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Jan 24, 2014
Good Starter
CenturyChild Cardholder

Excellent card to establish credit if you do not have any at all, or are in need of a tradeline to rebuild.

However, if you already have a tradeline started, you are probably better of to just give those time as better options will be avaialable to you once you get 6months to a year of good history.

This card does grow well with you though. Mine started off with a $250 balance and the only credit account I had at the time.  I used it 2 or 3 times over the course of 6 months.

By the time the account was 14 month old it now has a $1150 credit limit, though I do not use it anymore.

The bad thing about FH are the inflated prices.  But, as mentioned, if you have no tradelines they are a excellent place to start. Buy a couple small things and pay it of in a timely manner.

You will out grow it quick though.

Im giving it 5 stars as they really did help get my Credit History started and on the right path. Other than the higher prices, theres really nothing bad to say about them. Just know that going in, and thats its just a short term thing to deal with and you'll be fine.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 01, 2010
psychicmike Cardholder

I was approved for this card in January 2010 with a starting limit of $330.  Then in April 2010 they increased it to $430.  They do give credit limit increases quite often.  The product prices are about 20% higher than most stores online. This is due to the low monthly payments they offer. It carries an interest rate of 24.90% on purchases. The key to buying products from this company is it is affordable if you buy just one or two items and pay on them. They constantly send you catalogs and emails with promotions and discounts.  I swear I get a catalog in the mail about once a week and about  1 email daily. They heavily over market their catalogs to get you to buy more than one item at a time and max out your limit fast. So Be Aware. Make only a few purchases and pay them off first before buying more.

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May 17, 2016
PathToRecovery Cardholder

This is long but you must read if you really want to build your credit up

Let me tell you guys (or women) all about my fingerhut experience.

My credit score was 426 (as most of us from silly mistakes when I was younger) and I was approved for a fresh start account for $130 (bummer!). I used my entire credit limit on my first purchase (lucky it was reporting as a installment loan and not credit card so it didn't affect my utilization) all of the stuff fell apart within two weeks (cheaply made but highly overpriced) but I still continued to pay on it (really didn't have a choice if I wanted to continue on the path to recovery). I paid more than the minimum each month even if it was just a dollar more. I fully paid off my balance after my third payment. After a week I received a email congratulating me on graduating to a revolving account and after two weeks I received a paper card and began reporting to the bureau's as a credit card with a whopping, wait for it, wait for it, $150 (oh my gosh that's a huge increase, right?) Well at least my credit went from 426 TU to 613 TU within three months. After all of my baddies fell off of my credit report I had a chat with a mortgage broker asking him what all I need to get a home loan and he mentioned that I need at least three revolving credit accounts. Well credit apps here I come I started off with Gettington (fingerhit sister) and surprisingly was denied. I applied for a Capital One Quick Silver One and was approved for $300. I read somewhere that QS1 is harder to get than Platinum so I applied for a Platinum card and was approved for $500. Getting approved for two cards was very, very exciting so I applied for even more, I said I was going to stop once I get a denial. I applied for Kohl's approved for $300, applied for Walmart $150 (bummer!), applied for Lowe's $600, applied for home depot $601 (that dollar matter, lol.), applied for Capital One buy power card, denied. I know what I said but I didn't stop there. I applied for the Chase freedom card, denied. That's when I officially stopped putting in apps. I read forum after forum on myfico (you should really checked them out) and I read about backdoor numbers. I called a backdoor number for Lowe's and asked for a credit limit increase (CLI) and he asked how much, I said $25,000. I'm not going to lie I expected for him to laugh and hang up on me. He didn't. Instead he asked me my personal income (25k) and if I own or rent (I rent but I said own since I'm looking to buy a house within the next six months) he placed me on hold for about six minutes and the slience was very intense. He came back and said, "I have some bad news" my heart kinda dropped in disappointment, "I wasn't able to approve you for $25,000 but I was able to approve you for $17,000. Do you accept?" I almost fell out my seat and did three backflips in the process. I was so speechless I couldn't even say yes. "Sir, sir are you there." I had to play it off, yes I'm here I was really looking forward to 25k but I guess 17k would do. I still can't believe it I called their automated system three times just to make sure I wasn't being pranked. I'm now currently on hold with home depot to try and do the same thing I did with Lowe's and next is Kohl's and Walmart. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for fingerhut fresh start. All of this happened today, May 17, 2016. I can't wait to get my cards in the mail. Don't ask questions just apply for fingerhut A.S.A.P! Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 18, 2016

Home depot gave me $13,000 (from $601)
Walmart gave me $5,000 (from $150)
Kohl's wouldn't budge
I also applied for Amazon and was approved for $1450 and of course I called to recon. He asked me how much I said $19,000, he gave me $11,000.
My credit scores is not even in the 700's and I already have over $47,000 in credit limit. Next thing to do is continue to make on time payments and let all of my new accounts age.

