inquiry just to get feedback to send personal info in mail in order to recieve card. I called 4 times, frustrating. Hung up on twice, representive very novice with no skill or customer service experiemce. I inquired why they would initate poor level of security they hung up again.. i currently hold 3 lines of credit in very good standing but my gut tells me something bad here. I didnt take out card, i advise the same for you. Stay away... stay far away

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Indigo MasterCard

Indigo MasterCard

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