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Most Helpful Positive Review

Good Starter
Helpful to 13 out of 13 people

Excellent card to establish credit if you do not have any at all, or are in need of a tradeline to rebuild.

However, if you already have a tradeline started, you are probably better of to just give those time as better options will be avaialable to you once you get 6months to a year of good history.

This card does grow well with you though. Mine started off with a $250 balance and the only credit account I had at the time.  I used it 2 or 3 times over the course of 6 months.

By the time the account was 14 month old it now has a $1150 credit limit, though I do not use it anymore.

The bad thing about FH are the inflated prices.  But, as mentioned, if you have no tradelines they are a excellent place to start. Buy a couple small things and pay it of in a timely manner.

You will out grow it quick though.

Im giving it 5 stars as they really did help get my Credit History started and on the right path. Other than the higher prices, theres really nothing bad to say about them. Just know that going in, and thats its just a short term thing to deal with and you'll be fine.

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Most Helpful Critical Review

Helpful to 32 out of 33 people

I was approved for this card in January 2010 with a starting limit of $330.  Then in April 2010 they increased it to $430.  They do give credit limit increases quite often.  The product prices are about 20% higher than most stores online. This is due to the low monthly payments they offer. It carries an interest rate of 24.90% on purchases. The key to buying products from this company is it is affordable if you buy just one or two items and pay on them. They constantly send you catalogs and emails with promotions and discounts.  I swear I get a catalog in the mail about once a week and about  1 email daily. They heavily over market their catalogs to get you to buy more than one item at a time and max out your limit fast. So Be Aware. Make only a few purchases and pay them off first before buying more.

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Reviews (140)

help me build my credit
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I had the worst credit ever and no credit card company would touch me. I applied for fingerhut fresh start and they gave me a measley $180 limit. I bought my son a tablet for $130 paid the 30.00 deposit and 2 weeks later I paid it off. they graduated me to a $200 regular account like 2 weeks later. I bought a comforter set next and paid it off before the due date. nothing happened I still had $200 limit. then I ordered a fan and this time I only paid the minimum $6.99 and about 2 weeks later they increased my limit to $700 so it seems you have to show that you can make payments over time to qualify for the CLI's I am grateful for this card because now I have 4 other credit cards thanks to them. they gave me chance when nobody else would.

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Great way to rebuild
Helpful to 7 out of 9 people

My credit line increases are constant.  I started with a $300 CL, no annual fee, no down payment and no am at about $2100.  My credit was horrible.  Could not get any other card.  Fingerhut gave me a chance and now i have $10,000 in other cards due to my history with fingerhut.  I use the line wisely as some of the products are more expensive and can be found elsewhere cheaper.  The only way i buy the products is to look for coupons online for discount or use discounts that Fingherut sometime offer.  You can simply google discounts for fingerhut.  I also now have a Gettington account which is a company similar to fingerhut through Webbank which have more reasonable prices and free shipping for products over $100.  While i will not use fingerhut for everyday items, I will keep it open as there is no annual fee and credit line is pretty good.  If i see a deall, then i will buy and pay off as soon as bill received.  Overall its an account for beginners or limited credit.  But hey, use it to your advantage and wisely.

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ericvisionary1's review was:    

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Good if you need it to start or try to help your credit, but if you are one day late they calculate it as 31 days late they calculate from the date of your last payment.

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Read The Fine Print
Helpful to 2 out of 5 people

Overall, it can be a good service for rebuilding credit or buying items on credit. I do like that they tell you how much total you are going to pay for an item, not just the monthly cost. However, do not under any circumstances pay off your blance early. NOT EVEN ONE DAY EARLY! If you're a day late on your payments, they report negativley to your credit. If you pay off early...THEY REPORT NEGATIVLEY TO YOUR CREDIT. This confuses me because they are getting a set amount of money from you, reguardless of if you pay it off early or not. I learned the hard way, if you use this service pay on time, but never pay a penny more than they ask you too. 