On the path to 750+

May 20, 2016

lol smh wow...

May 09, 2016
hweamel Cardholder

Fingerhut dam sure helps people in need of credit rebuilding or strengthening. Im sorry but people need to really Thank Webbank. I will say that fingerhut and amazon same product is about 35% more expensive compare to amazon. But so what. It pays to have good credit. What i like alot about fingerhut is that they send you a catalog and they have very nice stuff. If you make a purchase one a month you will get a GENEROUS credit line increase every 3 months. Then after 6 months you can slow down and try a capital one card to continue your journey to great credit. But i will say Web bank and fingerhut does help.

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May 02, 2016
Okay but wish they'd change some things
LarkBea Cardholder

Fingerhut offers some pretty good discounts and promos that make their pricing more in line with other retailers, sometimes lower on closeouts.  I have had good luck with them, no billing or merchandise issues so far (fingers crossed).  Otherwise, expect higher than normal shipping costs and merchandise priced higher than elsewhere.  I also wish they would stop the "temporary credit increase" practice.  It does make your scores take a hit when the increase isn't utilized which seems to be punishing rather than rewarding good payment history.

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Apr 30, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Fingerhut in general will scam u. We got 100.00 dollar headphones only to help build credit, even had automatic payments taken out, on the last 15.00 payment they said we were late, so they can led us. How were we late with automatic payments . Go at ur own risk.

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Apr 29, 2016
Pay Off Your FreshStart Balance Sooner..

I contacted live-support & asked the very-popular question: "Can I pay off my FreshStart balance sooner & still be considered for a revolving account?"

Here is the conversation:

(no, my name is not MaryJane ;)




Hi, I recently placed my order under the freshstart program and was wondering if & how I can pay my balance sooner & still be considered for a regular revolving account 5:23 PM

You are now chatting with BEN


Thank you for using Fingerhut's Webchat Service. I'll be more than happy to assist you today. 5:36 PM


For me to fully assist you, allow me to pull up your account first. 5:36 PM


May I have the phone number listed on your account? 5:37 PM


xxx­xxx­xxxx 5:37 PM


May I have your name and last four of your social security number? 5:37 PM


MaryJane xxxx 5:37 PM


Thank you, MaryJane. 5:37 PM


you're welcome 5:37 PM


Can I place you on hold while I check that? 5:38 PM


sure 5:38 PM


Thank you. 5:38 PM


Thank you for patiently waiting. 5:39 PM


thank you for helping :) 5:39 PM


As a Freshstart account you must make at least 2 to 3 payments. 5:40 PM


great! can the payments be done weekly or do they have to be monthly? 5:40 PM


It should be monthly. 5:41 PM


Once you pay off your loan with on time monthly payments, your account will be evaluated up to 14 days by our Credit Department starting from the day you made your last payment. 5:41 PM


As long as you don't have any late payments, you should then graduate to a revolving Fingerhut Advantage Account with a higher credit limit then you can start placing orders again. 5:41 PM


ok great! thank you very much have been very  helpful today :) 5:42 PM


You're welcome. Do you have any other concerns? 5:42 PM


not today...thanks again & have a nice day! 5:42 PM


You're welcome. Thank you for using Fingerhut

Webchat Service. Have a nice day. 5:43 PM

Live Chat by eGain


If anyone has had a different answer or outcome, please share...thank you! :)

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May 01, 2016

Seems like they just want to earn interest off of you, shouldn't matter how you pay on an account if you frequently using it great pay off balance buy etc. But to be told to carry a balance and get results is hilarious

May 02, 2016

yes I agree, but keep in mind this only applies to your first purchase & ONLY if you are given the FreshStart loan terms, which is for high-risk borrowers, like myself. Once you pay-off your first & only FreshStart purchase, you "level-up" into their regular revolving account (Fingerhut Advantage) which can be paid as fast as you'd like & you can continue to make purchases. Not everyone gets placed in the FreshStart program, basically if your credit is crappy you will & that's the price we pay for our bad decisions.

May 10, 2016

I was placed in the fresh start program the first week of April 2016. I made the required first purchase and as soon as it arrived I called Fingerhut automated customer service and paid the balance in full. I didn't wait for a bill to come in the mail, I just went ahead and paid. A few days later I got an email and a letter stating that I graduated from the fresh start program and had a $250 credit limit. This month I ordered a $25 item from the clearance section and used a coupon code to get free shipping. As soon as the order arrived I called Fingerhut automatic customer service and again paid in full. My credit scores increased 113 points on Trans Union and around 40 points on Equifax.

