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Nov 27 2017
Credit Karma Member

I had a credit card with Exxon for over 14 years. I found out through Credit Karma Exxon closed my account out. I called Exxon and was advised that it was closed out because of no activity. It would have been nice to get a phone call or a letter advising me of the situation. When I called Exxon I spoke to a manager named Terry who had the personality of a dish rag. They had they nerve to ask me if I wanted to re-apply! NO WAY would I do business with this company again!

Jan 27 2017
A pain in the ***
Credit Karma Member

This card has cost me $132 in bank fees in the last 2 months. Apparently if u set up auto pay and pay before the auto payment date, it still takes a payment even though the balanve is $0 smh being that i have an account for bills only, this card is always trying to take money that isnt there (bcuz a biller has already taken their payment). Once they try to take a payment, they have to try 3 times before it stops (or so i was told). All i wanted to do was pay the full balance off, now im also going to close the account

Jun 01 2016
Credit Karma Member

Applied approved for $200 experian 631 Efax 568 and TU 509 had to do verification over phone

Mar 04 2016
Application Approved : 625 FICO Score
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card and was not approved instantly, the website asked that I call the 800 number to confirm some information. I phoned customer service, confirmed some basic identity questions and was told that I was approved for a $300 credit limit. This card is backed by Citibank. Citi is not an easy bank to obtain credit from, so i was really surprised that I was even approved for this card with my fico score being on the lower side.

Dec 28 2015
Credit Karma Member

Easy application & was able to talk to them & get approved right away. Very nice customer service!

Sep 09 2014
Second look
Credit Karma Member

I applied and was turned down. After calling the toll free credit number I asked for a reconsideration. They initially ran an Equifax check but ran the transunion upon request. One week later, I recieved my card in the mail :) A request for a second look is 50/50 but worth the extra time and effort. Also, they are offering 6 cetns per gallon and also a $30 refund after buying 100 gallons in 60 days. The only drawback is you have to pay the balance in full monthly to avoid the crazy high interest rate.

Sep 20 2012
Credit Karma Member


Jun 14 2012
Credit Karma Member

This so called Credit Card is useless. No rewards, no discounts, no points for using this card at Exxon. It's better to just get a Capital One Rewards card and just use it for gas. Capital One's probably easier to get your hands on to begin with. Also, Exxon Personal Card lives up to it's name.. you can only use it on Exxon/Mobile. The card won't work elsewhere.

Feb 25 2012
Credit Karma Member

This was my second credit card, and I was very happy to see an approval a month after turning 18. They are very nice to deal with, and I liked using the easypass keychain, rather than pulling out my wallet (laziness is always a plus with me). However, I eventually cancelled the card due to lack of use. I found myself using rewards credit cards rather than this gas one.

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ExxonMobil Personal Credit Card

ExxonMobil Personal Credit Card

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