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Very good rebuilder of credit history
Helpful to 2 out of 3 people

Its been over a year since I was accepted by FingerHut. They started me off at $300, and as of last week my CL is over $2K......

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I was woking on my credit and needed someone to give me a chance. I figured I would have the 30.00 deposit to pay but I apllied and was approved for a CL of 500.00 on their regular credit account. I have had them since Jan and I ordered an Apple Ipad Mini for 368.00. I have always paid over my minimum payment(26.99) I pay 50.00 or more and will be paying it off this month. I love the products they have and love that they gave me a chance. Thanks Fingerhut!!!!

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bodhaineashley's review was:    

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Started with Fresh Start. Started with a 250 purchase credit bought a 90$ item. Payed it off in 3 months. Graduated to advantage account with a 250$ CL. Bought a lego hp game and a hei cologne that was 76.97 payed it off in 2 months. Instant CLI to 850$. Been there ever since. I assume its because I am not utilizing my line enough. Plan to purchase an item that brings the Utilization on that account to 19%. Then will update if I was succesful for another CLI

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Good for building credit
Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Was approved with a 583 from credit karma in January 2015 but they have yet to report my limit on my credit even not an inquiry which im not in any hurry to recieve but I was wondering if they have a set day of the month when they report or does it vary per account?

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Try Walmart
Helpful to 3 out of 4 people

Fingerhut works for credit for people in a bad way with their credit, like myself.  But I've come to understand that Walmart is one of the easiest credit cards to get, and so I would recommend trying that first.  Because with Fingerhut, they mark up the prices about 40%, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $459 when really it retails for $329.  Everything is market up drastical like that, so you pay through the nose before the high interest starts counting up.  If you can get approved for Walmart, you'll always know you are getting a good price.  I have both.  I'll eventually close Fingerhut.

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I'm writing a reply to my own review because I wish I could update it to 0 stars. I received an email that my statement was available, so I went online and made my payment. Somehow they credited my payment to the previous months account. So when the next statement came, it showed my payment, but they still charged me a late fee. I called them up and surprise surprise, I was connected to a call center in India. I kept asking to speak to supervisors as each person couldn't help me. They admitted the mistake and reversed the late charge. However I was going to be required to make a double payment on the next statement or I would continue to be charged a late fee. Why should I have to make a double payment for their mistake? They said they couldn't fix it, there was nothing they could do, and there was no American that I could speak to. They are owned by Bain Capital. Remember them from Mitt Romney's run for the white house? I hate to get all political, but once I learned of that, I wasn't surprised they were entirely outsourced. Actually, that's not true, I love to get all political. Never trust anybody who loves "sport". So the sum of all this is if they ever make a mistake with your bill, you will be stuck with it. They can't fix anything. This mistake is going to cost me $8. What will the next mistake cost me? I'm going to close my account so I don't have to find out.

mschaeff's reply was:    

I was approved with poor credit
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

My credit score is 530 and I was approved for $500. Anyone who is improving their credit score I recommend you to now max your limit. Use only 20-30 percent of the card. The credit bureaus love this method and your lender will too. I can't wait for my credit score to rise. All the mistakes I made in the past is going to change and I hope you do the same.

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Fingerhut® Credit Card, issued by WebBank, is a credit account for Fingerhut® customers. Fingerhut® Credit Card can be applied for online with a decision in as little as 5 seconds. Also, Fingerhut® reports to multiple credit bureaus in order to track cardholders' credit history and potentially build credit. Fingerhut® Credit Card site also features Credit Education resources, such as games, articles, and tips to teach cardholders how to manage and maintain good credit. Established in 1948, Fingerhut® is a nationwide direct retailer, servicing customers with a wide selection of products through online and mail-in orders. Fingerhut® also provides credit options and low monthly payments with a WebBank/Fingerhut® Credit Account to make buying more affordable for shoppers. With the motto, “Now You Can”, Fingerhut® helps make shopping possible for more consumers.
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Fingerhut® Credit Account

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