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Jul 26 2019
No care for custumer
Credit Karma Member

While disputing a sale they gave me a bad credit review

Oct 12 2018
Worst card i ever had
Credit Karma Member

They charged me $40 in late fees every month I had the card when it should of had a zero balanced according to the women i spoke to on the phone. Refused to be reasonable when i tried to pay off the card which was all fees fo a small balance that they added to my balance after i payed the account. I would have know if they gave me a cc so i could make a online account but they never sent it. Worst decision ive made was opening a card with them in the first place. Synchrony bank or capital one is way better!!

Feb 05 2018
****tiest Card to Exist
Credit Karma Member

The company failed to enter my documents to their system that I did in fact email into them 2 months before my first payment. They had it on file but never in their system, they made me talk to so many emplooyees whom could not help me whatsoever, until i got to the end of that line of people. They have my account on hold because they had not yet processed my mailed in paperwork, ergo, would not allow me to make any payments. They said that it was their fault and that they would wave the fees on the account since the payments were past due and they had plenty of time to fix it for me before my due date and failed to do so. well i just got my statement from them and they lied, they still in fact charged me for the late fee and guess what?? Its been another month and i still CANNOT make another payment. :))) They keep telling me they will resolve this, wave the fees and contact me when they have fixed it and it has yet to happen since NOVEMBER. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER AND MESS UP YOUR CREDIT PROBABLY WITHOUT CARING.

Dec 20 2017
Deferred Interest & Rebates but...
Credit Karma Member

This card is a money saver if you plan on shopping exclusively at Goodyear for tires and other services. You get extra rebates, and I signed up for it to get the additional $80 in rebates on a set of 4 tires. It also offers other discount promotions in the form of rebates for services at Goodyear throughout the year. There's deferred interest on purchases over a certain amount. The Goodyear near my home has given me excellent service, going above and beyond to help me with my issues sometimes free of charge. For me this is worth it. Their website is easier to navigate than most with deferred interest balances listed on the front page. I am annoyed that they use the deferred balance exemption of the Credit Card Act to apply payments over the minimum to the lowest APR balance instead of the highest, even though the remaining deferred interest amount was less the average payment amounts I've been making. So I will be paying some interest for one month. It does have an extremely high interest rate though, so don't ever get in a situation where you have to pay interest.

Feb 02 2017
Credit Karma Member

I came here to see which company runs this credit card. I have good credit and still have not obtained this card. It's pathetic and I don't see why I'm not being approved.

Sep 24 2015
Sneaky Agreement Changes
Credit Karma Member

I have used this card over the years to pay for repairs or tires on my vehicles. Had an automatic payment agreement for years. Suddenly Citibank changed my payment without notification. They applied hundreds of dollars of interest on the account. Claimed details that I never agreed to. They are awful and will not work with me after i never missed any payments. i will not be using this card anymore. It is frightening how much extra interest they are dumping on. Makes it extremely difficult to pay off.

Sep 10 2015
Credit Karma Member

Grateful that I had it when I needed it.

Jan 15 2014
So far, it SUCKS.
Credit Karma Member

This card has been nothing but a hassle for me. I only signed up because I had an accident and needed a large amount of repairs that I could not afford. For some reason, they sent the card to an address that I'd lived at 5 years ago and I never received it. Thanks to credit karma I saw that my debt on the card had increased and I called Goodyear. They told me my payment was late even though I NEVER received a bill or my card. I could not sign up online without a card number, which I did not know, so there was no way for me to pay my bill until I called. Anyway. they took off the late fees, updated my address, and they sent me my card. I finally get the card and it won't work to register for the website. So I call again. They told me that this car number had been cancelled and they were sending me another one. OMG so frustrating. They couldn't even tell me when my bill is due next and I STILL cannot register for the online account access. Don't ever get this card. Nothing but problems.

Mar 07 2013
Credit Karma Member

I Love my Card,

Jan 29 2013
Credit Karma Member

I truely would like having a credit account with Goodyear to maintain my vehicle.

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Goodyear Credit Card

Goodyear Credit Card

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