Apr 28, 2016
Great credit builder - quick increases!
cwinters90 Cardholder

Opened this card up Feb of 2016 and was instantly approved for $400 with a CK 596 and EQ 592; I bought about $100 worth of stuff and paid the majority of the balance off in the first month - now as of April 2016, they've increased my CL to $1,000! Really makes my utilization look great. Very happy with the card. I will say a lot of the stuff ranges from mildly overpriced to grossly overpriced, and the shipping is outrageous; there are only about 10-12 things I will buy from there just to keep the CLI's coming.

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Apr 28, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

The Approval process was easy and fast, This is perfect if your are rebuilding or trying to establish credit. The only problem i dont like is that all the their items are over priced by at least 20% and on top of that they hit you with 24.99% interest, but this is still better then places like flexshopper or other types of NO CREDIT CHECK Venders. but once my score goes up I will just close this and open a Amazon card since they have better deals then FINGER HUT..

OH BY THE WAY!!! GOOGLE SEARCH (Fingerhut Promo Codes) thats a good way to save money. I found a Promo code that give you $50 off when you purchase an amount of $200 or greater.

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Apr 26, 2016
They never update to credit reporters
Pontiackid96 Cardholder

The last time they reported the balance to the credit bureau was February. Its coming close to the end of may and in February this account was close to being maxed out. Now its very close to being paid off. But is still hurting my credit scare because its showing i have a very high balance still.

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Apr 17, 2016
Approves with low credit score.

I was approved with a credit score of 427 and 501. Credit limit was 500.00. I am rebuilding my credit. I will give an update once I have used the card. 

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Apr 25, 2016

Did you just pay your down payment. I am trying to get a better understanding of how Finger Hut works?

Apr 27, 2016

-Short answer:

Arianne, If you get approved for the Fresh Start program, yes, ONLY pay your down payment of $30 at the time you place your order, then make payments on the rest (they will break it up in 6-8 payments, but the "terms & conditions" states you CAN pay it sooner, however, if you pay the full amount when PLACING your order, it will automatically disqualify you from the opportunity to graduate into their regular revolving account (which is the goal) as that is considered a purchase & not a loan.
-The reason being:
1. they want to make a little money off of you (finance charges, etc...)
2. they want to see that you can handle the commitment/responsibility of making payments, which is not the same as being able to afford something :)

Longer Details:
*WARNING! This is a long & redundant explanation :)

The FreshStart program is a ONE TIME purchase only, basically so you can prove yourself, then once you pay off your "loan balance" they will consider you for their regular "revolving account" (which is our goal, looks good on credit report AND you get credit limit increases, which lowers your utilization ratio = higher credit score). So what we are trying to do is "prove ourselves" as quickly and responsibly as possible...we don't want a big/pricey purchase that will take longer to pay off.

What I would recommend (what I did personally) is not getting-over-your-head ordering something too pricey (again, we just want to get the first purchase out of the way asap)

First...find something you could use but not something you really need, in my opinion this helps you make a more neutral decision that is not based on...well...needing it, which in turn makes you "willing" to pay a lil more, not ideal. Also, take your time finding what you will purchase because although Fingerhut is generally overpriced, you CAN find good deals...what I did:

1. I used the "live chat" feature to politely ask them if I could possibly have a "free shipping code" to place my first order. (yes, I'm very can also do this by calling them on the phone. If you call, just get the code & place the order online by yourself...this way they can't sell you extra stuff AND you can take a screenshot of your final order for your records, in case they ultimately mix things up & charge you for the shipping (I read somewhere here that happened to someone).

2. I chose a nice pair of (Adidas) running shoes on sale for $56.24 (originally $75) -this is a price I would pay for running shoes regardless.

3. I paid ONLY the required $30...leaving me with a very small $26.24 (plus finance charges) to pay off

4. Once that payment clears & they ship your item (or about 5 days after you order), you will be able to access your account/payment details & set up auto-payments if you like (you can set-up monthly or even weekly recurring auto-payments...yeeeyy!)

-this way, instead of making 6 monthly payments of $6 dollars (approximately), I will make 2 payments of $14...or 3 payments of $9
( I will call them and find out if I can make them weekly and still qualify for the "revolving" just to be sure)

Apr 29, 2016


Apr 01, 2016
Helped me start to rebuild
Lola021080 Cardholder

They were the first ones to help me out on my rebuilding journey. It does report as installment loan under the fresh start program but they do report monthly and that's helped. I'm almost done with the fresh start program so I'm thinking after they will graduate me to unsecured and that will boost it. 

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