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Jan 24, 2014
Good Starter
CenturyChild Cardholder

Excellent card to establish credit if you do not have any at all, or are in need of a tradeline to rebuild.

However, if you already have a tradeline started, you are probably better of to just give those time as better options will be avaialable to you once you get 6months to a year of good history.

This card does grow well with you though. Mine started off with a $250 balance and the only credit account I had at the time.  I used it 2 or 3 times over the course of 6 months.

By the time the account was 14 month old it now has a $1150 credit limit, though I do not use it anymore.

The bad thing about FH are the inflated prices.  But, as mentioned, if you have no tradelines they are a excellent place to start. Buy a couple small things and pay it of in a timely manner.

You will out grow it quick though.

Im giving it 5 stars as they really did help get my Credit History started and on the right path. Other than the higher prices, theres really nothing bad to say about them. Just know that going in, and thats its just a short term thing to deal with and you'll be fine.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 01, 2010
psychicmike Cardholder

I was approved for this card in January 2010 with a starting limit of $330.  Then in April 2010 they increased it to $430.  They do give credit limit increases quite often.  The product prices are about 20% higher than most stores online. This is due to the low monthly payments they offer. It carries an interest rate of 24.90% on purchases. The key to buying products from this company is it is affordable if you buy just one or two items and pay on them. They constantly send you catalogs and emails with promotions and discounts.  I swear I get a catalog in the mail about once a week and about  1 email daily. They heavily over market their catalogs to get you to buy more than one item at a time and max out your limit fast. So Be Aware. Make only a few purchases and pay them off first before buying more.

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Aug 25, 2016
Fingerhut thank you!!!
Anonymous Cardholder

Fingerhut has been around for so many years! My mom used to buy so many kitchen items back then. :)

This time, I decided to apply for the Fresh Fingergut line. I was approve for $200 credit line with a $30 down. I didn't get upset. This is the price to pay for the mistakes I have done. I ordered 3 pair of shoes totaling $183.00 and paid it off, right away. My account at the moment shows 0 balance and 0 credit available. I was told that they are transfering my account to a revoling Fingerhut card! Is exciting! It's only been 3 weeks with my card. I know a lot of people are upset at the down paypent or high prices. You have to understand we, are "high risk" customers. This is how we are going to learn no to mess this up again. Use it, pay it and graduate. We are paying a little more but is okay. Is all tempory. See the bigger picture. GOOD Credit. I will update the results soon.

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Aug 20, 2016
Great Card for rebuilding credit!!
Hislady2006 Cardholder

I applied for this card in May of this year and got approved with a TU CS of 524 I was actually shocked,but anywho since I've made paying my payments on time with also paying a little above paying above the min. payment.since my CS is now 560 TU. i payed the remaining payment today and hope too Graduate to a revolving acount

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Aug 11, 2016
GREAT place to start rebuilding
btiesman Cardholder

If your like I was, bad credit or no credit and nobody wants to give you a chance, FingerHut is a great place to start. Yes, your going to pay higher prices, your going to pay high intrest, your going to pay high shipping fee's. I'm sorry folks, thats the price you pay for past mistakes. If you want to rebuild, follow their rules and pay their prices and you will see results on your credit report. I started in the mid 500"s (526 to be exact) on my CK report, have a few collections on my account around 1k in total and decided to rebuild or try to.

So I read the internet and fingerhut always came up as a starting place, along with secured credit cards. So I applied for a fingerhut fresh start account not expecting much, probably a denial but was pleasantly suprised when they accepted me and was given a $250 CL on the program. I ordered a $130 Item and have paying on it for exactly 4 months now. At the same, within a week or this purchase, I secured a capital one mastercard for $200, a harley davidson vista for $300 and a secured discover card for $200. Making on time payments with fingerhut and using the secured cards for under $20-30 to keep the utilization low my score has gone to 646 in 4 months. Its really been that easy. Fingerhut and all the cards I listed above report and have helped GREATLY. Make your payments and dont overuse the cards you get.

4 months down the road.. letting my score jump up..yes only 120 days.. I am now getting store cards. Look up shopping cart trick if you dont already know it. Grab a few or 8 like I did. You will most likely get low credit limits 250-500 but your limits are low right now anyway. Your utilization will drop and you open tradelines. I will probably never close my FH account because they gave me second chance. FH for rebuilding is a winner in my book. Now to sit on this stuff for awhile and see what happens, good luck.

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Aug 09, 2016
Tythom202 Cardholder

I had got an offer to start the fresh start program, did a little researching and then decided to start the fresh start program. I was given $200 with a $30 down payment! I brought two items (even though the items was cheap, they definitely was not worth it). I paid on time for 4 months straight, during the 5th month I decided to just pay it off!! If your on the fresh start program DO NOT PAY EARLY OR LATE! Not even a day early or late or it will mess you up! I did not see any difference in my score (even though I did see that they had reported it) they did offer me to restart the fresh start program because I paid early BUT, would not give me a regular account with them! SMH! I personally would try other ways to build my credit if I was anyone else, the quality of items is just not worth it, nor how they do the fresh start program! 

