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Jun 26, 2017
Great for Credit Rebuilding
ChicoEnya Cardholder

Plain and simple folks Fingerhut is for credit rebuilding.  The fact is those of us with bad credit got ourselves the bad credit and Fingerhut is a leg back up to good credit.  I applied did the fresh start program graduated with a 300 CL.  I only buy inexpensive items and pay them off before my statement as to not pay any interest.  My credit has boosted over 50 points just from Fingerhut alone.  Also do yourself a favor and get the Capital one secured card *Yes you pay a 200 deposit to get the card* However between fingerhut and Capital One I have gone from a 475 to a 600 FICO score.  I am also still going up as I charge small things and pay them off before my statements.  I just got approved for an unsecured credit card as well.   Fact is those of you trying to buy TVs and Furniture NO its not a good deal and the interest will kill you but once again that is not responsible purchases to be making for credit rebuilding.  Make responsible credit decisions and Fingerhut will benefit you!

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Apr 20, 2017
i have weblink fingerhut account
brookeatch31 Cardholder

Pretty good for improving credit. I got approved for a fresh account with $130 credit so i bought something I already needed. Shipping is pretty expensive it took every bit of my $30 required deposit and they take forever to update to the credit companys but I guess I cant complain it boosted my credit up an extra 34 points the first month.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 15, 2017
Fingerhut is a scam
mcrenegade48 Cardholder

For anyone that hasn’t dealt with Fingerhut, know that it is a complete rip off. First, the products are grossly overpriced. I’ve seen some as much as twice the normal retail price. It’s not that hard to see as you can search on Amazon. Then, they add a ridiculous shipping charge (often $20 or more). So, now I’m paying over double and it takes 10 days to arrive since I’m paying $20+ for ground shipping. Then you have to take into consideration that you’re paying to use their financing. By the time it’s all said and done, you could’ve bought that same product 2-3 times on Amazon. The customer service is terrible and they bombard you with phone calls, even if it’s just to pester you to use your credit. If you don’t believe me, just do a Google search for reviews and you’ll find that they often have a 1 star review with thousands of complaints. They’ve also ruined the credit of thousands of people. Do yourself a favor and get something else. Even a high percent credit card would be better than this.

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Oct 10, 2017
Hammys50love Cardholder

I had a fingerhut account many years ago . I ruined my good credit Amdahl now I have an account again as I am working towards building my score , I purchased a microwave oven wasn't overpriced I don't think . Saw a similar one but a different brand name for the same price in a store . You have to know how to shop . Yes , all credit companies take advantage of ppl with bad credit but in the long run you're building your credit score . I love fingerhut and they just raised my limit three hundred more dollars and I have had fingerhut since 4-17 . Customer service is top notch . 

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Sep 30, 2017
For bad credit
Anonymous Cardholder

They take advantage of bad credit members. They will approve you but over charge you for everything. All items are marked up and on top of that they will charge you extra for things they say are not actually extra. As in a 1 yr service plan advertised as no additional monthly cost but then my first month bill is higher due to purchase of one year warranty.....

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Sep 09, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I have the Fingerhut Freshstart crap. Great for building or rebuilding your credit, right? WRONG! I bought a TV stand that costed $187 total after everything. Paid the $30 then paid $147 in 2 payments and brought my balance down to $10. I got 2 points worth of credit on Transunion and didn't get crap for Equifax. Such bullcrap. After I pay off that little $10, they can keep their overpriced crap. NEVER AGAIN. 

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Sep 07, 2017

I have had my credit line opened with them since I was 18, I am now 26. I had great credit score because of my long loyal history with them. They their policy changed where if you haven't used the credit in a year they removed your credit line. SO now my credit scre has dropped because of this new policy which they DID NOT noticfy me.

DO not join this company your score will drop and once you top buying the drop you.

If i could give 0 stars I would. PLus everything is marked up, so your paying at least double

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Sep 02, 2017
Worth it for bad credit
Niicky232807 Cardholder

when I was 18 I had two very small limit credit cards and that's all it took to destroy my credit.. that and someone using my name at hospitals 18 score was 478 and 472 when I opened my fresh start account in may.. I purchased a toy organizer and some Michael Todd facial washes.. I just made my last payment for my fresh start account scores are. Ow 590 and 592 only from fingerhut! Wow!! Over 100 points in just a few months! I paid early every month and just a little over the minimum.. made my last payment last night so waiting for my upgrade!

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Sep 01, 2017
Sadarr1985 Cardholder

    I Have Been A Member Of Fingerhut Going On One Year Today!   And I Am Proud To Say That Fingerhut, Is One AWESOME!  Online Store To Shop, And It Will Increase Your Credit, And Credit Score!  When I First Got Approved, Fingerhut Started Me Out With Only A Credit Limit Of $250.00

  And So, I Bought Small Items Every Now And Then,  And I Made Two Monthly Payments, Until It Was Paid Off!  And With Out Me Asking For A Credit Line Increase!  Or Fingerhut, Doing Any Hard Inquireary To My Credit Report!    Fingerhut Increased My Credit Limit After 6 Months Up To $500.  Now!  I Do Not Know How Some Of You People Here, Feels About That, But To Me That Is Just AWESOME!

  And Now!  As Of 09-01-2017,  I Have A Credit Limit Threw Fingerhut At $900.00  WOW!!<<<  And My Credit Score, And Credit Report Just Sucked!  And That Was Because I Had Found Out That I Was A Victim Of Identity Theft!  And Now!  I Have A Score In Experian At 719!  WOW!  AWESOME!<<<<

  And I Am Also A Proud Card Holder Of American Express Blue Cash Everyday!  With A Credit Limit Of $3,000!  I Give Fingerhut Five Stars  ★★★★★ 

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Aug 28, 2017
good for bad credit
Momofsoontobe3 Cardholder

I'm so thankful for fingerhut. Yes they are high! But you can be too picky if your credit is as horrible as mine was. I ruined my credit at 18. I've tried and tried to get "credit" all Denys. Fresh start approved me with a limit of 180$. I recently ordered things I needed instead of things I wanted (good credit choices) . My stuff is coming today in the mail! I checked my credits chore this morning it is a 592 from a 532! That's just me paying my 30$ deposit! I can't wait to see what the future holds. My payments are only 25$ a month. Worth it to me. Give them a try!

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Aug 18, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Ordered a Skirt and it was delivered to me i had to return the skirt due to them sending the wrong size. 2 years later i am still waiting for my refund of 97 dollars. I am in the credit report as a charge off and am unable to find out who has the credit account or the the skirt.

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