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Aug 08, 2016
Nobody there knows what they're doing
jacksonkaila Cardholder

I was approved for a $500 credit limit when I first opened my account in Mid July 2016. I'd bought a desktop for my son and a vaccuum cleaner which totalled up to $479 after taxes and shipping. The items got here in two days (which is the ONLY reason they're getting 2 stars) and while the compuer is a slow, but useable, load of garbage the vaccuum worked fine. On the 26th my balance is updated, so I make the full payment because I wanted to order something else.

On the 27th the payment was marked as settled and on the 29th it was marked as a completed transaction on my bank statement. I called on he 29th to find out when it would be reflected in my available credit and I was told that it would take 24-48 hours after the day the payment was settled (1st answer). So if it didn't happen later that day, it would definitely be on Monday (the first of August) and if it wasn't, then call back. 

Monday, August 1 rolls around and I call back. The rep I speak to this time says it will take 12 days  from the date of payment before it will be reflected in my Available credit. I asked him "12 actual days or 12 business days?" and he says, 12 actual days (2nd answer). I said fine and waited.

Fast forward to today. It's been 12 days, so I called 4pm and asked why I still don't see it in my Available Balance. The rep THIS TIME said,"You have to wait 12 business days" (3rd answer). So I tell her fine and I hang up. I called back at 4:30 because nobody seems to be on the same page and I've decided to close my account. When I explain to this rep why I want to close my account, she tells me that the only problem is that there is a hold on my account because of the large payment and they just needed to verify some information so they could remove the hold and I'd be able to use my account again, immediately (4th answer). So, I wait for her to put me on the line with an account specialist and I verify my information only for this person to tell me that I have to wait 14 business days (5th answer).  

So far I've recieved 5 different answers and 3 of them were in the same day within an hour. This company is so unorganized and nobody is on the same page at all. They need to get it together. I'm closing my account because this is rediculous.

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Aug 07, 2016
ceens Cardholder

Great card to have when your goal is getting good credit. I started off with a 560-580 ish credit score and credit karma sent me an email saying I should apply for the fresh start account. I looked into it & heard great things so I applied and was approved for $200 with a $30 deposit. I paid the minimum monthly and I had about 2 payments left and just paid it off. I graduated to a revolving account $250 limit within the next 2 weeks. Not much of a difference but it really helped me with my credit overall. This was back in June. Since then I got approved for an overstock store card & Hsn via shopping cart trick. I got approved for a Cap1 Journey card which I just KNEW I'd get denied for( I had a cc with them before that went bad but I did pay if off years ago). I got approved for a Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom card too!! I know they're store cards but they report and these are cards that I will use for years to come minus the HSN card. I honestly wouldn't have gotten all these cards without fingerhut. My goal is a 700 by December 31st. I will continue to use FH for small things even tho they are priced higher than most simply because they helped me when needed. 

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Jul 22, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I love it, FH has helped my credit score out ALOT, when I started I only had a $300 credit limit, a year later I now have $1200. Why, I make my payments on time. And I think bottomline that's the most important thing!    I am a proud customer and I honestly would recommend them to anyone who is in need of credit repair. I went from not getting any credit offers to at least one per month in my mail box because FH reports to the credit bureau(s). So yes they get 5 stars from me. 

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Jul 21, 2016
Good Experience! Great customer service
wendytx2 Cardholder

I applied with a Transunion 593 and E score of 548 and approved of 500 limit no depoit immediantley! I do see the prices are quite expensive as others have mentioned. Just be very careful and pay off total balance end of month. Im grateful for the immediate approval and chance to improve my credit!

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Jul 21, 2016
Inaccurate Credit Bureau Reports
Anonymous Cardholder

Do NOT make your payment even ONE DAY late. You will be hit with a big late fee AND they will say that your payment wasn't received until the next billing statement. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to make a late payment. I made the payment one week late. When I went to make my payment the next month, it warned me that I was more than 30 days late on my payment - which was absolutely NOT TRUE. The payment was made late, yes - but not even 10 days late, much less more than 30! I understand the late fee - I was late - I admit that - it stinks, but it is what it is and I have to pay the late fee - my fault. But they need to report to the credit bureaus accurately. 

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Jul 04, 2016
Still helping me
Lola021080 Cardholder

Just a small update. I graduated from their fresh start program a month ago. They raised my limit only by twenty dollars. I was a little bummed but figured no huge deal. I didn't want a large purchase anyhow. I just wanted the increase for the boost to my score. So I bought a very small item. Seriously just a box of keurig cups for my brewer. I made the first payment a few weeks ago. Today I log in and my credit line has gone from 250 to 750. I was so excited. I still plan to just make small purchases and see how it goes. This card, as overpriced as the items are, has truly been the gateway to many other cards who probably would not have taken a chance on me. 

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Jul 04, 2016

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